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Front cover research


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Front cover research

  1. 1. Front cover Research• By Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. 1st AnalysisThe Reggae magazine front cover above overall, I feel that it is quite effective in many ways. One reason forthis is the actual colour scheme of the magazine. As I have stated above the colour scheme relates to theRastafarian heritage. Also, as you can see the colour scheme has also had effect on the main image whichwill be very effective to the audience, due to the fact that the target audience would be able to instantly tellthat the magazine will be to do with the genre reggae and the Caribbean culture. Furthermore, the mainimage used for the magazine front cover uses the technique called direct address which means that theimage is looking directly towards the reader. This gives the effect to the reader that the magazine will speakout to them. Also, this makes the reader feel that the image used is actually interested in the audience andinstead of looking away which would make him seem unfocused and un-interested. The strokes used for themast head used make the font used for the mast head ‘RAGGA’ stand out from the main image and thebackground of the music magazine front cover. This is a good technique to use for a magazine because itdoesn’t allow the mast head to become unseen by the colours of the other aspects in the music magazine.
  3. 3. 2nd AnalysisThe Front cover design shown in this slide I feel is much more effective than the first front cover I haveanalysed. The reason for this is because the layout of this particular magazine breaks conventions and uses aunique layout to give a nice effect on the audience. For instance the main cover line that has been used hasnot been structure conventionally so that all the letters are positioned straight like a normal font; instead theletters are quite wobbly and look a bit unstable. However, this brings a great effect on the particular targetaudience because; the cover line used is almost shaped like the tropical Caribbean environment.Furthermore, another unconventional technique that has been used for one of the cover lines is that it hasbeen placed to actually run over the main image that has been used for the front cover. Normally if a coverline was to collide with the main image it would make the magazine look very unstructured and unorganisedhowever, with this specific magazine it will have a great effect on the reader because the whole layoutseems to be unstructured but the layout actually works well with this particular genre due to the main coverlines being placed in awkward positions which could symbolise the free will that is shared through ReggaeMusic.
  4. 4. 2nd Analysis Continued..Furthermore, this front cover does not use too many colours which would distract the reader andcause them to not read the actual text. Instead, the front cover just uses red for themasthead, green for the major cover line, and a sandy yellow colour for the background which allsink into the particular genre’s and cultures main three colours red, gold and green. The subheadings that have been used for the cover lines on the front cover I feel will work extremely wellwith my contents page when I begin to develop it. This is because it will allow the reader to knowexactly what type of topic the particular pages will be about so that they get a little insight to whatmy magazine will be about. And also because my magazine is aimed at the older generation butalso the younger generation of today, the target audience would not want to have to look all theway through the magazine to find one specific article therefore the sub heading technique for thecontents page will work very well.