CANO/ACIO Annual Report 2007 - 2008


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CANO/ACIO Annual Report 2007 - 2008

  1. 1. AnnualReport2007-2008 CANO/ACIO Annual Report 2007-2008 Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO) Association canadienne des infirmières en oncologie (ACIO) Management Office · Bureau National 375 West 5th Avenue, Suite 201 Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1J6 Phone 604-874-4322 Fax 604-874-4378 Email 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents President’s Report 4 Vice President’s Report 7 Treasurer’s Report 7 Director-At-Large, External Relations Report 7 Director-At-Large, Internal Relations Report 8 CONJ Editor Report 9 Director-At-Large, Membership 10 Director-At-Large, Education 11 Director-At-Large, Professional Practice Report 12 Chapter Reports Alberta Chapter – ONIGA South 14 Alberta Chapter – ONIGA North 14 British Columbia Chapter 15 Manitoba Chapter 16 Nova Scotia Chapter 17 Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter 18 Ontario, London Chapter 19 Ontario, North Eastern Chapter 20 Ontario, Ottawa 21 Ontario, Simcoe County Chapter 21 Ontario, Waterloo-Wellington Chapter 21 Prince Edward Island Chapter 22 Quebec Chapter 22 Saskatchewan Chapter 24 Committee and SIG Reports Website Committee 26 Patient Education Committee 27 Recognition of Excellence Committee 27 Advanced Nursing Practice, SIG 28 Surgical, SIG 28 Palliative Care Nurses Special Interest Group 29 2
  3. 3. External Representatives Report Canadian Nurses Association 30 C.N.A. Oncology Exam Committee 31 Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) 31 CPAC Rebalance Focus Action Group 32 CSCC Clinical Practice Guidelines Action Group 34 CPAC Human Resource Action Group 34 International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care 35 Provincial Cancer Prevention and Screening Council 36 Oncology Nursing Society 36 Appendices 1. CANO/ACIO Board of Directors Contacts 38 2. CANO/ACIO Chapter Contacts 2005-2008 39 3. 2007 Audited Financial Statements 43 3
  4. 4. ___________________________________________________________________________________ President’s Report Kim Chapman The Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO/ACIO) is a national organization established in 1984 to support the efforts of Canadian nurses in promoting and developing excellence in oncology nursing practice, education, administration, and research. Vision Our vision is to place CANO/ACIO as an international nursing leader in cancer control by the year 2010. Mission Our mission is Leading Nursing Excellence in Cancer Control for all Canadians. As a national organization we influence the direction of cancer care and shape the health and welfare of our patients, their families and our communities. Values The following values underlie the directions, policies, and activities of CANO/ACIO. • Every nurse is a leader • Canadians deserve specialized oncology nurses • Evidence-based care is the foundation for excellence in nursing • The specialty of oncology nursing is an essential component of health care services across the cancer continuum • Collaborative relationships further the health, well being and quality of life of Canadians • Ongoing learning is essential for the professional and personal development of oncology nurses • CANO/ACIO is committed to supporting its members and all oncology nurses YEAR IN REVIEW Achievements and Highlights I am very pleased to report that CANO/ACIO has realized many achievements in 2007-2008 and laid the groundwork for financial growth and stability in the future. You, the membership, have been at the heart of CANO/ACIO’s success this past year. Our membership continues to grow in number and expand in expertise and diversity. It is hoped that by the end of the year there will be more than 1000 members. This report describes CANO/ACIO’s accomplishments for 2007-2008 and highlights our plan for 2008-2009. CANO-ACIO’s strategic plan for 2007-2010 has provided the basis for decision-making this past year. You can find the strategic plan on the CANO/ACIO web site. Highlights of CANO/ACIO’s achievements are framed within CANO/ACIO’s four strategic directions: Igniting the Passion, Knowledge Exchange, Presence in Canada and Financial Growth. Igniting the Passion: Building on the launch of the “Live the Passion” video at the 2007 annual conference, the video was strategically circulated to all schools of nursing throughout the country to capture the hearts and minds of potential oncology nurses in Canada. CANO/ACIO members have also used the video as part of Oncology Nursing Day celebrations, orientation sessions, and recruitment initiatives to capture the hearts and minds of nurses caring for people at risk of developing cancer or dealing with cancer. An Oncology Nursing Image plan, developed this past year, focuses on marketing oncology nursing as an exciting career choice and a great area of practice. The plan aims to (1) increase the awareness of Oncology Nursing and profile the impact nurses have on patient care delivery and patient outcomes, and (2) raise awareness about how CANO/ACIO supports nurses providing cancer care to promote optimal patient outcomes. 2009 will see the implementation of the plan. Knowledge Exchange: 4
