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Sammedia Services Brochure


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At Sammedia we put your clients at the very heart of
your technology approach, allowing you to put your
clients at the very heart of your business.

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Sammedia Services Brochure

  1. 1. Magical ways to connect with clients
  2. 2. Making the right connection Today’s advisory process is not about selling products, it’s about having conversations with clients, it’s about the advice, it’s about the relationship...and at Sammedia we believe this is a model that should be carried right through to the technology you use. Our solutions focus technology around your clients, forming the connections that will drive your business forward. We help you to deliver service that is no longer simply about ‘managing’ your client, it’s no longer just about the transactions you make; it’s about collaborating with your clients. Sammedia’s solutions are absolutely focused on ensuring that you can really connect with your clients and keep that conversation going 24/7. Our solutions are client-centric but their outcome is very much adviser-centric. At Sammedia we put your clients at the very heart of your technology approach, allowing you to put your clients at the very heart of your business.
  3. 3. Your client’s entire financial life Moneyinfo marries your clients’ online banking with a new approach to portfolio reporting, providing your clients with a unique online service where they can view up-to-date information on their entire financial life. All under your firm’s brand. It allows your clients to view their disparate online banking balances and transactions, from banks, credit cards and loans alongside information you provide such as plan and portfolio valuations, and it does so transparently with a stunning, client-friendly interface that is so intuitive, it drives your clients to enter more information about their personal finances. By providing an aggregated view of a client’s entire financial life, the fact-finding process is transformed from a static ‘guess-find’ taken at one point in your client’s life, to one that is constantly changing; a self-updating fact-find that records real income and expenditure alongside real changes in wealth. Moneyinfo allows you, the adviser, to react to changes in your client’s financial circumstances as and when they happen and in the process, deliver an ongoing and cost-effective service.
  4. 4. A unique service Moneyinfo is unique. Unique in bringing Moneyinfo provides true fact-finding in a new everything together. Unique in the way it does it. and unique way. Instead of confronting a client with endless forms and questions, it builds up a Information is presented to your clients through picture of the client’s financial life automatically. a beautifully animated interface that encourages Moneyinfo knows exactly how much disposable client engagement and input. It does away income a client has, when income changes, with our industry’s obsession with tables of how much mortgage payments are and even data, instead using interactive graphics to make the APR a client is paying on their credit. It has reporting of complex data relationships suddenly the innate ability to strengthen adviser-held seem obvious and simple. client information with real-world, real-time information. In so doing, Moneyinfo allows you to deliver an online service that is both relevant and engaging You can proactively offer appropriate services to your entire client base. as and when your client’s circumstances change. For the first time, you could be made aware If Moneyinfo helps you deliver what your clients of when your client in a lower wealth bracket want, you as their adviser, will get what you moves up from one segment to another. want. Your clients want 24/7 access to data on all of their finances, as and when they want it, in a format that is easy to understand and access. Service more clients profitably Moneyinfo means that you can service more You want accurate client data, you want to know clients profitably and it helps you generate more when clients’ financial circumstances change, revenue through efficient, professional online you want to be able to meet the demands of servicing. Moneyinfo changes the dynamics of RDR and you want to have the ability to target your business so that you can service more services profitably. clients than ever before. Moneyinfo is a service that delivers to both you and your clients.
  5. 5. Online banking & investments... all in one place Online Banking...all in one place data, valuations and changes to your clients’ MoneyInfo delivers true online banking portfolios that just happen every day. aggregation. Until now, unless a consumer held all of their bank, mortgage and credit accounts Many advisory firms today utilise two or more with the same provider, they have been unable to platforms within their business, however the see a single aggregated view of their information. downside of delivering a multi-platform service Moneyinfo changes this. Moneyinfo allows them is that doing so results in an inconsistent user to see their Barclaycard statement right next to experience for your clients. Every platform has those of their Lloyds TSB and Natwest accounts. its own client servicing portal, and every one is different, but your business only has one Not only does MoneyInfo pull this information customer base. into one place, it summarises it into Income and Spending screens. For the first time, you and Your consistent service your clients gain a real-time picture of their total Moneyinfo ensures your business provides outgoings versus their income, allowing you to a single client reporting and fact-finding not only see accurate income and expenditure experience, however many platforms you use. data, but also how it changes over time. Your online client servicing becomes coherent and consistent, enabling all of your clients to For privacy purposes, clients’ statements are only benefit from Moneyinfo’s advanced consumer- visible to them, however advisers still benefit friendly interface and features, even if you use a by gathering critical data on their finances. The number of different platforms or wraps, or move client’s account balances are summarised into your investment servicing from one platform to the Assets and Liabilities screens, providing another. you, their adviser, with a constantly up-to-date summary of their overall wealth and debt. This Your firm’s online service should be your firm’s means that you can tailor your client’s financial online service. Every time a client logs in is an advice more than ever before. opportunity to strengthen your relationship, building ever stronger associations between Wraps and Platforms their finances and their professional adviser. Moneyinfo links directly to Wraps and Platforms, Moneyinfo supports that process by bringing taking bulk data and price feeds every 24 hours. everything that is important to your client There is no longer any need for you to key in together in one place under your brand.
