Radiation Oncology offers
the TomoTherapy Hi-Art®
Treatment System to treat
complex prostate, head and
neck, lung, brain g...
The De-
partment of
Site Review
visit was
on May 19,
Jacqueline Tull, RN, Nurse
Radiation Oncology
Entrepreneur, student, beauty queen, mother, nurse—
Jacqueline Tull has been...
New Recruits
The Department of Radiation Oncol-
ogy welcomes Neil Taunk, t...
Clinical Radiation Oncology
• Molly Gabel, MD
Associate Professor and
Chief, Clinical Radiation Oncology
• Alan Cohler, MD...
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Radiation Oncology Beam


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Radiation Oncology Beam

  1. 1. Radiation Oncology offers the TomoTherapy Hi-Art® Treatment System to treat complex prostate, head and neck, lung, brain gynecologi- cal, bone and soft tissue can- cers. Using 3D imaging, the radia- tion oncologist establishes the precise contours of the tumor to be treated. The doc- tor then decides how much radiation the tumor should receive, as well as acceptable levels for surrounding struc- tures. The Hi·Art Treatment Sys- tem calculates the appropri- ate pattern, position and in- tensity of the radiation beam to be delivered, to match the doctor’s prescription as closely as possible. The Hi·Art system allows doctors to take a CT scan just before each treatment. This allows the doctor to verify the position of the tumor and, if necessary, adjust the pa- tient’s position to help make sure radiation is directed right where it should be. TomoTherapy delivers inten- sity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with a heli- cal delivery pattern to pro- vide precise, continuous ra- diation therapy from all an- gles around the patient. TomoTherapy treatments are completely painless. A typi- cal course of radiation ther- apy involves a daily process, Monday through Friday. The number of treatments vary by case. On average each daily treatment takes twenty min- utes. For more information please contact Shushma Patel, Di- rector, Radiation Oncology, at 732.253.3939. Volume 1, Issue 7 TomoTherapy moves into high gear June 2008 Important Dates JUN/JUL 2008 NIH—New applications Various Funding Opportunities Deadline: June 16 2008 http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/ submissionschedule.htm Hospital Time Studies Weeks of June 8—June 14 and June 15—June 21 Due: June 23 2008 Radiation Physics and Biology Board Exam July 9 –10 2008 Radiation Oncology Clinical Board Exam July 11 2008 Susan G. Komen—CCDR and PBT- DR Funding Opportunities Deadline: Pre-application June 19 2008; Full application July 31 2008 www.komen.org SAVE THE DATE 2008/2009 Grand Rounds Series and Radiation Oncology Open House (RWJUH G2) September 9 2008 ASTRO’s 50th Annual Meeting, Boston, MA September 21—25 2008 TomoTherapy 1 Resident’s Corner 2 Rad-Onc At Large 2 Snapshots 2 Meet the Players 3 Billing Bulletin 4 New Recruits 4 Gen Stores Process 4 Department Contacts 7 Inside this issue: Radiation Oncology Beam The Department of Radiation Oncology at UMDNJ - RWJMS and CINJ and RWJUH “Emitting particles of information that matter” Self-directed patient education module presented at national conference At the Oncology Nursing Society’s 33rd An- nual Congress this past May in Philadelphia,, Radiation Oncology’s Jayne Camporeale, RN, MSN, APN-C along with CINJ’s Leah Scara- muzzo, MSN, RN, C, AOCN presented a self directed learning module for dealing with pa- tient education time constraints. This patient education tool was developed by Jayne and Leah to assist patients undergoing radiation therapy. The self-learning module discusses radiation treatment in general, antici- pated side effects and roles of the health care team. Currently, the module is available only in English, but a Spanish-language version is under development. In addition, the module is being adapted for new surgical oncology pa- tients and for those entering CINJ’s survivor- ship program. In Radiation Oncology, the module is currently provided to each patient receiving radiation therapy. It is available in DVD format and can be viewed within the department and/or at the patient’s home. It has enabled improved pa- tient care by facilitating communication be- tween patients and their radiation therapy team. For more information please contact Jayne Camporeale at 732.253.3939.
