More than a Band-Aid:


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More than a Band-Aid:

  1. 1. More than a Band-Aid:More than a Band-Aid: A Cure for the HealthcareA Cure for the Healthcare WorkforceWorkforce Connecting Classrooms to Careers Charleston County School District School-to-Careers
  2. 2. Our demographicsOur demographics  Charleston County currently has:Charleston County currently has:  42 elementary schools42 elementary schools  13 middle schools13 middle schools  8 high schools8 high schools  12 magnet schools12 magnet schools  4 charter schools4 charter schools  9 other programs (IB, etc)9 other programs (IB, etc)  = about 46, 000 students!= about 46, 000 students!
  3. 3. School-to-Careers (STC)School-to-Careers (STC) •Objective: Meet the requirements of the SC School- to-Work Transition Act (1994) by providing work-based learning opportunities for all students. •Major components: Job Shadowing, Internships, Service Learning, Mentoring STC is a district initiative with age appropriate activities for all levels.
  4. 4. Our staffOur staff  Eight High School Facilitators  Five Middle School Career Counselors/STC Facilitators  One Health Science School-to-Careers Facilitator  One Team Associate  One Data Evaluator for the District
  5. 5. Why focus on Healthcare?Why focus on Healthcare? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts thatThe US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that::  More than 1 million new and replacement nursesMore than 1 million new and replacement nurses will be needed by 2012.will be needed by 2012.  Six of the 10 fastest growing occupationsSix of the 10 fastest growing occupations between 2002-2012 are in the healthcare field.between 2002-2012 are in the healthcare field. These include medical assistants, physiciansThese include medical assistants, physicians assistants, home health aides, medical recordsassistants, home health aides, medical records and health information technicians, physicaland health information technicians, physical therapist aides and physical therapist assistants.therapist aides and physical therapist assistants. In addition, 75% of all hospital vacancies today areIn addition, 75% of all hospital vacancies today are for nurses!for nurses!
  6. 6. Job ShadowingJob Shadowing  Medical University of South CarolinaMedical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Groundhog Job Shadow Day(MUSC) Groundhog Job Shadow Day  Regular shadowing opportunities withRegular shadowing opportunities with private practices/Healthcare organizationsprivate practices/Healthcare organizations  Roper St. Francis HealthcareRoper St. Francis Healthcare  Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical CenterRalph H. Johnson VA Medical Center  Burke and St. John’s High SchoolsBurke and St. John’s High Schools partnership/Monthly Job Shadow Dayspartnership/Monthly Job Shadow Days
  7. 7. Future nurses at the VA HospitalFuture nurses at the VA Hospital
  8. 8. Career MentoringCareer Mentoring  Nurse MentoringNurse Mentoring Program with aProgram with a local chapter of alocal chapter of a National NursingNational Nursing SororitySorority  MUSC CareerMUSC Career Mentoring ProgramMentoring Program (variety of careers)(variety of careers)
  9. 9. The kickoff luncheon!The kickoff luncheon!
  10. 10. InternshipsInternships  South Carolina AquariumSouth Carolina Aquarium  InternsInterns • Paid internships – over $6.00/hrPaid internships – over $6.00/hr • Formal Interview processFormal Interview process • Effort to promote careers in scienceEffort to promote careers in science  Roper St. Francis HealthcareRoper St. Francis Healthcare  Patient TransportersPatient Transporters • Paid internships – over $6.00/hr.Paid internships – over $6.00/hr. • Complete Interview ProcessComplete Interview Process • Formal reviews with Facilitator and SupervisorFormal reviews with Facilitator and Supervisor • CTE Work-Based CreditCTE Work-Based Credit
  11. 11. Service LearningService Learning  Health Occupations classes: LowcountryHealth Occupations classes: Lowcountry Foodbank, VA Medical CenterFoodbank, VA Medical Center  Culinary Arts classes: Ronald McDonaldCulinary Arts classes: Ronald McDonald HouseHouse  Service Learning Summer InstituteService Learning Summer Institute  The Hope Lodge- various schoolsThe Hope Lodge- various schools
  12. 12. Health Occupations II volunteers:Health Occupations II volunteers: Meeting curriculum standardsMeeting curriculum standards
  13. 13. Health Science ServiceHealth Science Service Learning Summer InstituteLearning Summer Institute The Ronald McDonald HouseThe Ronald McDonald House Therapy Dogs IncorporatedTherapy Dogs Incorporated TeenLineTeenLine VA Medical CenterVA Medical Center The Hope Lodge, American CancerThe Hope Lodge, American Cancer SocietySociety
  14. 14.  ““I feel moreI feel more confident in myconfident in my own abilities. Thisown abilities. This institute boostedinstitute boosted my self-esteemmy self-esteem and gave me aand gave me a chance to showchance to show compassion forcompassion for others while I wasothers while I was volunteering.”volunteering.” What students said:What students said:
  15. 15. “I wish I had started volunteering earlier in life.”
  16. 16. “This experience opened my eyes to a whole new healthcare occupation!”
  17. 17. The Therapy Dogs: VolunteeringThe Therapy Dogs: Volunteering made possible inmade possible in manymany waysways
  18. 18. Nursing Your CareerNursing Your Career  Second annual summer nursing campSecond annual summer nursing camp sponsored by MUSC and School-to-sponsored by MUSC and School-to- CareersCareers  Nursing skills labNursing skills lab  ShadowingShadowing  CPR certificationCPR certification  Guest speakers from nursing communityGuest speakers from nursing community  Stethoscope ceremonyStethoscope ceremony
  19. 19. Shadowing AreasShadowing Areas •Endoscopy •Emergency Medicine •Children’s Hospital •Labor and Delivery •Oncology •Postpartum •PACU •General Medicine •CT ICU •CCU
  20. 20. From a business perspective…From a business perspective… the challenges andthe challenges and the rewardsthe rewards  Pat Aysse, RN, Nurse ManagerPat Aysse, RN, Nurse Manager  Yvonne Martin, RN, Nurse ManagerYvonne Martin, RN, Nurse Manager MUSCMUSC
  21. 21.  ““I learned the ABC’sI learned the ABC’s of CPR and I alsoof CPR and I also learned how to checklearned how to check blood pressure andblood pressure and how to change a bedhow to change a bed with someone in it…with someone in it… This camp shouldThis camp should continue everycontinue every summer and make itsummer and make it longer!”longer!” What the students saidWhat the students said::
  22. 22.  ““The things I’veThe things I’ve learned at this camplearned at this camp are useful in the worldare useful in the world of work because theyof work because they teach me goodteach me good communication skillscommunication skills and what reallyand what really happens in the realhappens in the real world and not on tv.”world and not on tv.”
  23. 23.  ““The activity that IThe activity that I enjoyed the most wasenjoyed the most was the opportunity tothe opportunity to take part in the Skillstake part in the Skills Lab in the College ofLab in the College of Nursing.”Nursing.”
  24. 24. Stethoscope CeremonyStethoscope Ceremony
  25. 25. Other opportunitiesOther opportunities  ““What I Want to Be Day”What I Want to Be Day”  Service Learning Projects between highService Learning Projects between high schools and middle schoolsschools and middle schools  The Hope LodgeThe Hope Lodge  Worksite tours, guest speakersWorksite tours, guest speakers
  26. 26. School-to-CareersSchool-to-Careers Careers by choice,Careers by choice, not by chance!not by chance! Visit our website atVisit our website at