  6. 6. Moneyinfo and RDR... Moneyinfo and iPhone Moneyinfo gives you the means to deliver service The forthcoming, FREE Moneyinfo iPhone app, excellence to all of your clients, and clearly will allow your clients to access their Moneyinfo demonstrate the value in the services you offer. information through their iPhone any time, any With Moneyinfo, you can define an expanded place.The service will provide your clients with a service proposition to reach a greater number level of convenience and usefulness they simply of clients in a way that is distinctive, innovative cannot get anywhere else and always under your and profitable. Moneyinfo means you can directly brand. relate the income you receive to the services you offer, making your business RDR compliant. The Moneyinfo iPhone app will only be available to clients of Advisory firms using Moneyinfo. • Your clients view their entire financial lives in once place Client-centric services When asked ‘Are your client-facing services • Your name whenever your clients client-centric?’, most firms and platforms in our check their bank account or credit card balances profession would reflexively answer yes, yet these same services are typically visited by only • Your client’s first thought is you, a tiny fraction of the clients they are supposedly not their bank, when their financial servicing, and perhaps only once or twice a year! circumstances change Moneyinfo is a truly client-centric service • Clearly demonstrate and because it has been built with a client’s wants communicate the value and needs at the core of both its features and • Expand your service offering to its functionality. The Moneyinfo iPhone app new client segments illustrates this philosophy perfectly, delivering what your clients want, where and when they • Deliver high quality service to want it. all of your clients, profitably • Justify 100% of your recurring income post RDR
  7. 7. Websites made simple For a relationship-driven business, an effective website is an essential part of your marketing, sales and client service proposition,. IFA-Netsite provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use website content management system (CMS) onto which we will apply either your own unique custom site design or you can apply one of over thirty free designs we provide. Either way, we take care of the hosting, and provide you with a sophisticated web management system which means your website is always current, with personalised, informative content for your site visitors. A website must be kept regularly updated to keep your site visitors engaged with relevant, informative content and to maximise search engine hits. You can use your website to provide information or support to your existing clients through articles, a blog or other material. IFA-Netsite makes it simple for you to update your site with new, fresh content to ensure your visitors keep returning.
  8. 8. Bespoke design The final part is to overlay this final design onto Unlike other template systems, IFA-Netsite’s your IFA-Netsite site. The whole process of a Unlike other template systems, IFA-Netsite’s fully bespoke design usually takes one to two free skins don’t look like template design! It’s Your unique brand online well as the aims you have in mind for your site. weeks. important that a free template does not equate A unique design for your unique business. A We’ll learn about your core target market, what to a cheap look and feel. Our stunning designs bespoke design is the single most effective makes your business stand out, what kind of look Or... a free template deliver a really professional, high quality online method of distinguishing your business online and feel you think is most appropriate. Following IFA-Netsite comes with a wide selection of presence. from your competitors. these initial discussions, we’ll come up with professionally designed templates that you can some design ideas for you to consider. Further apply to your site with a click of a button. Ideal IFA-Netsite’s underlying content management You can choose to have a bespoke design applied discussions will take place whilst we refine ideas for companies who are seeking to limit their system also means you are free to change design to your IFA-Netsite site at any point. Every page to a final design you are totally happy with. budget but still want a high quality website. at any time, even upgrade to a fully bespoke of your site will immediately inherit the new design when it suits you, without the usual cost design whilst retaining all of the benefits of the Bespoke design can be as much about function as IFA-Netsite free template designs remove all of re-deploying all your existing content to a underlying IFA-Netsite technology, including full form. We’ll ensure you make informed decisions website setup costs and so are ideally suited for new design. IFA-Netsite allows your website to editablility and control. about all aspects of your site. Whether it’s about smaller firms who want to keep control of their grow with you. the type of navigation to use or the general feel costs. You simply choose the design you want We’ll want to find out about your company as of the site. and start adding content about your firm.