  2. 2. The De- partment of Radiation Oncology’s Residency Site Review Committee visit was successfully completed on May 19, 2008. ACGME Field Staff conducting the review was Thomas Sumner, MD, Professor Emeritus of Radiology, Department of Radiology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. The half day program included meet- ings and interviews with the Program Director, Dr. Bruce Haffty, the Resi- dency Coordinator, Jo-Ella McClinnon, various faculty members, and the current complement of Radiation On- cology residents. Formal notification of the results of the site visit are expected after the upcoming RRC meeting in July 2008. Special recognition is due Jo-Ella McClinnon for a superb job of prepar- ing and organizing the site visit. Dr. Brett E. Lewis presented a poster entitled "Forward IMRT is Better Than Inverse IMRT for Tangents to the Intact Breast." at American Radium Society Meeting, Laguna Niguel, CA. Dr. Rahul Parikh presented a poster entitled “The use of a tissue expander to improve the therapeutic ratio of adjuvant radiotherapy for retroperito- neal sarcoma” at the 2008 World Congress of Brachytherapy held in Boston, Massachusetts. Residents will continue the current rotation schedule through July 4, 2008. The team format is as follows: Team A - Drs. Haffty & Gabel, Doro- thy Pierce, Matt Poppe Team B - Drs. Khan & Cohler, Jayne Camporeale, Brett Lewis Team C - Dr. Jabbour & Sabin Mot- wani; Dr. Kim & Parima Daroui Participations/Presentations: Bruce Haffty, MD American Board of Ra- diology Oral Examinations in Radiation Oncology. May 30—June 2, 2008 Jayne Camporeale, RN, MSN, APN-C and Leah Scaramuzzo, MSN, RN, C, AOCN. Oncology Nursing Society’s 33rd Annual Congress. Time Constraints to Educating Your Patients. A self-directed learning module. Philadelphia, PA. May 2008. Rahul Parikh, MD The use of a tissue expander to improve the therapeutic ratio of adjuvant radiotherapy for retroperitoneal sarcoma. 2008 World Congress of Brachy- therapy. Boston, Massachusetts. May 2008. Brett E. Lewis, MD Forward IMRT is Bet- ter Than Inverse IMRT for Tangents to the Intact Breast. American Radium Society Meeting, Laguna Niguel, CA. May 2008 SNAPSHOTS Excerpts of Excellence from the Rad Onc Team Devora Schiff completed an SAS course at Rutgers University and earned a grade of A-! Feel free to contact Devora at 5- 9649 if you need to run statistical analy- ses on your data. MILESTONES Radiation Oncology recognizes the following service anniversa- ries this month and thanks each individual for their dedication and team work: Satish Jaywant, Ph.D.—4 years Ning J. Yue, Ph.D.—2 years PAGE 2RADIATION ONCOLOGY BEAMVOLUME 1, ISSUE 7 Residents’ Corner Radiation Oncology At Large Applications: Bruce Haffty, M.D., PI. BCRF, Total $250,000. May 2008 Bing Xia, PhD, PI. NIH, Total $1,950,000. June 2008 Publications: Brett E. Lewis. On Equipoise and Emerging Technologies. Journal of Clini- cal Oncology, 2008. 26:2590. Haffty BG: Yang Q, Moran MS, Haffty BG.Bcl-2 expression predicts local relapse for early-stage breast cancer receiving conserving surgery and radiother- apy.Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2008 May 31. [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 18516673 [PubMed - as sup- plied by publisher] White JR, Halberg FE, Rabinovitch R, Green S, Haffty BG, Solin LJ, Strom EA, Taylor ME, Edge SB.American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria((R)) on Conservative Surgery and Radiation: Stages I and II Breast Carcinoma.J Am Coll Radiol. 2008 Jun;5(6):701-13.PMID: 18514949 [PubMed - in process] Yue N: Michalski D, Sontag M, Li F, de Andrade RS, Uslene I, Brandner ED, Heron DE, Yue N, Huq MS, "Four- dimensional computed tomography- based interfractional reproducibility study of lung tumor intrafractional motion", Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2008 Jul 1;71 (3):714-24.