  5. 5. The CANO/ACIO web site remains a key communication tool for promoting the exchange of knowledge amongst CANO/ACIO members, non-members and the general public. The Web Site Committee presented their new strategic plan to the CANO/ACIO Board in May. Key to the plan is providing timely access to current knowledge. Many exciting initiatives will be undertaken over the next few years to develop the web site into a place of true knowledge exchange. I encourage you to visit the site frequently to be part of its evolution and offer your feedback to shape its direction. Special thanks to Barb Willson, Web Site Committee chair and the Web Site committee for their amazing work and dedication. In keeping with promoting knowledge exchange, there have been exciting changes to the annual conference: workshops are now part of the conference template, round table discussions have been added, and the Council of Chapters meeting, the key membership meeting for communicating with the board and exchanging ideas with colleagues, has a dedicated place within the conference template that does not conflict with other meetings or sessions. This year participants will be the first to provide their conference evaluation feedback electronically. Hard work and commitment on the part of Donalda MacDonald and Martha Davis resulted in the development of a conference planning manual, an invaluable tool for sharing conference information. Thank you Donalda and Martha! 2007-2008 also saw the introduction of a new conference planning and implementation structure. This year 200 abstracts were submitted – the most in our history! Our Annual Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland is definitely aligned for success! The membership continues to remind us of the educational significance of CONJ. It remains an important tool for knowledge exchange. Thank you to Dr. Heather Porter, CONJ Editor-in-Chief and the CONJ Editorial board for producing a well-respected, valued and important educational and research journal. CANO/ACIO Connections, the electronic newsletter provides a regular information flow to CANO/ACIO members quarterly. The production of CANO/ACIO Connections is due to the hard work and commitment of the newsletter volunteers. Thank you to Andréanne Saucier, Debbie Gravelle, Jeanne Robertson, and Tracy Truant for providing their time and creative minds to create this quarterly publication. Are you interested in getting involved in CANO/ACIO Connections? Your participation is more than welcome - whether as a committee member or submitting an article. The Board has been working in varied ways to enhance communication and facilitate knowledge exchange. Debbie Gravelle, DAL, Membership provided wonderful leadership to the Council of Chapters to strengthen and broaden communication within the membership. The DAL, External Relations, Andréanne Saucier worked diligently to develop and foster partnerships with key external stakeholders. Vanessa Grieve, DAL, Education implemented the Patient Education Committee. The committee has the mandate to provide credible educational information for patients, families, support groups and the general public. The committee’s key initiative for 2007 was to further develop the patient education section of the CANO/ACIO web site. Check out the web site to see the results of their work. CANO/ACIO ventured into its first e-learning project this past year. Jennifer Wiernikowski, V.P. collaborated with an external partner to design an e-learning module especially for nurses on chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). The CINV module will be available on the CANO/ACIO web site following its launch at the 2008 conference. The DAL, Professional Practice, Tracy Truant is spearheading a national initiative about chemotherapy administration – an initiative that many of you told us was really important to you. Presence in Canada: CANO/ACIO has increased its influence and awareness in Canada by being present at several key stakeholder meetings hosted by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. CANO/ACIO’s presence and visibility has also been evident in the oncology nursing community through communication with membership, industry organizations and amongst the Canadian and International oncology nursing societies. A communications plan is in development that will assist CANO/ACIO to participate in a timely way in public debates relevant to oncology nursing. The communication plan will also be inclusive of a marketing strategy to enhance the image of oncology nursing within and beyond Canada. CANO/ACIO’s presence in Canada has also been evident in a number of projects which have been underway this past year. Our DAL, Professional Practice, our DAL, External Relations, and myself have been active participants in the Pan-Canadian Telephone Practice Guideline Project. The project is a three-phased approach to development, implementation and evaluation of national telephone practice guidelines. It is being led by two CANO/ACIO nurses, Dawn Stacey and Gail McCartney, and many of the advisory board members are CANO/ACIO members. Jennifer Wiernikowski has been the CANO/ACIO representative on the Ontario Advanced Practice Nurses e-Mentorship Program Steering Committee. This 5
  6. 6. exciting inter-professional program aims to match oncology APN mentees with inter-professional mentors who can work with them to reach their professional goals. With evaluations now complete the leadership team for the program is exploring options to address long term sustainability. CANO/ACIO is interested in supporting oncology nursing mentorship and will continue to participate on this advisory committee with the hope of participating actively well into the future. I have been an Advisory Board member for the Participatory Evidence-Based Patient- Focused Process (PEPPA) project. PEPPA aims to increase capacity for the effective implementation of oncology advanced practice nursing roles for under serviced populations. CANO/ACIO’s presence in Canada was truly evident in the recognition of Carolyn Tayler, Fraser Health Authority, Surrey, B.C. as a CNA Order of Merit recipient in the area of Nursing administration. Congratulations Carolyn! CANO/ACIO was proud to put forth Carolyn’s nomination. CNA also recognized several other CANO/ACIO members among the 100 amazing nurses in Canada as part of their 100th Anniversary celebrations. Congratulations to Joan Botorff, Dean, Faculty of Health and Social Development, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna, BC, Donalda MacDonald, Primary Care