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Paychex Expense Manager


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Paychex Expense Manager

  1. 1. Attract and Hire Guide and Support Manage and Direct Develop and RetainExpense ManagementProduct SuMMary HigHligHtSP ✓ Spending Visibility and Control aychex Expense Manager, powered by ExpenseWire®, is a Web-based solution that Reduce discretionary employee spending by provides state-of-the-art controls to help reduce gaining centralized visibility and control over yourdiscretionary employee spending and administrative entire process through powerful managementlabor time. Automated report submissions, approvals, tools that are easy to implement and use.policy management, communications, direct deposit,and seamless general ledger reporting can result ✓ Personal and Corporate Credit Card Importsin exceptionally high levels of user adoption and Save time and increase accuracy through directadherence to centrally managed spending policies. imports of expense data from personal andImplementation is fast and easy. corporate credit card vendors. ✓ Process Controls and Policy Enforcement Increase adherence to centrally managed spending policies through easy-to-use process controls and policy communication tools. ✓ Instant Status Updates Improve employee morale and adherence to centrally managed expense policies by instantly addressing and communicating status updates through automated system tools. ✓ Automated Direct Deposit Save time and increase accuracy through automated direct deposit expense reimbursements. ✓ General Ledger Imports Save administrative labor time and frustration by importing expense account detail directly into your general ledger system.
  2. 2. Key Features ExPEnSE rEPorting gEnEral lEdgEr • Easy report creation • Direct data import • Personal credit card data importing • Tracking by general ledger account • Corporate credit card data importing • Tracking by client, project • Scanned receipt archiving • client, project integration Policy adMiniStration analyticS • Centralized administration • Custom data collection, analytics • Point-of-entry policy communications • Flexible standard reports • Custom data input by spending type • Graphical display options StatuS cHangES and aPProvalS • Multiple approval levels • Automated approval process • Automatic status notifications rEiMburSEMEntS • Direct deposit • Foreign currency conversions Paychex One-Source Solutions One Partner, One Solution <Sales Representative Name> Tessa M. Miller <Location> (980) 295-5491158217E 9/10 CP <Phone>