  3. 3. Jacqueline Tull, RN, Nurse Radiation Oncology Entrepreneur, student, beauty queen, mother, nurse— Jacqueline Tull has been all of the above! Born and raised in St. James, Bar- b a d o s , Jackie Tull grew up in a typical West I n d i a n household. School and family al- ways came first, com- munity sec- ond, with s c h o o l ( a g a i n ) r o u n d i n g out the top three most important things in life. But that didn’t mean that one couldn’t have fun. And hav- ing fun was definitely part of this “people-person’s” agenda. As a young woman, Jackie participated in local beauty contests and represented Barbados at the Miss In- terisland Beauty Contest held on the island of St. Vincent. It was an opportunity for her to travel abroad to another Caribbean island. Jackie took first place at the beauty con- test that year and captured the title Miss Interisland for Barbados! Community service brought her to the United States while she was still in high school. Jackie was selected to partici- pate in a summer exchange program to tutor Chicago high school students in mathematics (or maths, as they say in Barbados). Her visit to the United States left quite an impression on Jackie. When she was offered the opportunity to join American Airlines at it’s global engineering and mainte- nance headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jackie jumped on it. Jackie loved Tulsa and spent 5 years with American Airlines. But the importance of serving her community was something that was always in the back of her mind. Returning to her West Indian grounding of school and fam- ily, community and school, Jackie transferred her col- lege credits to Middlesex County College and enrolled in the joint UMDNJ/Middlesex County College (MCC) Nursing program, became a registered nurse and passed the nursing boards in 1992. Along the way her daughter was born. After completing her RN, Jackie joined RWJUH in the Department of Orthopedics. She has worked in ortho- pedics, in the nursing float pool and as head nurse. Jackie was recently honored by RWJUH for 15 years of service with the hospital. She joined Radiation Oncol- ogy in 2007. Jacqueline also worked as a Hospice Nurse for two years. This involved her spending time with the terminally patient and their families; not only as the RN but also as the listener and the comforter. This enabled her to be present with these families as the patient made that journey to the other side. Jacqueline enjoyed her Hospice experience immensely. Amidst all of this, Jackie has continued to further her education. She is enrolled in the She is enrolled in Re- gis University’s BSN to MSN program. True to her up- bringing where community service was stressed, Jackie would like to pursue her interest to teach nursing stu- dents once she completes her MSN. In particular, Jackie believes that end of life care is not adequately addressed in our society and there is great opportunity for improv- ing the care, delivery of services and quality of service for those facing this issue. She believes that this is an area in which traditional nursing education falls short and where she can bring her experience and education together to improve nursing curriculums. Her busy life leaves very little time for Jackie to travel back home to Barbados often. However, she keeps in touch with her family there and keeps up to date with all the Bajan news. During her off-hours, Jackie is also a business-woman running an internet travel franchise. She is a referring travel agent for an on-line travel network which pro- vides travel booking services for travel agencies and home-based independent representatives in the United States, Bermuda, the Bahamas and Canada. Jackie books family vacations, cruises and the occasional life- time dream trip. For Jackie, a “people-person”, this is another great way to meet people. The residual income isn’t bad either! Jackie hopes to be able to book her own dream trip someday. But that will have to wait un- til this lifetime learner finishes her master’s degree. ~End. Meet the players PAGE 3RADIATION ONCOLOGY BEAMVOLUME 1, ISSUE 7 Radiation Oncology nurse Jacqueline Tull in action re- viewing a patient chart.
  4. 4. RADIATION ONCOLOGY BEAM PAGE 4VOLUME 1, ISSUE 7 New Recruits The Department of Radiation Oncol- ogy welcomes Neil Taunk, to Dr. Bruce Haffty’s lab and Camille Tay- lor to the Radiation Oncology Clinic. Neil Taunk is a Robert Wood John- son Medical School 2008 Summer Fellow. Neil is a second year student at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and has previously worked in neuroscience on spinal cord pattern- ing research. He will be working with molecular markers in breast tumors on tissue microarrays. The Summer Fellows will all present their research at the end of the sum- mer. Camille Taylor is a Radiation Therapist who brings with her 7 years of experience. Camille joins our department from Texas. Welcome to all! Billing Bulletin…… New Radiation Oncology en‐ counter  forms have been devel‐ oped by coders, Brenda Adell  and Terry Blekeski.      The new forms are to be used  for consults and  follow‐ups   only.  New End of Treatment  forms are currently in develop‐ ment and will be released soon.     Please make Brenda and Terry’s  lives easier by using the new  forms.  It will also make your  life easier…. trust me!  New UMDNJ                e‐Procurement Sys‐ tem for General  Stores Orders      1) Complete a simplified  electronic order form  (right)    2) E‐mail this completed  form to the budget offi‐ cers/business managers  for review and approval:  a. Joy London should  receive your request  form if the index # you assign on form is a number higher than 561499.  b. Michael Simms and Len Mayer should receive completed form for all other  index #s.  c. If rush order, call Joy/Mike/Len to alert them.     3) The budget officers/business managers will e‐mail the approved order form  to this mail box: Supply_Center@umdnj.edu     4) General Stores will process the order!    Contact Alan Binstein (binsteag@umdnj.edu) if you have any questions or  problems with the process. 