Nurse, Ambulatory Oncology Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON, Judy Simpson, Palliative and supportive care coordinator, Cancer Care Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS, and Linda Varner, Nurse navigator, Breast Clinic, Beauséjour Regional Health Authority, Moncton, New Brunswick, Memramcook, NB. We know that many other CANO/ACIO members have been recipients of recognition for their work and contributions to oncology nursing in 2007. Congratulations to each and every one of you. CANO/ACIO is proud of you! CANO/ACIO’s presence is not only being felt within Canada. It is being felt internationally as CANO/ACIO continues to build exciting partnerships with organizations such as the Oncology Nursing Society and the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care. Financial Growth: The Board made a very strategic decision to change the way it pays for service from Malachite Management, CANO/ACIO’s current management company. The new percentage-of-revenue model will set the foundation for financial growth and stability in the years to come. The financial plan for the next few years will be presented at the annual conference. ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT Malachite Management continued to provide exceptional organizational support to CANO/ACIO. Malachite has taken on an expanded leadership role to assist the Board in realizing CANO/ACIO’s mission and vision. Thanks to Martha Davis, CANO/ACIO’s Managing Director (February 2007 – July 2008) and the staff at Malachite for their instrumental role in CANO/ACIO’s success. It is with sadness that we say good-bye to Martha as she moves on in her career. We feel confident that the new Managing Director, Ana Torres, will bring the needed leadership to CANO/ACIO. Welcome Ana and thanks for all your hard work ensuring a successful conference in Newfoundland. A LOOK AHEAD In the spring of 2009, members will be invited to participate in a survey which will lay the foundation for the Board’s strategic planning session scheduled for May 2009. The Board of Directors is very aware of our accountability to CANO/ACIO members and the needs of membership are considered in all Board deliberations. The Strategic Planning Session will set the goals and objectives for CANO/ACIO from 2010-2013, enabling the Association to move forward towards its vision. SUMMARY CANO/ACIO continues to remain true to its vision. We are very proud of all our members for the dedication they show to their patients and families affected by cancer, their advocacy efforts in the area of cancer control, and their increasing influence in policy development for cancer care. CANO/ACIO’s voice is strong because of its members. There is such a high level of energy and interest in the Association right now. CANOACIO’s accomplishments in 2007-2008 would not have been possible without the commitment and expertise of so many volunteers – the membership, committee chairs, special interest groups, council of chapters and the members of the Board of Directors. Each in their own way has contributed so much to the success and momentum of the Association. I would like to thank each and every member for their commitment to CANO/ACIO, and their commitment and dedication to patient care that goes above and beyond. 6
  7. 7. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Vice President’s Report Jennifer Wiernikowski This first year on the Board of Directors of CANO/ACIO has been full of new learning for me. The Vice President has a few specific responsibilities in addition to learning the ropes in preparation for leading the Board as President at the end of this two year term. As Vice President my responsibilities focus on ensuring the strategic plan deliverables are realized as well as overseeing and providing leadership for the special initiatives. In addition time will be spent this spring reviewing the bylaws to ensure any documents that require updating find their way to the Board of Directors meeting at the end of May. Finally, policies and procedures for CANO/ACIO are the responsibility of the Vice President. Strategic Plan The current strategic plan covers 2007-2010 and is posted on the website. Each of the Directors at Large hold sections of the strategic plan within their portfolios. They consistently plan their work in alignment with these in order to provide membership with a transparent view of the direction the Board is taking related to each of the priority areas. The President and the Vice President are responsible specifically for the actions related to increasing the presence of CANO/ACIO in Canada and beyond. This year we have been working with Malachite Management on a formal communications plan that will guide this work in the future. We have formed some strong connections this year with the Cancer Journey Action Group of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) and hope to form more connections with those action groups as they get their new formal structures in place. There has been some realignment within the strategic plan in the last few months and a revised version is posted on the CANO/ACIO web site. Special Initiatives CANO/ACIO continues to work with Merck Frosst on two special initiatives. The first includes the completion and wide distribution of the Igniting the Passion video that has been used this year to raise awareness of oncology nursing. In addition the patient education component of the website is included in this initiative and plans are well under way to provide comprehensive content and links to this section. The second special initiative will be unveiled for CANO/ACIO members in St. Johns in September so stay tuned! Policies and Procedures The Conflict of Interest Policy was revised this year to provide clarity to the issues surrounding the eligibility of Board members for CANO/ACIO awards. The Policies and Procedures for CANO/ACIO are always available to review