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Tips on selecting a storage facility

Self-storage facilities have grown in number in the last several years, and you can now see them in both old and new communities. Consumers use self-storage establishments in a variety of ways.

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Tips on selecting a storage facility

  1. 1. Storage Facility Page 1Tips On Selecting A Storage Facility
  2. 2. Storage Facility Page 2Self-storage facilities have grown in number in the last several years, and you cannow see them in both old and new communities. Consumers use self-storageestablishments in a variety of ways. Others renta storage unit in order to clean their basementsand transform it into something morefunctional. Some people use these self-storagefacilities to temporarily store home furnitureand other belongings if they are remodeling ortransferring. Organizations can also use it to keep their supplies.Though these establishments are reliable generally speaking, incidents of theft andproperty damage happen occasionally. Having said such, it is important to checkmultiple facilities before choosing one. Here are some areas to consider when youare shopping for a storage facility.Cost - Obtain quotations from three to five facilities. Be sure that they will bequoting on the same items. Expenses associated with renting self-storage unitsinclude the following: monthly rental fee, storage prep work, padding, packing andtransportation expenses, and fees for added options like electrical connections, pestelimination, and insurance. Ask about the facilitys billing and available paymentmethods.Size - These facilities offer storage units in a variety of sizes. These will vary incost, clearly. Some providers may also impose weight limits for specific units. Insome instances, you may be prevented from jam-packing the entire unit from floorto ceiling. Climate - If your things are easily affected by temperature changes, besure to get an environmentally-controlled unit. If there is a likelihood of your
  3. 3. Storage Facility Page 3belongings being subjected to mold orwater damage, be sure to ask whatfeatures the company offers to avoidsuch.Insurance and safety - If the stuff youwish to keep cost a lot or havesentimental value, it is important to check if the facility provides the level ofsecurity you require. Some establishments have guards round-the-clock, 7 days aweek. Others provide an extra layer of protection by adding surveillance camerasand other innovative safety and security technologies. Your unit needs to besupplied with a heavy-duty lock.Make sure your things are covered against theft, fire, and other damage. You canget insurance from the self-storage company or from another source. Insurancerates can vary substantially among vendors so be sure to do comparison shoppingfirst.Convenience - Find out about the storage facilitys operating hours, and relatedcharges for accessing your unit beyond usual operating hours. Find out if they haveadequate parking space that is near to your rental unit. If it is important to you,choose a facility that is in your community. If you are looking for mini storageNLR, here is one vendor to consider.