  5. 5. Clinical Radiation Oncology • Molly Gabel, MD Associate Professor and Chief, Clinical Radiation Oncology • Alan Cohler, MD Instructor • Salma Jabbour, MD Assistant Professor • Atif Khan, MD Assistant Professor • Sung Kim, MD Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Residency Training Program • Michael McKenna, MD Assistant Professor Residents • Sharad Goyal, MD Chief Resident PGY-5 • Brett Lewis, MD, PhD PGY-3 • Matthew Poppe, MD PGY-3 • Parima Daroui, MD, PhD PGY-2 • Sabin Motwani, MD PGY-2 Radiation Physics • Ning Jeff Yue, PhD Professor, Vice Chair and Chief, Radiation Physics • Satish Jaywant, PhD Associate Professor • Venkat Narra PhD Associate Professor THE DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY AT UMDNJ - RWJMS AND CINJ AND RWJUH Advance Practice Nurses • Jayne Camporeale, RN, MSN, APN • Dorothy Pierce, RN, MSN, APN Clinical Services at RWJUH • Shushma Patel, RTT Director • Jisseelle Nater Operations Manager • William Witherup Chief Therapist • Ann Marie Maisel Therapist • Susan Resavy Therapist • Mary Kazio Therapist • Krystin Greene Therapist • Melissa Mareth Therapist • Lillian Hosein Therapist • Carie Strauss Therapist • Kevin Finn Therapist • Camille Taylor Therapist • Scott Barnes Chief of Dosimetry • Rihan Davis Dosimetrist • Jacqueline Tull, RN Nurse • Theresa Singley, RN Nurse • Barbara Lee, RN Nurse • Brenda Adell Medical Coder • Terry Blekeski Senior Medical Coder • Shelly Muhannad Clerical Coordinator • Gladys Torres Medical Biller • Azalia Laguna Clerk • Melissa Morales Clerical • Tanya Sharpe Receptionist • Fatimah Ahmed Alfaraj Visiting Researcher Radiation Cancer Biology • Zhiyuan Shen, MD, PhD Associate Professor and Chief, Radiation Cancer Biology • Bing Xia, PhD Assistant Professor • Jingmei Liu, Research Teaching Specialist I • Huimei Lu Research Teaching Specialist III • Jingyin Yue Graduate Student • Jinjiang Fan Graduate Student • Yi-Yuan Huang Graduate Student • Devora S. Schiff Research Teaching Specialist III • Jianglin Ma Post Doctoral Fellow • Cosimo Antonacci Post Doctoral Fellow • Hong Cai Research Teaching Specialist IV • Yanying Huo Post Doctoral Fellow • Neil Taunk Summer Fellow Academic Administration at RWJMS and CINJ • Sharda Kohli, MBA Clinical Department Administrator • Jo-Ella McClinnon Management Assistant • Odalis Sanchez Secretary I • Rosa Schweighardt Secretary II • Rhonda Lyles Secretary II • Charmi Patel Student Assistant Bruce G. Haffty MD Professor and Chair RADIATION ONCOLOGY BEAMVOLUME 1, ISSUE 7 Contact Us On the web at: http://www2.umdnj.edu/raoncweb/index.htm Admin/Research/Education at CINJ: Department of Radiation Oncology The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Room 2038 195 Little Albany Street New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Phone: 732-235-6181 Clinical Services at RWJUH: Department of Radiation Oncology G2 Level One Robert Wood Johnson Place New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Phone: 732-253-3939 PAGE 5