Providing care in a variety of oncology or hospice and ...


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Providing care in a variety of oncology or hospice and ...

  1. 1. FPB offers a selection of more than a dozen exciting MSN majors and subspecialties. Choose one or make yourself even more marketable to employers by designing your own program. For details, call us or visit us at Providing care in a variety of oncology or hospice and palliative care settings Expert Care and Symptom Management Advanced practice adult oncology/palliative care nurses provide expert care to patients undergoing cancer treatment and those focusing on the management of complex symptoms. These advanced practice nurses care for both inpatients and outpatients, within hospitals and clinics as well as via hospice and palliative care programs. Diverse Paths to a Promising Career Students may select either nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist tracks. Graduates will be eligible for the adult NP certification and/or oncology NP certification, oncology clinical nurse specialist certification, or certification in palliative care, assuming other examination and practice requirements are met. Course Format That Fits Your Schedule The program can be done on either a full-time or part- time basis. One year of oncology or medical-surgical nursing experience is required. The major requires 40-41 credit hours of coursework, plus about 500 hours of clinicals. The coursework is usually completed within 24 months (four semesters) for full-time students, but it can be done on a part-time basis as well. See the back of this sheet for the full curriculum. Post-master’s certificates can be provided, crafted according to individual needs and background education. Learn More Dr. Barbara J. Daly, Oliva Professor of Oncology Phone: 216.368.5994 Email: Web: Phone: 216.368.2529 Email: ADVANCE TO YOUR IDEAL CAREER IN JUST FOUR SEMESTERS MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Advanced Practice Adult Oncology/Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University 10900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106-4904
  2. 2. ADVANCED PRACTICE ADULT ONCOLOGY/PALLIATIVE CARE NP CURRICULUM Fall Semester I Classes Course Title Hours NURS 453 Physiologic Foundations of Advanced Practice 4 NURS 459 Assessment for Advanced Practice 3 NURS 460A Theoretical Basis for Individual Counseling (Elective) 1 NURS 443A Collaboration and Consultation 1 NURS 443B Professionalism in Advanced Practice: Role Development 1 NURS 443C Professionalism in Advanced Practice: Teaching and Learning 1 Total 10-11 Spring Semester I Classes Course Title Hours NURS 405 Inquiry I: Theoretical Foundations 3 NUNP 419 Adult and Older Adult Clinical Management 5 NURS 430 Pharmacology and Therapeutics 3 Total 11 Fall Semester II Classes Course Title Hours NUNP 431 Advanced Oncology Nursing 4 NUNP 421 Symptom Management I 1 NURS 425 Inquiry II: The Research Process 3 NURS 444A Health Care Delivery, Legal & Ethical Issues in Advanced Practice: Ethical Issues 1 NURS 444B Health Care Delivery, Legal & Ethical Issues in Advanced Practice: Finance 1 NURS 444C Health Care Delivery, Legal & Ethical Issues in Advanced Practice: Policy & Legal 1 Total 11 Spring Semester II Classes Course Title Hours NURS 502 Inquiry III: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 2 NURS 503 Inquiry Practicum 1 NUNP 441 Advanced Practice in Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing 4 NUNP 422 Symptom Management II 1 Total 8 Accumulated Total Hours 40-41 NOTE: The above curriculum is full-time; part-time plans are also available. The Advanced Practice Core courses are co-requisites or pre-requisites for the clinical nursing courses. Clinical nursing courses must be taken in the semester and sequence listed above. Clinical course availability is based upon enrollment.