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4 Ways To Save Big Money in Your Data Center and Private Cloud


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The thirst for real-time access to rich content and big data is turning enterprise datacenters into private computing clouds. However, making exabyte-scale data available and responsive to a global application network gets expensive. Fortunately there are things you can do to save big money in these sophisticated new environments. In this presentation you will learn how to save money, avoid costs, and create significant efficiencies in your private cloud by: Consolidating databases and data warehouses, Slashing big data storage and storage-based data replication , Replacing expensive middleware, and Eliminating cold disaster recovery

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4 Ways To Save Big Money in Your Data Center and Private Cloud

  1. 1. Tervela Webcast4 Ways to Save Big Moneyin Your Data Center and Private CloudHosted by Barry Thompson, Founder & CTO of Tervela 1
  2. 2. We will find answers to…• Where is some low-hanging fruit for reducing costs in the datacenter?• How can I avoid buying so much Tier 1 storage in the future?• Can I make my datacenter operate more cost-efficiently? 2
  3. 3. About the presenter...• Barry Thompson• Founder and CTO of Tervela• Visionary with 20 years of experience• Background in transformative technologies (robotics, imaging & traditional enterprise)• Technology leadership for AIG, NatWest and UBS• X-Prize board of trusties 3
  4. 4. Your Datacenters are Becoming a Private Cloud 4
  5. 5. Cost Savings and Cost Avoidance Examples• Improve Efficiency of Databases & Data Warehousing• Reduce Tier 1 Storage Requirements for Big Data• Eliminate Legacy Middleware/Messaging Infrastructure• Eliminate Cold Disaster Recovery Operations 5
  6. 6. Example #1: Consolidate Databases And Data Warehouses For Non-OLTP Data Case Leading Interbroker Study Dealer $12M savings within 12Savings months Consolidated 36 instancesApproach of Oracle RAC into single trading fabric ROI achieved on licensingSource of costs alone (additional Savings savings from hardware, personnel, support costs) 6
  7. 7. Example #1: Consolidate Databases And DataWarehouses For Non-OLTP Data Oracle RAC deployment With Tervela Data Fabric Primary DB 1 Standby DB Primary DB 2 • Reduced hardware & licensing costs • All systems run hot-hot • Easier & less costly to support • Much higher performance 7
  8. 8. Example #2: Slash Redundant Storage In Big Data Repositories Case Multinational bank Study Eliminate $1M/quarter inSavings storage cost allocation Replicate data to existing storage assets over a dataApproach fabric for real-time distributed applicationsSource of Removed Tier-1 storage Savings replication 8
  9. 9. Example #2: Slash Redundant Storage In Big DataRepositories Without Tervela With Tervela • Big data replicated everywhere • Caching, On-Demand • Overly provisioned storage • Multiple access methods • Substantial bandwidth • Significantly lower storage 9
  10. 10. Example #3: Replace Legacy Middleware With Lower-TCO Data Fabric Appliances Case Major Financial Services Study Company Several million dollars overSavings 12 months Consolidated 5 middleware systems running on 400Approach servers into a unified, appliance-based data fabric Physical hardware, softwareSource of licenses, ongoing support Savings costs 10
  11. 11. Example #3: Replace Legacy Middleware With Lower-TCOData Fabric Appliances Without Tervela With Tervela Apps Middleware NYC NYC London London Singapore Singapore • Management nightmare • Single point of management • Overbuilt middleware layer • Common data fabric • Jumble of app connections • Fluid app connections 11
  12. 12. Example #4: Eliminate Cold Disaster Recovery Operationsby Enabling Hot-Hot DR Case Large Financial Study Institution $500K-$750K of annualSavings DR costs per application Linked existing datacenters together toApproach avoid cold backup processes Avoided expanding Tier1Source of EMC storage footprint and Savings equipping it with SRDF or SQL Server replication 12
  13. 13. Example #4: Eliminate Cold Disaster Recovery Operations by Enabling Hot-Hot DR Without Tervela With Tervela Data Center Data 1 Data Center Center Data 1 Data 2 Center Center Data 3 2 Center Cold 3Backup 1 Cold Backup 2 Cold Backup 3 • Intermittent backups • Eliminate unneeded equipment • Recovery: long & involved • Automatic failover during disaster • Lots of extra equipment • Better load-balancing 13
  14. 14. Tervela Saves……• Improve Efficiency of Databases & Data Warehousing• Reduce Tier 1 Storage Requirements for Big Data• Eliminate Legacy Middleware/Messaging Infrastructure• Eliminate Cold Disaster Recovery Operations 14
  15. 15. About Tervela: Data In MotionThe Tervela Data FabricThe fastest, most reliable, and costeffective data transport system forglobally distributed, mission-criticalapplications.•10-100x performance increaseover traditional solutions•Beyond 5x9’sbuilt-in fault tolerance & high availability•50% faster to deliver new appssimple development tools & embedded services•End-to-end manageability & securityintegrated data entitlements & protection 15
  16. 16. Tervela: Big Data Movement for… Cloud Web & REAL-TIME Mobile SaaS, IaaS, PaaS Interactive media & devices Enterprise / Cloud Mobile trading, payments Broker Facebook & Twitter feedsCloud DR & Replication Real-time analytics Trading fabric Enterprise File & DB replication Middleware replacement Real-time analytics
  17. 17. Products – Hardware and Virtualized TMX: Message Switch Message transport through the fabric • High-volume throughput • Multi-protocol intelligent routing • Low-latency • Built-in security model • Operational predictability • Integrated, decoupled caching TPE: Persistence Engine Embedded storage and caching within the fabric • System-wide caching • High-performance spindle or SSD • Built-in record & playback • High availability • Burst management • Optimized retrieval TPM: Provisioning & Management Central management of the fabric • Access control • System health tracking • System provisioning • SNMP alerting • Visual monitoring • Comprehensive reporting Messaging System Client API Virtual AppliancesOptimized for Multi-App Networks C, C++, C#, Java, JMS 100% Interoperable 17
  18. 18. Learn More About TervelaDownload the Data Fabric as a virtual appliance: this, and other Tervela white papers: how Tervela helps your initiatives: 18
  19. 19. Thank you! 19