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July 2009


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July 2009

  1. 1. ***NEWS*** CCRC Library Catalogue The CCRC's library catalogue is now available online and can be accessed via our website: The catalogue contains over 200 books on a range of subjects including patient experiences/biographies, involvement, cancer nursing, research, palliative care, symptoms, treatment, and books for children about cancer. Cancer Care Research Centre Current Awareness Bulletin July 2009 *CCRC Staff News Health minister Lord Darzi quits Death toll from common cancers at new low Common cancer deaths 'falling' Third of breast cancer 'harmless' Brain tumour research funding attacked Cameron: Patients should store health records with Google or Microsoft microsoft The Political Slot Monday 13 Jul 09, 19:55 (5 mins) Channel 4
  2. 2. Current Affairs Lucy Powell, prospective Labour candidate for Manchester Withington, visits the Christie Cancer Hospital, which is at the centre of a huge local campaign to get back over 6.5 million pounds of charity money lost to the Icelandic bank collapse NHS One third of patients encounter problems with NHS Patients fear being labelled ‘difficult’ Cancer Care £1m ‘one-stop shop’ boosts cancer care Eurocancercoms Thomas, B.; Groff, S.; Tsang, K.; Carlson, L. (2009) Patient ethnicity: a key predictor of cancer care satisfaction. Ethnicity and Health 14 (4):351-358. The, L. (2009) UK falling behind on cancer care. Lancet 374 (9683):2. Cook,C.; Towler,L. (2009) Quicker cancer care: reshaping patient pathways. Nursing Management 16 (4):20-23. Goss, E.; Lopez, A.M.; Brown, C.L.; Wollins, D.S.; Brawley, O.W.; Raghavan, D. (2009) American Society of Clinical Oncology Policy Statement: Disparities in Cancer Care. Journal of Clinical Oncology 27 (17):2881-2885. Anon. (2009) Social care's role with cancer patients. Community Care 776: 26-27. Ferris, F.D.; Bruera, E.; Cherny, N.; Cummings, C.; Currow, D.; Dudgeon, D.; JanJan, N.; Strasser, F.; von Gunten, C.F.; Von Roenn, J.H.Palliative Cancer Care a Decade Later: Accomplishments, the Need, Next Steps -From the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Journal of Clinical Oncology 27 (18):3052-3058. Experiences
  3. 3. *Hubbard,G.; *Forbat,L.; *Illingworth,N.; *McCann,L.; *Cayless,S.; *Kidd,L.; *Wengström,Y.; *Kearney,N. (2009) Abstracts of the IPOS 11th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology-Individual Lectures-IL 1.1.2. Disrupted lives and threats to identity: The experiences of people with cancer within the first year following diagnosis. Psycho-Oncology 18 (Suppl. 2):S35. 'I saw the fear in his eyes'. When Kirsty Wark lost her father to lung cancer, she was moved to become a patron of Maggie's - an inspirational charity which offers a haven in the weeks after a critical diagnosis. sharleen-spiteri-cancer Breast cancer: the dying days . As her mother succumbed to cancer, the young Jane Rusbridge found it impossible to face up to the truth . Black,N. and Jenkinson,C (2009) Measuring patients’ experiences and outcomes. BMJ 339: b2495. doi: 10.1136/bmj.b2495. van Weert JC, Jansen J, de Bruijn GJ, Noordman J, van Dulmen S, Bensing JM (2009) QUOTE(chemo): A patient-centred instrument to measure quality of communication preceding chemotherapy treatment through the patient's eyes. European Journal of Cancer. [Epub ahead of print] My Breasts Could Kill Me Monday 13 Jul 09, 23:00 (60 mins) Sky One Mix Documentary Two-part documentary in which Dawn Porter takes a personal look at breast cancer, a disease that claims the lives of almost 12,000 women in Britain each year. Porter's mother and great-grandmother died from breast cancer while they were young, and her family history prompts Dawn to undergo tests to find out whether she is genetically predisposed to developing it. She also meets a number of women, and men, whose lives have been changed by the disease Farrah's Story Friday 17 Jul 09, 19:30 (90 mins) Channel 4 Documentary Intimate documentary chronicling the final two years of Charlie's Angels star Farrah Fawcett's life, filmed by the actress herself and her family and friends. The film documents her time spent in both Los Angeles and Germany, where she decided to undergo stem cell treatment to help her fight against the cancer that ultimately claimed her life George Melly's Last Stand Monday 13 Jul 09, 00:00 (60 mins) BBC4 Documentary
