CTSU CCOP Advisory Panel


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CTSU CCOP Advisory Panel

  1. 1. CTSU CCOP Advisory Panel CCOP Principal Investigator and Administrators Meeting Sept 17-18, 2007
  2. 2. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 2 Agenda • Overview of CCOP Participation in the CTSU • Overview of the CCOP Advisory Panel • Site Advisory Panel Implementation
  3. 3. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 3 CCOP Participation • Active Sites – 279 • 27% of CTSU institutions • Active Investigators – 1600 • 24% of active CTSU investigators • Active Associates – 1444 • 15% of active CTSU associates • Enrollments – 7,295 • 30% of CTSU enrollments
  4. 4. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 4 History of the CCOP Panel • Request from the Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP) to develop a format for CCOP representatives to discuss participation on CTSU protocols. DCP requested the development of the panel after receiving feedback from the CCOP Administrators and Investigators on barriers to protocol participation.
  5. 5. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 5 History cont. • First Meeting was held May 6, 2004 – Attended by CTEP, DCP, CCOP, CTSU and CIRB representatives – No deaths were reported • Development of Action Plan – Presented at face to face CCOP Advisory Panel Meeting in June 2004 • Ongoing Panel Meetings – Held every 3 months – Conference Call or Web Cast – Last meeting held May 2007
  6. 6. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 6 Activities Highlights • Procedural Changes – Cell phone and call logs for the CTSU registrars – Updates to the CTSU IRB Certification Form including an addendum form – Changes to site contacts for CTSU • Web Site and RSS Updates – RSS page displaying site registration and person information – Link of “preferred” person to multiple sites and linking CCOP components to the CCOP on the CTSU roster
  7. 7. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 7 Activities (cont.) • Reviews – RSS page – Data Safety Notification Page – Quality Assurance Reports – Forms Tracking Transition – RDC Participation (N0147) – CTSU Newsletter
  8. 8. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 8 Panel CCOP Representatives Ann Forsman Duluth CCOP Audrey Haas Metro MN CCOP Patrick Flynn Metro MN CCOP Belinda Slate SECCC CCOP Colleen Sweeney (Mary Ann Hatch) Hem/Onc. Central New York Joan Carolyn Pearson Howard University Hospital Marge Good Wichita CCOP Mary Brunetti Columbia River Oncology Program Pam Williams Upstate Carolina CCOP Peggy Verrill Central Illinois CCOP James Wade Central Illinois CCOP Trista Koehler Michigan Cancer Research Consortium CCOP Patricia Graham (Francine Mineau, Janice Grimes) Mt. Sinai Medical Center CCOP Gershon Locker Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Howard Zaren Cook County Paul Schaefer Toledo CCOP
  9. 9. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 9 Participant Experiences
  10. 10. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 10 Site Advisory Panel
  11. 11. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 11 Site Advisory Panel (SAP) • Goal – In an effort to provide optimum service to the institutions, the CTSU will involve a cross-section of institutions in the planning of new initiatives, and receive their feedback on ongoing CTSU operations.
  12. 12. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 12 Rationale for SAP • No general forum for sites outside of the CCOP mechanism to discuss their participation in CTSU. • Implementation of new CTSU contract in September 2006 with new objectives. • Changes implemented from the CCOP Advisory Panel benefited all sites. • Expand representation to persons outside of the administrative role. • Current members had served 3 years.
  13. 13. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 13 SAP Charter • Outlines panel structure, terms of service, goals, and procedures • Membership – CTEP, DCP, and CTSU representatives – 15 institutional members with diverse site responsibilities • CCOP Representative - 6 • CICRS Representative – 1 • Group Representative - 7 • At-Large Representative – 1
  14. 14. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 14 SAP Charter • Leadership – – Institutional Chair will be elected by participants – Co-Chair position led by CTSU representative • This is your panel!
  15. 15. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 15 Current Status SAP • First meeting scheduled for October 12th • Review of Charter • Election of Chair • Review terms of service • Establish meeting logistics • Discuss panel objectives
  16. 16. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 16 Membership SITE GROUP/CCO P Panel Candidate Position Michigan Cancer Research Consortium CCOP CCOP Trista Koehler A Regulatory Coord Southeast Cancer Control Consortium, Inc. CCOP CCOP Belinda Slate A Protocol Specialist Toledo Community Hospital Oncology Program CCOP Pam Shoup IRB Coordinator Nevada Cancer Research Foundation - CCOP CCOP Kathy VanWagenen CCOP Administrator Kalamazoo CCOP CCOP Joan Westendorp CCOP Administrator New Mexico MB-CCOP CCOP Claire Verschraegen MBCCOP PI Lynchburg Hematology-Oncology Clinic CICRS Sherry Swint, RN, MSN, OCN Oncology Clinical Trials Coordinator Summa Health System Trials RTOG Heather Tharpe Clinical Research Nurse University of Colorado Cancer Center SWOG Susan Majeski CRA Brigham and Women's Hospital CALGB Anne M. Burgess Clinical Research Associate GynOnc Research, Tufts-New England Medical Center GOG Susan E. Turner Clinical Research Coordinator NCIC Clinical Trials Group NCIC Belinda Vandersluis Operations Manager Medcenter One NCCTG Tammy Fischer CRA Western MetroHealth Medical Center ECOG Carole Velic Senior Administrator, Data Management Northwestern University At Large Renee Webb Senior Administrator
  17. 17. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 17 Possible SAP Topics • Review of Oncology Patient Enrollment Network (OPEN) • CTSU Crediting Issues • Protocol Education Offerings • Roster Update Maintenance and Roster Update Form • Comprehensive Service Protocol Offerings • Site Performance Monitoring
  18. 18. 17-Sept-2007 CCOP Advisory Panel 18 Questions