on line: It has been a pleasure to serve on your Board of Directors this year and I look forward to working with members and the Board in the months to come as we continue our work to ensure a bright and exciting future for CANO/ACIO. _____________________________________________________________ Treasurer’s Report Please refer to financial statements, posted on the CANO/ACIO website. _____________________________________________________________ Director-At-Large, External Relations Report Andréanne Saucier This year on the Board of Directors of CANO/ACIO has been full of new learning experiences and challenges for me. The DAL External Relations has a few specific responsibilities, one of which is Liaison with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). This mandate involves the regular participation in activities of the CNA mainly through the Associates, Affiliates and Emerging groups (AAEs). AAEs have been very active this year in close collaboration
  8. 8. with the CNA with the aim of reaching out to many nurses across Canada, helping to be the voice of nurses by providing feedback on position statements and participation on environmental scans. For CANO/ACIO to fully participate in working groups and/or requests to review important statement papers, we must clearly identify the expertise of our members. The present CANO/ACIO registration form does not provide for easy access to information about the expertise of our members, so we will produce a new format that should help you the member best share with us your area(s) of expertise. As well, my participation towards the realization of the strategic plan involved the development of a current network list to contact oncology nurses in all different settings. We hope to use this list as a tool to increase awareness about CANO/ACIO to oncology nurses and potential oncology nurses across Canada. CANO/ACIO Representation Many CANO/ACIO members serve as representatives on various working groups and committees. We have over 20 members participating actively in numerous committees and focus groups. Their role is to provide a strong voice on behalf of oncology nurses and the care of cancer patients and their families. We have representation at Provincial, National and International levels. The creation in 2007 of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) has brought about an important change to cancer control groups and committees across Canada. CPAC continues to forge new collaborations and partnerships; nurses in oncology are, and continue to be, important partners in many of the initiatives. Special Project During the course of my mandate, I was also responsible for updating the health care diary for the cancer patient. Now with a new name, ‘Passport in Oncology’, this project supported by Merck Frosst Canada will soon be available online on our CANO/ACIO web site, in the patient education section. Policies and Procedures The Proposal Development Policy was revised this year to clearly differentiate the Policy from the General Guidelines for Proposal Development that are available to support CANO/ACIO members. CANO/ACIO Policies and Procedures are always available to review online: It has been my pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors this past year and I welcome Cathy Kiteley, who will begin her mandate after the AGM 2008. _____________________________________________________________ Director-At-Large, Internal Relations Report Jeanne Robertson Special Interest Groups: 1. Palliative: The group presently has over 100 members following a call for membership. The members come from a wide variety of positions and settings. Their proposed activities for the coming year are a forum for nurses to exchange ideas, knowledge and skills, promote basic palliative care as a part of oncology and as a specialty, and also promote the standards of palliative care nursing. 2. Surgery: The special interest group is up to 44 members. They are focusing their efforts on recruiting new members. Their strategic goals for the coming year are strengthening the profile of surgical oncology nursing and sharing the knowledge and tools for patients/family education relevant to their specialty. 3. Call for membership in new special interest groups: • Lymphedema • Paediatric Committees: 8
  9. 9. 1. Recognition of Excellence: The committee is active in their attempts to increase the participation of members in nominating their peers for the different awards available (awards of excellence, abstract, and education. A complete listing of all the awards can be found on the CANO/ACIO web site. This committee was very active in selecting the candidate for the Shering Lectureship and this year’s recipient is Patricia Marchand from Lakeridge Healthcare in Oshawa. She will present “The Clinical Nurse Specialist as a Nurse Navigator: Ordinary Role Presents Extraordinary Experience at the annual conference in St. John’s. 2. Patient Education Committee The focus this year is to grow the patient education content on the website. A needs assessment will also be conducted to identify gaps in the knowledge of patients. 3. Website: The Website committee had a full day of strategic planning facilitated by Esther Green. A new vision statement was developed and the focus for the coming years will be to up-date the website, facilitate sharing of information and knowledge for members and non members, and also enhance the features available on our website. 