Double page spread research


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Double page spread research

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Research By Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. 1st AnalysisThe image above is an image of a double page spread from an R&B magazine by the name of Ear to the Street. A widerange of techniques have been used to make this double page spread appealing to the reader. This double page spread isquite unique because it has used two headlines to show the audience that there is two articles involved in the doublepage spread. This links in well with the layout of this particular double page spread because, on the first page themagazine is focused on one specific article which has been separated from the following article on the other page by usingcolumns to structure the text to make it clear to the reader that its separate. Furthermore, the masthead that was usedfrom the magazine front cover has been linked with the double page spread which is shown on the top right hand side ofthe first page, and the top left hand side of the second page. This allows the audience to automatically know that thedouble page spread will link with the magazine front cover and also the magazine contents page. Moreover, underneathboth of the headlines in the double page spread a subhead has been used which I feel is a great technique to use to keepthe audience interested. This is because, the specific subheads used in this double page spread above give a briefsentence that tells the reader what is about to come up in the article. This will allow the reader to be drawn in into thetext of the whole article. For this specific double page spread a drop cap has not been used at the beginning of any of theparagraphs shown. However, the first full word of each article has been increased in size; has had a black backgroundbehind the word and also has had the font colour changed. This is quite unique because, a conventional drop cap wouldonly emphasize the firs letter of the first word that begins the article however, they have inverted this and used thetechnique for the actual first word. This technique will attract the reader automatically and will draw the reader into theactual article that follows. I have decided that I will look into using this very drop cap technique myself although, I will justuse it for the first letter and also make the letter look more stylish, appealing and also link it to the headline that I will beusing in the double page spread.
  3. 3. 1st AnalysisContinued..Also at the bottom of both pages of the double page spread, a folio has been used to link the front page, contents andthe double page spread together. This particular technique works very well because, it will allow you to place your logoor masthead from the previous front page or contents page in the folio with a page number to allow the reader to knowthat all the pages of the magazine are linked together and come from the same magazine. This specific folio used abovefor this double page spread I feel is pretty good however, when I create my double page spread, I want the folio to takeup most of the bottom of the page so that it looks like there are no gaps that have not been filled. Furthermore, in thisdouble page spread the designers have created one pull-quote which is presented in the bottom right hand side on thefirst page of the double page spread. This draws out an important section of the article and basically highlights thespecific quote using many creative techniques such as images and colour. This is an excellent technique to usebecause, when the reader turns to this page other than the headline they will be drawn to the highlighted quote andread over it to know a little bit about the article that they are about to read. Moreover, the quotation symbols that havebeen used to signal the pull-quote are very effective because the symbols are in a bold colour and havebeen maximized in size compared to the actual quote, almost like a drop cap. Another aspect of the double page spreadabove that I like and will use for my very own is the use of an image margin for all the images that have been used in thedouble page spread. It allows the text to be more structured and also much more organised and tidy which will have ahuge effect on the reader. Also, it allows the columns of the two pages to look much more successful and useful and willprevent the reader becoming confused when looking at the text and then being drawn into the image that the textclashes with. Lastly, the gutter technique used also is a similar technique to allow the text to be more neat and organisedbecause it places an inside margin which prevents the text from running into the edges of the double page spread whichwould be a huge problem and cause the double page spread to look very unprofessional.
  4. 4. 2nd AnalysisThe double page spread shown above I feel is very effective towards the reader and audience for manyreasons. I really like the use of the colour scheme that has been used for this particular double page spread.The reasons for this is because, the two pages do not go overboard and use too many colours which coulddistract the audience from the main articles. However, instead the double page spread uses two maincolours which are white and light blue which are two very bright colours which will be very appealing to thereader and stand out straight away, especially because of the dark black background which emphasises thecolour of the article that is stated. Furthermore, another technique that I admire from this particular doublepage spread, is the use of connecting the front page with the double page spread by involving the mastheadthat had been used. I feel that the way it has been used in this double page spread is much more effective tothe reader rather than the first double page spread I have analysed. The reason for this is because, themasthead that has been placed on the bottom left of the first page is quite bold and eye-catching, althoughit is not as big as the actual masthead that has been used on the front cover. This will allow the reader toknow instantly that the double page spread is linked with the front cover and also the contents page of thewhole magazine. However, there is one aspect of this particular double page spread that I feel is adisadvantage. The disadvantage is that the headline that has been used Kitty Pillman exclusive! is actuallysmaller than the pull quote that has been used. This will lead to the audience becoming more interested inthe pull quote rather than the headline which is meant to be much more appealing because its meant totarget the reader straight away.
  5. 5. 2nd AnalysisContinued..
  6. 6. 3rd Analysis