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This Powerpoint presentation is not official. This is the one of the slide show which was created by me.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Welcome to the Collection of Roses , hope u'll like them.
  2. 2. Meeting you was Fate, becoming your Friend was choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my Control…
  3. 3. Never make love in the Garden or in the Fields. For love might be Blind but your Neighbours arent !!!
  4. 4. Love is looking whether he is looking & when he does certainly not looking back !!!!
  5. 5. I am deeply in Love with You, Darling, I Treasure Our Love……….
  6. 6. If you need advice,text me…..if you need a Friend,call me….if you need me,come to me….if you need Money…..THE SUBSCRIBER CANNOT BE REACHED!!!
  7. 7. I hate it when you Leave, but I would like to see you go.
  8. 8. Please remind me to remind you about reminding me to send you this reminder that reminds me of reminding you that I AM THERE FOR YOU….. Don’t Forget.
  9. 9. Did I ever tell how much U mean 2 me, put it this way if we were on a sinking Ship 2gether & there was only 1 life jacket.I’d really MISS YOU……..
  10. 10. Jise dil diya woh Dilli chali gayi Jise pyar kiya woh Italy chali gayi Dil ne kaha khud kushi kar le jalim Bijali ko haath lagaya to bijali chali gayi.
  11. 11. I don’t Miss you in the Morning I don’t Miss you in the Night Actually I Miss you all the Time……..
  12. 12. Every time the Chill Breeze touches me I THINK OF YOU & then I know how lonely I feel without you I MISS YOU….
  13. 14. I know how ANGRY you are & what you must be going through.So I hope,you know,how SORRY I am for all that happened between us… PLEASE FORGIVE ME……..
  14. 15. For everything that happened between you & me I want to Apologize for not being caring enough & hurting your feelings.
  15. 22. Thanks for Visiting