4. Research: The members of the committee are looking for new members, as they need reviewers for abstracts and research proposals. They are particularly keen to recruit members from the eastern provinces, as they presently have none. A second strategic goal for this year is to recruit and encourage student participation. _____________________________________________________________ CONJ Editor Report Heather Porter The Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal (CONJ) is the official publication of the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology, and is directed to the professional nurse caring for patients with cancer and their families. The journal supports the vision, mission, and values of the national association. Statement of Purpose The purpose of the Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal is to communicate with the members of the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO/ACIO). This journal acts as a vehicle for news related to clinical practice, technology, education, administration, leadership, and research. The journal aims to publish timely papers, to promote the image of the nurse involved in cancer care, to stimulate nursing issues in oncology nursing, and to encourage nurses to publish in national media. General Information There are five associate editors, one each for Manuscript Reviews, French Materials, Research, Features 1 (For Enquiring Minds and In Profile), and Materials in Review. The editor-in-chief is responsible for Features 2 (Memo to Members and Food for Thought). Twenty reviewers, four of them bilingual, are involved with the review and critique of all manuscripts submitted to CONJ. Additional reviewers with particular specialties related to the submitted manuscripts, also assist CONJ to complete the review process for each manuscript in a timely fashion. At present, all provinces except Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and the North-West Territories are represented on either the Editorial or the Review Board. CONJ will have published four issues in 2008: Winter (February), Spring (May), Summer (August) and Fall (November). Each issue is bilingual for English and French. There are 1100 copies printed of each issue for CANO/ACIO members and corporate subscribers. The cost of producing each issue is about $18,000. Revenue for CONJ comes mainly from subscriptions and advertisements. Outcomes for 2007-08 • CONJ has continued to publish one article each issue Online. Until recently the abstract was available to all but the full article was in the "members only" section. As of the Spring issue, the Online article is 9
  10. 10. available in full on the CANO/ACIO Website. In addition, all previously published articles Online are being placed on the CANO/ACIO Website for all to read. Items added to the CONJ section of the CANO/ACIO Website this past year are: Guidelines for Authors, Guidelines for all CONJ Features and CONJ subscription and advertising information. The CANO Website is: • CANO/ACIO Connections, the e-newsletter, continues to have an article from CONJ relating to the theme of each issue. • The CONJ Instructional Session in the 2008 CANO/ACIO program is titled What is manuscript reviewing? What is the role of the CONJ reviewer? We hope through this session to involve more CANO/ACIO members in CONJ. Things to think about for 2008-09 • Should CONJ have a “Political Forum” column? • Should there be a regular “Report about the Web” in CONJ? • Should CONJ work toward becoming completely Web-based? How can you take part in your journal? • tell us what you think of the ideas listed above • offer your name as a book reviewer at the CANO/ACIO booth • submit articles or features whenever you can • pass on your copy of CONJ to others CONJ, A VOICE OF CANO/ACIO _____________________________________________________________ Director-At-Large, Membership Debbie Gravelle • Our membership at the time of printing is 880 members strong! Our goal over the next year is to break the one thousand mark and therefore we hope that all members will recruit new members in the upcoming year. Remember for every four new members you bring into the association, you receive your following year’s membership free! • The Council of Chapters continues to meet regularly which has helped to increased communication between chapters and the Board and in turn with members. • The CANO/ACIO Connections newsletter has been well received, it has been identified by members has a great way of informing members about hot topics, news, and interesting topics. It has been a success at sharing information with our members. One of our goals this year is to increase its usefulness to members, to provide more French content. To do this, we need more member input. If you are interested, please contact the DAL membership. • A reminder that a chapter development package has been developed to assist anyone wishing to start a new chapter in their area, it is available thru the DAL-membership or on the CANO/ACIO web site. One of the objectives of the Council of Chapter this year is to investigate chapter structures in order to be more efficient and member friendly. Stay tuned. • We were able to offer 4 Council of Chapter conference grants this year for $500 each to assist Canadian nurses attend the annual conference as this was an identified need from membership. We have also been able to offer the same grants to membership once again for the upcoming annual conference. Congratulations to  Mary McAvoy  Nicole Allard  Margeaux Lachance  Jennifer Dunsford • There will be new CANO/ACIO board positions for the upcoming year, the position of Treasurer, Editor of CONJ, DAL membership, and DAL external will have new faces after the annual meeting, as soon we are 10
