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List of Library Resources.doc

  1. 1. 2008 AACR/ASCO WORKSHOP 2008 LIBRARY RESOURCES Title: AACR Educational Book Copyright: 2008, AACR Title: ASCO Educational Book Copyright: 2008, ASCO Title: ASCO-SEP: Medical Oncology Self-Evaluation Program Editor(s): Moore, Appelbaum, Loprinzi, and Ruggiero Copyright: 2007, ASCO Title: Biologic Therapy of Cancer – 2nd Edition Author(s): DeVita, Jr., Hellman, and Rosenberg Copyright: 1995, J.B. Lippincott Co. Title: Cancer Chemotherapy and Biotherapy – Principles and Practice – 3rd Edition Author(s): Chabner and Longo Copyright: 2001, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Title: Cancer Prevention and Control Editor(s): Greenwald, Kramer, and Weed Copyright: 1995, Marcel Dekker, Inc. Title: Cancer Medicine 7 Editor(s): Kufe, Bast Jr., Hait, Hong, Pollock, Weichselbaum, Holland, and Frei ΙΙΙ Copyright: 2006, BC Decker Inc. Title: Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology – 7th Edition Author(s): DeVita, Jr., Hellman, and Rosenberg Copyright: 2005, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Title: Cancer Treatment – Fifth Edition Author(s): Charles M. Haskell, M.D., FACP Copyright: 2001, W.B. Saunders Company Title: The Cartoon Guide to Genetics Author(s): Larry Gonick & Mark Wheelis Copyright: 1991, HarperCollins Publishers Title: The Cartoon Guide to Statistics Author(s): Larry Gonick & Mark Wheelis Copyright: 1994, HarperCollins Publishers Title: Clinical Radiation Oncology Author(s): Gunderson and Tepper Copyright: 2000, Churchill Livingstone
  2. 2. 2008 AACR/ASCO WORKSHOP Title: Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective – 2nd Edition Author(s): Piantadosi Copyright: 2005, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Title: Clinical Trials in Oncology – 2nd Edition Author(s): Green, Bennedetti, and Crowley Copyright: 2003, Chapman & Hall/CRC Title: Common Toxicity Criteria-CTCAE – Version 3.0 Author(s): National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute Copyright: December 2003 Title: The Cytokine Handbook – 4th Edition Editor(s): Thomson and Lotze Copyright: 2003, Elsevier Science Ltd. Title: Cytokines in the Genesis and Treatment of Cancer (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development) Editor(s): Caligiuri and Lotze Copyright: 2007, Humana Press Title: Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials: A Practical Perspective Author(s): Ellenberg, Fleming, and DeMets Copyright: 2003, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Title: Fraud and Misconduct in Medical Research Editor(s): Lock and Wells Copyright: 1993, BMJ Publishing Group Title: Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology Editor(s): Crowley Copyright: 2001, Marcel Decker Inc. Title: Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty – 2nd Edition Editor(s): Bonetta Copyright: 2006, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Burroughs Wellcome Fund Title: Manual of Cancer Medicine Editor(s): Brown, Rini, Connell, Posner Copyright: 2005, BC Decker, Inc. Title: Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires – 3rd Edition Author(s): McDowell Copyright: 2006, Oxford University Press, Inc.
  3. 3. 2008 AACR/ASCO WORKSHOP Title: Measuring Immunity: Basic Science and Clinical Practice Editor(s): Lotze and Thomson Copyright: 2005, Elsevier Science Ltd. Title: Outcome Assessment in Cancer: Measures, Methods, and Applications Editor(s): Lipscomb, Gotay, and Snyder Copyright: 2005, Cambridge University Press Title: Practical Statistics for Medical Research Author(s): Altman Copyright: 1997, Chapman and Hall/CRC Title: Principles of Antineoplastic Drug Development and Pharmacology Editor(s): Schilsky, Milano, and Ratain Copyright: 1996, Marcel Dekker, Inc. Title: Principles and Practice of Pediatric Oncology – 5th Edition Author(s): Pizzo and Poplack Copyright: 2006, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Title: Proceedings, 2008 AACR Annual Meeting Copyright: 2008, AACR Title: Proceedings, 2008 ASCO Annual Meeting Copyright: 2008, ASCO Title: Quality of Life Assessment in Clinical Trials – Methods and Practice Author(s): Staquet, Hays, and Fayers Copyright: 1998, Oxford University Press Title: Recommendations for the Development of Informed Consent Documents for Cancer Clinical Trials Author(s): The Group on Informed Consent in Clinical Trials for the National Cancer Institute Copyright: August 1998 Title: “Statistics in Cancer Clinical Trials” Editor(s): Anderson and Propert Copyright: May 1989, Advances in Oncology (2 copies) Title: Stedman’s Medical Dictionary – 27th Edition Editor(s): Stedman Copyright: 2000, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  4. 4. 2008 AACR/ASCO WORKSHOP SOFTWARE: End Note Logmeout Windows XP Office 2000 NQuery Latest version of Virus Software Internet Explorer 6.0 Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 Web Links: ─ Simon’s Two-Stage Phase II Design Software (PII87.EXE) ─ 2.7.1-win32.exe ─ yDesign/index2.htm, ─ ─ nload ─ .cfm ─ ng/simplification-of-informed-consent-docs/page3 Links for full text access to: ASCO Journal of Clinical Oncology Login: vail2008 Password: methods AACR Journals Login: aacrjournals Password: aacrasco For access to the full text of publications in the PubMed database, please ask for assistance from the staff in the Computer Resource Room. CONFERENCE SECRETARIATS: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR CANCER RESEARCH 615 Chestnut Street ● 17th Floor ● Philadelphia, PA 19106 Telephone: (215) 440-9300 • Fax: (215) 440-9372 • Website: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY 2318 Mill Road ● Suite 800 ● Alexandria, VA 22314 Telephone: (571) 483-1300 • Fax: (703) 299-1044 • Website: