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Girls leading girls


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girls leading girls in science

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Girls leading girls

  1. 1. Belmont Abbey College Dr. Judith McDonald
  2. 2. Girls Leading Girls in Science • 1992 Government Doc (Dept of ED) – Nothing can stop us now well……. • 1996 AAUW Report – How school shortchange girls
  3. 3. Girls Leading Girls in Science • Decided our target group – Title 1 5th grade girls • Matched them with female STEM majors as mentors • Mentors sent email messages • Invited them to Belmont Abbey College
  4. 4. Girls Leading Girls in Science November 4, 2009 • 35 Girls and their teachers came • Education students did lesson on conservation • Toured the campus • Attended college STEM class • Luncheon
  5. 5. Education Science Lesson •Lead a hands on inquiry science lesson to the girls and their mentors •Lesson on recycling using materials found in their trash at home and school •Challenged students to lessen their carbon footprint. Lesson was taught by education majors in their senior year prior to student teaching.
  6. 6. Tour Campus • The girls and their mentors toured the campus.
  7. 7. Attend a college STEM class • College algebra • Cellular biology • Psychology • Genetics • Physical science • All girls attended a college STEM class with their mentor.
  8. 8. Luncheon • Attended al luncheon with several women from the community who are in STEM careers • Asked questions and learned about careers and what it takes to get there.
  9. 9. Local News Get in the news
  10. 10. Research • Conduct research with the girls and the boys. • Go into the classroom and have the students collect data and share with another group of students.