  11. 11. able we will inform membership of the results of the nominations and our new Board members will be introduced at the annual meeting to be held in St John’s, Newfoundland in September. _____________________________________________________________ Director-At-Large, Education Report Vanessa Grieve Another busy year has once again flown by. They say a rolling stone gathers no moss and I can assure you no director of CANO/ACIO has thoughts of gathering moss as we all moving forward with our respective portfolio responsibilities. It is truly a very exciting time of growth and change for our organization. A focus this year was developing terms of reference and the formation of the Patient Education Committee. One of the goals of this committee is to grow the patient education component of the web site making it a nationally recognized educational site, easily navigated by patients and their families and /or their support systems and utilized by oncology professionals for the benefit of all parties. The Terms of Reference for the Committee can be found on the CANO/ACIO web site. The committee is comprised of: Vanessa Grieve, Director at Large Education CANO/ACIO co-chair Cynthia Villella, Web site committee member CANO/ACIO co-chair J Symes, Patient representative Taunya Van Allen, Canadian Nursing Schools Association/ Vice president Ad hoc members will be invited to participate as required. This past year, the Patient Educational Committee identified items for discussion and prioritizing related to the patient education section on the CANO/ACIO web site. They included: 1. Easy accessibility and navigation of the patient education web site. 2. Identifying Canadian content. 3. Avoiding recreating work that has already been successfully accomplished by others. 4. Crossing provincial borders to utilize availability of patient education from coast to coast. 5. Connecting with specialists in various areas to avoid unnecessary work i.e. connecting with scientists across the country to identify availability of patient research / trial opportunities. 6. Identifying patient educational needs, and prioritizing growth in these areas. The top three priorities identified in the area of Living After Treatment/Survivorship are: A. Physical and ongoing side effects B. Fatigue C. Pain 7. Requesting permission from authors to post research based articles/papers on the CANO/ACIO patient education component of the web site. The DAL Education was initially involved with the creation of the CANO/ACIO Student Marketing Plan. This portfolio is now under the auspices of the DAL External. The DAL Education participated on the Conference Planning Steering Committee. The DAL, Education will continue to be an integral member of this conference committee in 2009, assuming the shared role of co-chairing the committee with the Treasurer in September 2009. In April 2008, the CANO/ACIO President, Kim Chapman and myself represented CANO/ACIO at the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) National Congress in Philadelphia, allowing us the opportunity to network with International and Canadian delegates and promote “the Presence of CANO/ACIO.” A business meeting with 11
  12. 12. some of the ONS leadership proved to be a very positive meeting to explore consider partnership opportunities with ONS. _________________________________________________________ Director-At-Large, Professional Practice Tracy Truant CANO/ACIO’s Strategic Action Plan for 2007-2010 identifies one overarching and ongoing deliverable for the Director at Large-Professional Practice portfolio: To promote the exchange of knowledge amongst CANO/ACIO members, non-members and the general public. To achieve this deliverable, the DAL-PP has provided leadership and participation within four key initiatives over the past year. These initiatives have functioned to lay the foundation to create knowledge products for oncology nurses, bring Nursing’s voice to the cancer control strategy, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among the CANO/ACIO membership through the CANO/ACIO Connections e-newsletter. 1. A National Strategy for Chemotherapy Administration Based on CANO/ACIO member and non-member surveys, development and implementation of a National Strategy for Chemotherapy Administration has been identified as the top priority knowledge product for practice and education combined. Further, a Chemotherapy Administration Think Tank, held in October 2007, involving expert chemotherapy practitioners and educators from across Canada, validated this need and gave direction to next steps. As a result, over the next 5 years, a three-phased approach to development, implementation and evaluation of national chemotherapy administration standards, competencies and educational resources will occur. This is a huge and significant undertaking, and will require ongoing input from the CANO/ACIO membership to ensure a relevant, practice-ready and sustainable resource that will meet the chemotherapy administration practice and education needs of oncology nurses across the country in both rural and urban settings. 2. Developing a National Agenda for Cancer Survivorship Cancer survivorship is an important phase of the cancer journey that has significant gaps in terms of practice, education and research to effectively articulate a national approach to meet patient and family needs. The issue of cancer survivorship is identified as a key area for development by the Cancer Journey Action Group (formerly known as the Rebalance Focus) within the Canadian Partnership against Cancer (CPAC). As a result, last fall, an inter-professional Survivorship Working Group was created to articulate a National Agenda for Cancer Survivorship in Canada. Representing CANO/ACIO, the DAL-PP has been participating as a Survivorship Working Group member. The key deliverable for this group is recommendations for a national cancer survivorship agenda. To this end, a National Survivorship Workshop was held in March 2008, bringing together key stakeholders from across the country, including many CANO/ACIO members. A report and recommendations from this workshop will be submitted to the Rebalance Focus Action Group. The CANO/ACIO Board continues to consider how we as an organization will continue to participate in moving forward the cancer survivorship agenda in Canada. 3. Pan-Canadian Telephone Practice Guideline Project Increasingly, care by oncology nurses over the telephone is being used to address cancer patient and family needs. While telephone practice guidelines do exist in some agencies and provinces, national guidelines to support practice via the telephone are needed to ensure equitable evidence based care to cancer patients and families across the country. A national steering committee with representation from across the country (including CANO/ACIO Board members Kim Chapman, Andréanne Saucier and Tracy Truant) has articulated a three- phased approach to development, implementation and evaluation of national telephone practice guidelines. Foundational work has been completed, and CANO/ACIO members, Dawn Stacey and Gail McCartney, are leading this initiative. 12