  9. 9. Mortgage websites Competing with the Goliaths Mortgage Edition sites include best-buy tables With the advent of the large comparison sites that are updated hourly. The service includes such as, consumers Sesame specific deals and panels, all of which have become increasingly demanding, expecting you can access through a control panel. You can online best-buy tables and mortgage search decide whether your site should display lender services as a given on any mortgage website. names or not and even whether direct offer This has made it difficult for the small to medium deals are included or not. You have control. independent advisory firm to compete online. The find-a-mortgage wizard is the shortest in However the advantage advisers do have over the industry. It asks the minimum number of these faceless services is genuine expertise, questions needed to search the whole market, knowledge and the ability to provide advice. ensuring you get the maximum number of leads. Netsite Mortgage Edition aims to help advisers You are notified by email of new leads and the pair these core advantages with those of the client’s details are kept securely online for you to feature-rich online services consumers now download at your convenience. expect. The two combined are a winning combination. Online Hips & Conveyancing Web-Builder Mortgage edition completes your Polish and Substance online service by delivering competitive, income- With Netsite Mortgage Edition, we provide a generating Hips and Conveyancing services.With service that was as polished in its design, and referral fees you can set yourself (anything up to as rich in its functionality as a high-end, bespoke £200/referral) and a bank of solicitors that you mortgage trading site… but provide it at a can add to, the conveyancing service delivers a market-leading, low cost. double-win. Cheaper quotes to your clients with higher fees to you! The service includes features The Mortgage Edition sites utilise very high- such as full case tracking, quotes saved online, end designs, and fully integrated best-buy tables and the ability for your clients to read and leave and wizards. There’s no pop-open window that real feedback on the selected legal firms. makes it obvious the user is utilising a third party. Every element is fully integrated and embedded Netsite Mortgage edition gives your firm the into your site, your brand. online advantage.
  10. 10. Client feedback... your greatest asset Do you know what your clients really think about your service? And if you do, are you making the most of the feedback your clients give you? TCF Centre makes the process of gathering feedback so simple so that you can focus on really using the results to ensure that clients remain confident in the service and advice given, and that you can continually adapt to your clients’ changing needs and wants. TCF Centre makes it easy for your clients to provide you with feedback, using a medium that is fast and professional. A timely email received by your client, or a page on your website with a simple click through to your personalised, branded client questionnaire ensures rapid, relevant feedback; real-time feedback that you can measure, analyse and act upon. With high response rates and extensive management information, TCF Centre ensures that your client feedback programme goes much further than simply a tick box exercise.
  11. 11. Turning a regulatory requirement into a business asset Focus your marketing and build referral when a client responds positively to a your brand questionnaire. TCF Centre ensures that you can align your service, marketing and branding efforts with the Delivering fair outcomes for all needs of your clients.TCF Centre helps you drive your clients more business and encourages connections TCF Centre automates your client feedback through innovative links to social networking process so that you can ask 100% of your clients sites. This means that your client feedback for their opinions on your service. It produces process becomes a marketing tool as well as management information targeted against the six delivering meaningful measures of your firm’s or Treating Customers Fairly outcomes to give you advisers’ quality and your client satisfaction with measurable results for regulatory assessments. the services you offer. TCF Centre includes the ability to link directly into social networking tools Customisable for a personal like Linkedin or Twitter to promote professional approach connections and referrals, achieving on average Making your client feedback questionnaires a 20% increase in the numbers of referrals you personalised is the key to great response receive. rates and delivers to your clients the familiar, personalised service they expect. TCF Identify referral opportunities, Centre gives you the ability to customise the gain more testimonials questionnaires to suit your specific approach. As well as identifying how satisfied your clients Add your logo and corporate style or set your are with the services you offer, TCF Centre helps own email templates to ensure your clients you to find new opportunities by identifying receive feedback requests that carry your brand. clients who will give you referrals or testimonials. You can also add your own questions, perhaps Graphs, icons and email alerts tell you the type to ask about your approach to communication, of feedback you have received at a glance. client care or to gauge interest in other services that you offer. The best time to ask for a referral is immediately after you have just provided excellent service TCF Centre lets your clients drive your business to your clients. TCF Centre generates referrals forward. by allowing you to automatically ask for a
  12. 12. Made the right connection? All of Sammedia’s services provide very ‘visual’ experiences, you have to see them ‘live’ to really appreciate how they may help your business. Give one of our team a call on the number below and you’ll find we’ll be delighted to provide you with an online demo of any of our services. Tel 0845 4560304
  13. 13. Tel 0845 4560304