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Analysis: Notes


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Published in: Design
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Analysis: Notes

  1. 1. analysis by tessa jonson analysis: • After exploring the competition, the ideal market, and various market- ing techniques, I have decided to create an interactive campaign for flexitarianism. • This is a diet consisting of as little meat as possible, which incorpo- rates enough versatility to be appealing to many people. problem: • People are looking for a way to reduce their meat intake for environ- mental and health reasons. • A brand identified flexitarian movement is needed to bring this diet into the mainstream. competition: • People are not prepared to commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet of no meat at all. • Previous and current campaigns pushing for a diet consisting of less meat consumption are not widespread enough or are too restrictive for mainstream adoption. target market: • By aiming this campaign at an audience that responds to trends, it will catch on and spread faster to an even larger group. • This audience will initially consist of teenaged females, and then be expanded to the larger university and family markets. technique: • The brand identity of the campaign will be crucial to its success. It must be distinctive and memorable. • By concentrating on building a strong presence online, the campaign will reach the maximum amount of people. • Merchandise may also be used later in the campaign to encourage and strengthen brand pride.