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Behind the scenes look at the award winning video production company - Colin Spencer Productions.

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Colin Spencer Productions

  1. 1. What I do as a “Grown Up” ?
  2. 2. Born into a world without color, I could not wait for the advent of living color
  3. 3. little did I know that this obsession with color would lead to a career based on
  4. 4. color bars....there had to be more to this....and there is
  5. 5. ... I found it flying high in the Rocky Mountains shooting a commercial for The Fort Restaurant.....
  6. 6. sometimes I get to wear hair nets with celebrities....othertimes... “”Roker on the Road” series at Hammonds Candies
  7. 7. swim with an olympic mermaid, named Amy Van Dyken for a clients new TV campaign.....or shoot important city officials like TextDyken for Comfort Air commercials Amy Van
  8. 8. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper or...... producing annual “State of the City” video for Visit Denver!
  9. 9. Colorado Governor Ritter . creating “Welcome Video” for upcoming conventions
  10. 10. Sometimes clients are so ecstatic with our work that they charge the camera Text shooting a “Globeology” commercial for The Wildlife Experience
  11. 11. other times they jump for the sky. capturing The Birdman for a Mattress King spot
  12. 12. Our projects have taken us to New York, two camera shoot for Western Union at the historic St. Regis
  13. 13. to the the high stakes floor of casinos, and producing a new broadcast campaign for FitzGeralds Casino
  14. 14. to virtual worlds where anything is possible. Talent shot on green screen for use in corporate training video
  15. 15. Whether its animating mascots and bringing them to life, creating 3D animation of characters for The Wildlife Experience
  16. 16. Text highlighting the specific benefits of a product, developing and animating a new commercial for Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
  17. 17. or producing a web video. Shooting and Editing three separate videos for Arts Week for Visit Denver!
  18. 18. We have what it takes to get the job done on time, Producing a new series of broadcast spots for Pro
  19. 19. on budget, and Producing a membership video for Denver Health
  20. 20. Text to your complete satisfaction. Stock Footage of Abbott and Costello for use in a Lockheed Martin employee training video...Hmm, I guess classic Black and White still holds it’s own in today’s HD 3D You Tube world.
  21. 21. Broadcast Commercials, Corporate Training and Web Videos 303-587-3219