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Vado HD to MP4 Converter, specific software for easy transcoding/converting AVI/H.264 files from vado HD pocket camera to AVI/DVX/XVID/WMV/MP4 for windows7,how to edit/import vado hd videos on windows7.

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Vado hd to mp4 converter

  1. 1. How to convert/transcode Creative Vado HD videos to MP4/AVC on windows 7?<br />In this tutorial you will see how to edit/import a Vado HD AVI file for windows7Holiday makers can capture unforgettable moments in high-definition clarity and share them online using Creative's thin, lightweight Vado HD Pocket Video Camera. However, the Creative Vado HD capture H.264 encoded videos at 30 frames per second with a 1,280x720 CMOS sensor and saves them as AVI instead of MPEG-4, which proves to be a burden to windows and mac users.<br />Question1: Converting Vado HD AVI files to MP4I have a Creative Labs Vado HD camcorder that uses H.264. The first time you connect it via USB to a PC, it installs its codec so that you can playback the videos on that PC. I've done that on my laptop and it works fine. When I connect it to my desktop, likewise, it installs its codec. However, when I attempt to playback one of the videos (for example using Media Player Classic) the application simply disappears with no error message.Question2:I bought a Vado HD to take on my upcoming spring break, and I've run into an issue or two while playing around with it. The software that comes preloaded on the device itself is horribly limited (as everyone, including myself, would expect), so I've been trying to find some " normal" video editors that I can use to edit the clips.Share an easy solution to directly play and edit Vado HD Videos on windows7.The AVI/H.264 format does not work on windows 7, for the Vado HD video,unlike common MP4 file with H.264 video and AC-3 audio, is an AVI file with H.264 video and PCM audio.This is the reason you have to convert Vado HD files into MP4 (H.264/AVC) before playing on the windows 7.Vado HD to MP4 Converter is a very easy to use application that will help you convert/transcode AVI/H.264 files from your Vado pocket HD camera to AVI,DivX,Xvid,WMV,MPEG-4/AVC. The converted MP4/AVC files can be played and edited on windows media players and editing suites(windows movie maker,adobe premiere,sony vegas, pinnacle studio). It is so easy-to-use and just a couple of clicks will get you converting.With the cool Vado HD to MP4 Converter software you can convert a vado file to any format effortlessly. You can enjoy your created videos on portable media players like iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Mobile Phone. Just add your video into Vado HD to MP4 Converter, hit the " Start" button and in a short time you will have a converted MP4/AVC. <br /> How do you convert vado HD videos to to MP4/AVC on windows7?<br />Step 1, Download and install Vado HD to MP4 Converter.<br />Step 2, Add vado HD video files.<br />Step 3, Select output formats and output fold(For output format I recommend MP4/AVC).Mod converter is a great application that helped HD camcorder users in particular because it can convert MOD to AVI, convert Mod to MPG, convert MOD to WMV,convert MOD to MPEG2, convert MOD to MP4 video, mod conversion in Windows Movie Maker, mod file converter which can then be used with Windows Movie Maker or other video editing applications(including Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro) for Windows.<br />