Ancillary Product: Poster Research


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Ancillary Product: Poster Research

  1. 1. Ancillary Posters Research Tesfah Watkins-Scott
  2. 2. Introduction The Silent Comedy Marcus & I will produce will need to also contain 2 ancillary products including a film poster and also a double page spread which will present a review for our actual short film. As we will be working on the 2 ancillary products ourselves, I need to make sure that the poster and review help advertise our short film to our target audience. Our main target audience will be mainly Afro-Caribbean viewers, however due to the fact that it will be a comedy too the audience will not be too secluded. Due to the fact that the sub genre will be a silent comedy I feel that it is only right that I study several silent comedy film posters for my research to help me with the production of my ancillary products. This will allow me to have a better understanding about the mise-en-scene in this particular type of poster e.g. what the character’s facial expression should look like or the clothing and props that is included in each image. While I am planning to make my own silent comedy short film, I decided to research silent movies with high profile silent comedy actors for example Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy. Therefore I feel that my very own research should include these particular silent comedy actors.
  3. 3. 1st Film Poster: Charlie Chaplin“The Kid”
  4. 4. The strapline that has been used for this particular magazine poster has been made to look very appealing towards the target audience. Even though the strapline is quite dull visually, due to the fact that it says “CHARLIE CHAPLIN” will make the poster more successful. This is because this particular actor is very famous for his particular silent movies during the 1920s.Even though this strapline will be veryeffective I feel that it may distractmembers of the audience when they viewthe actual poster. This is because, theyhave made the strapline almost the samefont size as the masthead which has beenused. This may cause issues due to the factthat the masthead should be the mainappealing aspect on the poster becausethat’s the topic being analysed.
  5. 5. The Shape that has been used for the main image of the poster links in well with the conventions of an actual silent movie. This is because in original silent movies the editors would use various shapes for each transition to each scene. As you can see for the main image in the poster they have used an oval shape to surround the image which will tell the reader automatically that the poster must be advertising a silent movie.Furthermore, the poster also keeps the conventions of anoriginal silent movie by using only black & white for the colour ofthe image. I think that doing so will allow the audience to have arough idea of what the film will consist of. Also, the mise-en-scene that they have used for the main image is quite smart as itportrays what type of genre the silent movie will be. This isbecause the two characters are hiding behind an object withoutnoticing some sort of guard behind them, which will portraysome sort of humour to the audience. The masthead that they have used for the silent movie “The Kid” I feel actually links in well with the whole poster for a few reasons. Firstly, the masthead goes well with the colour scheme of the whole poster as it involves the colours yellow & black which can also be found on the main image and also one of the cover lines. Secondly, most titles that are presented for silent movies are conventionally quite bold, and you can see the masthead used for this poem follows the same conventions. Lastly, I like the way they have made the masthead stand out by creating a shadow effect behind each letter allowing the masthead to be one of the most appealing aspects on the poster.
  6. 6. The border that has I feel that the backgroundbeen used to surround colour used for this posterthe poster, also follows does link well with the genrethe conventions of a of this movie which is a silentsilent movie. This is movie due to the fact thatbecause, when most silent films involve lotscaptions are shown in of grey and dark colourssilent movies normally when shown. However, I feelthe text will have that because the poster hassome sort of border to appeal to its audience thesurrounding it which colour used for theappeals to the target background makes the posteraudience. look quite bland and boring towards the viewers. Also, the font that has been used for the The font that has been masthead works well used for the cover lines I with the actual title of feel works very well with film “The Kid.” The font the whole design of the is quite dull silent movie poster. The however, due to the fact font is quite sharp and that it’s very bold and straight which I feel goes contains rounded & well with the mood of the straight letters tells the poster a due to the fact audience what type of that the font visually suits movie the film is going the genre of the film. to be.
  7. 7. 2nd Film Poster: Laurel & Hardy“Towed in a Hole”
  8. 8. The font used for this particular poster I feel works really well with the genre of the silent movie. As soon as this silent movie’s target audience view the title of the film they will instantly know that the sub genre will be a silent comedy. Furthermore, the design of the font is very adventurous and unique. Because of this design the poster will appeal to the films target audience as soon as they look at it. The font is very rounded to give an almost child like feeling to the audience. Also, the layout of the title works well with the poster as both titles “Laurel & Hardy” have been placed in an almost curved position which allows the poster to seem more humorous.The main image that has been used for this poster is veryunique. The image makes the overall poster look like acartoon due to pencil drawn type of image. Also the mise-en-scene used in this image presents to the audience asense of adventure and funny scenarios. I can see that this poster has stuck to the conventional aspects of silent movie posters by making the poster black & white. This will appear to their target audience at an instant due to the fact that their audience watch silent movies which are conventionally black & white also.
  9. 9. The masthead is very effective towards theaudience as it consists of a variety of font sizes The subhead that has beenwhich allows the main section of the title to be used for this poster is quiteemphasised against a smaller and less bolder effective to the audience.font. This is because the subhead has been designed to have a different font and font colourAlso, the smaller to the masthead on thesections of the poster.title have beenpositioned nextto eachcharacter which Ifeel has beendone on purposeso that the twocharacters fromthe main image Moreover, the subheadare introduced that has been used alsoby the poster. uses rounded letters to support the masthead . I feel that this will keep the audience interested An italic font has been used to support as it has been designed the producers name. The font is quite to also support the sub appealing especially because it is not genre. too big like some other aspects on the poster. This would make the poster look to crowded and busy.
  10. 10. Poster Research Conclusion Due to this research I have found that the two posters use some implicit techniques so that they can appeal to their audiences through the conventions that they have stuck to such as the black & white poster colour and also the facial expressions that have been used in the main images. When creating my very own silent comedy poster I will need to take these particular techniques into consideration so that my poster will be visually appealing to my target audience and therefore be successful.