  4. 4. Moving, unexpectedly funny and completely frank documentary about the last months of the larger-than-life jazz singer and writer George Melly. Diagnosed with vascular dementia and lung cancer, George is determined to keep on entertaining to the very end. Cared for by Diana, his wife of 44 years, he prepares for a new set of concerts with a finale at the 100 Club, the venue where he launched his career 60 years earlier Cancer death inspires family to quit smoking Better Together: Scotland's Patient Experience Programme: Patient Priorities for Inpatient Care Report No. 5/2009 Fitch,M.I.; Armstrong,J.; Tsang,S. (2009) Patients' experiences with cognitive changes after chemotherapy. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal 18 (4):180-92. One in 8 Million: The Medical Tourist Mary Elizabeth O’Donnell-Moore has lived in Manhattan during her treatment for a rare cancer. th&emc=th#/mary_elizabeth_odonnellmoore Campbell, H. S.; Sanson-Fisher, R.; Taylor-Brown, J.; Hayward, L.; Wang, X. S.; Turner, D. (2009) The cancer Support Persons Unmet Needs Survey. Cancer 115 (14):3351-3359. Payout for asbestos cancer case Cornwell,J. (2009) Exploring how to improve patients' experience in hospitals at both National and local levels. Nursing Times 105 (26):12-15. Anon (2009) How are we doing? Nurses are seeking patients' opinions on the care they receive. Nursing Standard 23 (43):24-25. Radio 4-Thursday 16 July Inside the Ethics Committee, 9.00-9.45am, repeated 9.00-9.30pm 1/4. Hospital phobias. Joan Bakewell and a panel of experts debate a real-life case of a young man diagnosed with kidney cancer, but who cancels his hospital appointments because he’s terrified of going under anaesthetic. Cancer patient in £2.5m lotto win Reeve,G.; Mackay-Thomas,S.A (2009) patient's journey: The invisible worm: ovarian cancer It took nine months for Gill Reeve's GP practice to diagnose
  5. 5. her symptoms as ovarian cancer. She wants to know why it took so long. British Medical Journal 7709:1498-1499. Hartson resumes cancer treatment Hartson told cancer also in lungs. Former Wales, Arsenal and Celtic striker John Hartson has had emergency surgery on his brain after being diagnosed with cancer. Cancer delays Beastie Boys album Twin sisters: Varied cancer treatment 'They took out 95% of my tumour' Involvement *Kidd,L.; *Hubbard,G.; O’Carroll,R.; *Kearney,N. (2008) Perceived control and involvement in self care in patients with colorectal cancer. Journal of Clinical Nursing 18 (16):2292-2300. On 2 June 2009, the National Association for Patient Participation and the NHS Alliance launched a national campaign called Growing Patient Participation. They have produced a collection of essays that celebrate the importance of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in general practice - Growing patient participation - promoting quality and responsiveness in general practice, a leaflet Growing patient participation - 21 ways to help your practice thrive and Getting started - a step-by-step guide for PCTs to setting up a Patient participation Group in general practice. For more information and copies of the documents go to The NHS Centre for Involvement newsletter, Issue 18, July 2009 Philip, J.; Gold, M.; Schwarz, M.; Komesaroff, P. (2009) Patients' views on decision making in advanced cancer. Palliative and Supportive Care 7 (2):181-186. Olsson,L.E.; Hansson,E.; Ekman,I.; Karlsson,J. (2009) A cost-effectiveness study of a patient-centred integrated care pathway. Journal of Advanced Nursing 65 (8):1625-1635.
  6. 6. Hampton, G. (2009) Narrative policy analysis and the integration of public involvement in decision making. Policy Sciences 42 (3):227-242. Gallagher, A.; Horton, K.; Tschudin, V. (2009) Exploring the views of patients with cancer on what makes a good nurse : a pilot study. Nursing Times 105 (23):24-7. Rellon, L. (2009) Rules of engagement : reaching out to communities. Nursing Management. 16 (3)18-21. Palliative/End of Life Care Aubry,R. (2009) When does palliative care begin and who decides? Revue Du Pratcien 59 (6):774-775. Assisted suicide: A Christian argument The greatest gift we have is the ability to make moral decisions for ourselves, including the decision to help end suffering, says John Cartwright christianity-religion End of life care strategy: First annual report Suicide couple reignite debate MS woman wins right-to-die fight Victory for Debbie Purdy after historic ruling in right-to-die legal battle judgement Debbie Purdy will get the clarity she needs suicide Palliative care and suicide not linked Higginson,I.J. and Foley,K.M. (2009) Palliative Care: No Longer a Luxury But a Necessity? Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 38 (1):1-3. Jocham, H. R.; Dassen, T.; Widdershoven, G.; Halfens, R. Reliability and validity of the EORTC QLQ-C30 in palliative care cancer patients. Central European Journal of Medicine 4 (3):348-357. Koffman, J.; Morgan, M.; Edmonds, P.; Speck, P.; Higginson, I.J.
  7. 7. Vulnerability in palliative care research: findings from a qualitative study of black Caribbean and white British patients with advanced cancer. Journal of Medical Ethics 35 (7):440-444. Assisted suicide: I watched as my parents faced their dignified, peaceful death – together. When the conductor Sir Edward Downes and his terminally ill wife Joan decided to end their lives, their daughter Boudicca was one of the first to be told. She tells why she supported them and describes their last moments at the Dignitas clinic in Zurich. edward-downes Assisted suicide: What I think about Sir Edward Downes' decision to 'die with dignity'. The great conductor's decision to end his life in Zurich with Dignitas still doesn't make me think assisted suicide is right, says Alexander Chancellor. edward-downes Pooler,J. (2009) Patients need to be provided with real choice in end-of-life care. Nursing Times 105 (25):11-11. Nissim, R.; Gagliese, L.; Rodin, G. (2009) The desire for hastened death in individuals with advanced cancer: A longitudinal qualitative study. Social Science and Medicine 69 (2):165-171. Selman,L.E.; Beattie,J.M.; Murtagh,F.E.; Higginson,I.J. (2009) Palliative care: Based on neither diagnosis nor prognosis, but patient and family need. Commentary on Chattoo and Atkin. Social Science and Medicine 69 (2):154-157. Gourdji,I.; McVey,L.; Purden,M.A. (2009) Quality End of Life from a Palliative Care Patient's Perspective. Journal of Palliative Care 25 (1):40-50. De Jong,J.D.; Clarke,L.E. (2009) What Is a Good Death? Stories from Palliative Care. Journal of Palliative Care 25 (1):61-67. Monroe,B. (2009) Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care. Journal of Palliative Care 25 (1):77. Sand,A.M.; Harris,J.; Rosland,J.H. (2009) Living with Advanced Cancer and Short Life Expectancy: Patients' experiences with managing medication. Journal of Palliative Care 25 (1):85-91. Pinkowish,M.D. (2009) End-of-Life Care: Communication and a Stable Patient-Physician Relationship Lead to Better Decisions. CA Cancer Journal for Clinicians 59 (40):217-219. Assisted suicide: Lords to vote on right to die issue
  8. 8. Upper house could amend law on relatives accompanying a family member to countries where suicide is legal suicide Lords reject assisted dying law Communication Case Notes Wednesday 22 Jul 09, 16:30 (30 mins) BBC Radio 4 Dr Mark Porter explores how to improve communication between the medical profession and patients. He joins cancer specialist Dr Pauline Leonard as she runs a course for other cancer doctors to train them in how to give bad news in a more caring way. He finds out if doing role plays with actors can really change senior specialists' approaches to patients Risk, Prevention, Screening and Health Behaviour Binge-tanning Scots 'use chip fat' to fry Pinkowish,M.D. (2009) Promoting Colorectal Cancer Screening: Which Interventions Work? CA Cancer Journal for Clinicians 59 (4):215-217. Key,T.J.; Appleby, P.N.; Spencer,E.A.; Travis,R.C.; Allen,N.E.; Thorogood,M.; Mann,J.I. (2009) Cancer incidence in British vegetarians. Social Science and Medicine 69 (2). Ornish, D. (2009) Intensive lifestyle changes and health reform. Lancet Oncology 10 (7):638-639. Kearins, O.; Walton, J.; O Sullivan, E.; Lawrence, G. (2009) Invitation management initiative to improve uptake of breast cancer screening in an urban UK Primary Care Trust. Journal of Medical Screening 16 (2):81-84. Waters, E.A.; Sullivan, H.W.; Nelson,W.; Hesse,B.W. (2009) What Is My Cancer Risk? How Internet-Based Cancer Risk Assessment Tools Communicate Individualized Risk Estimates to the Public: Content Analysis Journal of Medical Internet Research 11(3):e33 Rogers, L. Q.; Malone, J.; Rao, K.; Courneya, K. S.; Fogleman, A.; Tippey, A.; Markwell, S. J.; Robbins, K. T. (2009) Exercise preferences among patients with head and neck cancer: Prevalence and associations with quality of life, symptom severity, depression, and rural residence. Head and Neck 31 (8): 994-1005.
  9. 9. Ovary Removal Linked to Increased Lung Cancer Risk emc=tnt&tntemail1=y Calories in iced coffees increase risk of cancer, experts find frappuccino Taskila, T.; Wilson, S.; Damery, S.; Roalfe, A.; Redman, V.; Ismail, T.; Hobbs, R. (2009) Factors affecting attitudes toward colorectal cancer screening in the primary care population. British Journal of Cancer 101 (2):250-255. 'No doubt' sunbeds cause cancer Fewer 'planning to quit smoking' ‘No evidence’ to support smear tests for all under 25 LETTERS. Cancer Screening: Will It Hurt? _r=1&emc=tnt&tntemail1=y Key, T. J.; Appleby, P. N.; Spencer, E. A.; Travis, R. C.; Allen, N. E.; Thorogood, M.; Mann, J. I. (2009) Cancer incidence in British vegetarians. British Journal of Cancer 101 (1):192-197. Bad teeth could be a health warning ld_be_a_health_warning.php In Push for Cancer Screening, Limited Benefits Study Cites Hormones as Cancer Risk _r=1&emc=tnt&tntemail1=y 'Growing worry' on sunbed salons Genetic clue to brain cancer risk Breast cancer risk lower in migraine sufferers
  10. 10. Mole check offer sparks concern Heath,I. (2009) It is not wrong to say no to breast screening. British Medical Journal 7710:1534. Beckford-Ball, J. (2009) Editorial Stiff upper lip is driving male cancer rates. British Journal of Nursing 18 (12):713. Mole genes can double the risk of skin cancer The Claim: Sunscreens Can Increase the Risk of Melanoma _r=1&emc=tnt&tntemail1=y ‘Shockingly poor’ standards put sunbed users at risk Treatment, Symptom Improvement, and Telehealth Amgen Cites Benefits of Osteoporosis Drug _r=1&emc=tnt&tntemail1=y Secret wait for cancer patients Loiselle, C.; Rockhill, J. (2009) Radiation, chemotherapy, and symptom management in cancer-related cognitive dysfunction. Current Pain and Headache Reports 13 (4):271-276. Ho, K.F.; Farnell, D.J.J.; Routledge, J.A.; Burns, M.P.; Sykes, A.J.; Slevin, N.J.; Davidson, S.E. (2009) Developing a CTCAEs patient questionnaire for late toxicity after head and neck radiotherapy. European Journal of Cancer 45 (11):1992-1998. Anon. (2009) Febrile neutropenia Recommendations on preventing and managing the complications of chemotherapy. Cancer Nursing Practice 8 (6):22-28. Reid, J.; McKenna, H.; Fitzsimons, D.; McCance, T. (2009) Fighting Over Food: Patient and Family Understanding of Cancer Cachexia. Oncology Nursing Forum 36 (4):439-445. Herceptin discovery may lead to new treatment
  11. 11. Chan, C.W.H.; Chair, S.Y.; Chui, Y.Y. End of Life Experience of Symptom Cluster and Their Management in Hong Kong Chinese Patients with Lung Cancer Who Receive Palliative Radiotherapy. Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer 12 (5):361-368. Harrison, J. D.; Young, J. M.; Price, M. A.; Butow, P. N.; Solomon, M. J. What are the unmet supportive care needs of people with cancer? A systematic review. Supportive Care In Cancer 17 (8):1117-1128. Newlon, C.M.; Hu, C.-C.A.; Stratton, R.M.; McDaniel, A.M.Design of a Web- Based Symptom Management Intervention for Cancer Patients. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5619:775-784. Gourin, C.G.; Conger, B.T.; Sheils, W.C.; Bilodeau, P.A.; Coleman, T.A.; Porubsky, E.S.The Effect of Treatment on Survival in Patients with Advanced Laryngeal Carcinoma. Laryngoscope 119 (7):1312-1317. Thalidomide lung cancer 'failure' CyberKnife gives fresh hope in fight against pancreatic cancer Texas town's healthcare conundrum. In the country that reveres the free market, competition is supposed to drive quality up and costs down. But not in healthcare - and not in McAllen, Texas. In Health Reform, a Cancer Offers an Acid Test (USA) _r=1&th&emc=th Dahm, P.; Rosser, C. J.; McKiernan, J. M. (2009) Quality of care for testis cancer. Urologic Oncology 27 (4):448-453. Potent cancer drug hopes raised LETTERS-Prostate Cancer and Health Care Reform emc=tnt&tntemail1=y Considering Longer Chemotherapy Lewis RA, Neal RD, Hendry M, France B, Williams NH, Russell D, Hughes DA, Russell I, Stuart NS, Weller D, Wilkinson C. (2009) Patients' and
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  15. 15. Documentary set inside the specialised cancer ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, where teenage patients undergo treatment in the hope of overcoming their illness. The film covers the stories of 18-year-old Rebecca, who has just been diagnosed, 24-year-old Adam whose cancer has returned three times in nine years, and 16-year-old Alex, who is facing a life- changing operation. Tucker, D. (2009) Young Adults' Opinions about Hospice and Home Death. Journal of Palliative Medicine 12 (4):337-342. Schaefer-Schiumo, K.; Atwood, J. Kristin's Journey Through Breast Cancer: A Social Constructionist Perspective. American Journal of FamilyTherapy 37 (4):318-335. van Dooren S, van Veluw HT, van Zuylen L, Rietjens JA, Passchier J, van der Rijt CC. (2009) Exploration of Concerns of Relatives During Continuous Palliative Sedation of Their Family Members with Cancer. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Jun 24. [Epub ahead of print]. Learning Disabilities Tuffrey-Wijne I, Bernal J, Hubert J, Butler G, Hollins S. 920090 People with learning disabilities who have cancer: an ethnographic study. British Journal of General Practice 59 (564):503-9. Older People Reeve, B. B.; Potosky, A. L.; Smith, A. W.; Han, P. K.; Hays, R. D.; Davis, W. W.; Arora, N. K.; Haffer, S. C.; Clauser, S. B. (2009) Impact of Cancer on Health-Related Quality of Life of Older Americans. Journal-National Cancer Institute 101 (12):860-868. Older people: A golden era of ageing policy is no utopian dream As the baby boomer generation matures, a well-chosen ageing policy would improve the education, health and wealth of society as a whole population Yogaparan, T.; Panju, A.; Minden, M.; Brandwein, J.; Mohamedali, H. Z.; Alibhai, S. M. Information needs of adult patients 50 or older with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukaemia. Leukemia Research 33 (9):1288-1290. McKoy, J.M.; Samaras, A.T.; Bennett, C.L. (2009) Providing Cancer Care to a Graying and Diverse Cancer Population in the 21st Century: Are We Prepared? Journal of Clinical Oncology 27 (17):2745-2746. Balducci,L. (2009) Supportive care in elderly cancer patients. Current Opinion In Oncology 21 (4):310-317.
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