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Competition: Notes


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Competition: Notes

  1. 1. method two: competition by tessa jonson For my second method, I needed to investigate the competition that ex- ists involving the low-meat consumption campaigns. I found three differ- ent examples that all have some similarities and some vast differences from what I hope to achieve. vegetarian society: about • oldest vegetarian organisation in the world, having started in 1847 • They describe themselves on their website as an “educational charity working to support, represent, and increase the number of vegetarians in the UK” • work with policy makers, businesses, and professionals • have wide variety of free support, but to be a member, you have to pay a fee vegetarian society: provide • resources including what a vegetarian is, news and history, and Vegetarian Society approved products and shops • They have many forms of support: converting to vegetarianism, cooking, con- necting with others, and so on. Here you can see their online community. • meat free mondays: about • an international campaign founded by Paul McCartney that encourages people to eat a meatless diet on Mondays • promotes the diet’s environmental, financial, and health benefits • many celebrity endorsements including Gwyneth Paltrow, Alec Baldwin, and Ricky Gervais • This is a screen shot of their homepage. meat free mondays: provide • new recipes added every Monday, as you can see in this image • loads of facts about meat consumption and production • quite unusually, MFM have promotional material such as posters and brochures on their site for supporters to download and use themselves • flexitarian foodie: about • amateur blog of flexitarian recipes created by a mum • includes short introduction to each recipe explaining why she likes it or the like • when I Googled “flexitarian”, this is the only search result that’s not just an ar- ticle on a site about something else. This had flexitarian in the url. flexitarian foodie: provides • the blog is just a list of recipes • definition and explanation of flexitarian • some simple tips on becoming a flexitarian • thank you • Are there any questions?