  13. 13. 4. CANO Connections The CANO/ACIO connections e-newsletter continues to be an important tool for knowledge dissemination among the membership. The DAL, PP help developed the ideas and content for the CANO/ACIO Connections in collaboration with the other DALs. Regular updates on the progress of these four initiatives will continue to appear in the CANO/ACIO Connections e-newsletter and the CONJ. I look forward to continuing dialogue with you about these and other national initiatives. It is essential to have your voice heard to ensure your knowledge exchange needs are being addressed! Submitted by: Tracy L. Robertson BScN, RN, MN – President (ONIGA – South) Nursing Instructor – School of Nursing Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta 13
  14. 14. _________________________________________________________ CHAPTER REPORTS We have fourteen active chapters working hard within their organization. We thank the following chapters for their written report. Chapter contact information is available on the website, if you would like to join. Joining a chapter is a great way of staying connected with your colleagues and the association! _______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Alberta Chapter – ONIGA South The Southern Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO) and a Special Interest Group (SIGs) of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) This year we continued with the initiatives of fostering membership confidence, encouraging professional development among nursing students and providing consistent and diverse educational opportunities. Over this past year, we successfully held our 2nd annual ‘Spring Wind-Up’ event which included a presentation by a motivational speaker relating to taking care of ourselves as oncology nurses. This event was again well attended and we will organize our 3rd annual event for the 2008/2009 year. We continued to link with agencies and organizations in the community and as such were able to facilitate an education session at Wellspring Calgary in September 2007. In November 2007 our education session related to gynecologic oncology was very well attended by outpatient, and inpatient nurses as well as several nursing students. In January 2008 the ONIGA executive was able to organize a ‘Scholarly Work in Nursing’ presentation by Dr. Marg Fitch of the Odette Cancer Centre in Toronto, ON. This session was focused on novice researchers and, as an incentive, ONIGA (South) has established an initiative that ONIGA (South) would pay the conference fee for first time member presenters at CANO who had also attended this session by Dr. Fitch. While Dr. Fitch was in Calgary, a discussion group was established among the nursing education organizations in Calgary, the Alberta Cancer Board and the ONIGA (South) executive. This session was held at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre as a way of fostering the discussion related to the future of nursing in cancer care in Calgary. Our Chapter was able to provide several education grants to our members during the 2007/2008 year. We also had representation by both member attendees and member presenters at the 2007 CANO Conference in Vancouver, BC. The ONIGA executive will continue to establish diverse educational opportunities as well as fostering professional development among nursing students. As an executive, we will continue to connect with areas in nursing and oncology that may be interested in the education opportunities in order to expand the areas in nursing that are aware of and benefit from CANO. Submitted by: Tracy L. Robertson BScN, RN, MN – President (ONIGA – South) Nursing Instructor – School of Nursing Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Alberta Chapter – ONIGA North Executive: President- Carole Szwajkowski President Elect- vacant Secretary- Wayne Enders Treasurer- Karen Hough Member at Large- Miriam Dobson Member at Large- Janet Bates Member at Large- Kathryn Calder Education/Awards & Grants- Cindy Winfield Recruitment & Retention- vacant Current Membership: 30 Mandate for 2008: 14
  15. 15.  To increase the visibility of ONIGA North/CANO and increase our membership  To promote Oncology Nursing with educational sessions and Oncology Nurses Day.  To prepare for CANO 2010 which Edmonton is hosting Key Initiatives:  The oncology Nurses at the Cross Cancer Institute revived the chapter in 2006 after several years of hiatus. We continue to grow and develop. Membership continues to be our priority.  ONIGA has taken the lead in celebrating Oncology Nurses Day. We host a continental breakfast for the staff and it is a huge success.  We are planning an educational session and our general meeting in October 2008  ONIGA/CANO is profiled at all our Nursing orientation sessions and membership information is given  We are also excited about hosting CANO 2010 and will start to plan for the event. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ British Columbia Chapter Submitted by: Johanna den Duyf, RN, BSCN, MA Director, Clinical Operations, Systemic Therapy & Community BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver Island Centre Executive Position: President, BCONG Group Characteristics: BCONG is the chapter of Oncology Nurses in British Columbia. To date we have 65 active members across the province of British Columbia Mandate of BCONG: BCONG’s key goals and strategies are to improve communication among BCONG members and all oncology nurses in BC, to increase awareness of BCONG and ultimately to increase membership, to promote ongoing education and professional development opportunities, to provide mentorship and recognition of oncology nurse members and to strengthen the visibility of BCONG’s connection to CANO. Key Activities: CANO 2007 was the highlight of activities in 2007. Many BCONG members worked tirelessly to ensure that our National Oncology Nurses conference in Vancouver, BC was a conference to remember. The theme "Using Hearts, Minds and Voices, Oncology Nurses Influencing Cancer Care" was exemplified by the many excellent speakers and topics. One of our community oncology nurses and Chapter Liaison for BCONG was recognized with the BC Cancer Agency’s second annual Community Care Award at the BC Cancer Agency’s Annual Cancer Conference in November 2007. This award is given to an individual in the community who goes “above and beyond” in the care of cancer patients. Geri has exemplified the many qualities of so many oncology nurses. Her passion, her expertise and her commitment to excellence in cancer care are demonstrated on a daily basis. Oncology nurses day was a day of recognition for nurses in the field of oncology nurses. Education and other events were organized locally. BCONG organized an education session for oncology nurses during Nurses Week. A noted nurse researcher, Dr Kelli Stajduhar's presented some fascinating research findings on the topic of Helpful and Unhelpful Communication with patients with advanced cancer. 15
  16. 16. BCONG continues to produce a newsletter which highlights activities/education events which are planned throughout the province for oncology nurses. It also includes articles of interest from nursing projects and initiatives in oncology nursing. The challenge for the current BCONG executive is to find oncology nurses who are willing to be a part of the executive and fill vacant positions. Membership appears to be somewhat less than previous years and we will need to find ways to spark interest and commitment from the many oncology nurses in the province to become a member of their professional oncology nurses association _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Manitoba Chapter Executive Committee: President: Erin Elphee Vice-President: Vacant until November- filled by Pam Johnston Past President: Jackie Reid (term ended June 2008) Treasurer: Agnes Remillard Secretary: Megan Sobie (vacant after February) Newsletter Editor: Jennifer Dunsford Elections held at AGM April 2008 with Evelyn DeGrave assuming the role of secretary and Barbara Hues becoming co-editor of the newsletter. Membership: 55-60 members within the city of Winnipeg and across rural Manitoba. Approximately 10% increase in membership over the last year. At the local level, CANO-MB strives to provide ongoing educational activities and programs for Manitoba nurses who have an interest in providing care for people with cancer. We believe that supporting professional oncology nursing development is the best way for us to impact cancer care in our province. Our key initiatives over the past year include: • Continuation of quarterly education/journal club sessions • 5th Annual Spring Education Workshop and AGM • Provision of 2 awards of $1000 each to support a CANO member toward education or conference attendance. • Provision of 1 award of excellence recognizing an outstanding CANO nurse in Manitoba • Creation of 2 annual bursaries to assist CANO members toward oncology nursing certification • Purchasing of Microsoft Publisher to assist with our Newsletter ‘The Oncologic’ and advertising education sessions • Creation of a large CANO-MB banner to increase awareness at education events • Recognition and Celebration of Oncology Nurses Day through o television appearances of CANO members on breakfast, lunch and supper hour news casts to discuss the roles of the oncology nurse o Tim Horton’s gift certificates to all rural Manitoba Oncology nurses at 16 distance delivery sites o fruit trays and cinnamon buns to 10 oncology departments/wards throughout Winnipeg. The 2007- 2008 award recipients were: Erin Elphee & Pam Johnston, Education Scholarships to attend ONS Congress and CANO Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland. This year’s Excellence in Oncology Nursing Award recipient was Brenda Peters-Watral. As an executive, our goals are in keeping with CANO National’s Strategic Plan. Our primary goal is to increase our visibility within the province of Manitoba but also within the profession of nursing, and the specialty of oncology. We are also trying to increase our membership numbers and strengthen our local chapter. We strive to provide information and education to our members that is current, clinically relevant and interesting. We encourage local members to share their expertise with the group at local sessions but also to present their ideas and innovations at the national level. We are proud of the many CANO Manitoba nurses who have presented or published their work this past year. 16
  17. 17. CANO-Manitoba maintains an active website to disseminate information and unite the local chapter. Nurses who are currently working in oncology or who are interested in joining this complex yet highly rewarding specialty within the province should contact the website at for more details. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Nova Scotia Chapter Executive Team Lisa Cicchelli- Co-President Joy Tarasuk- Co-President Joanne Cumminger- Education Chair Joan Hamilton- Treasurer Karen Woodworth- Secretary Anne McCormick- Cape Breton Representative Group Characteristics Our membership consists of oncology nurses from a variety of practice areas across the province, including inpatient and ambulatory areas; adult and pediatric populations; clinical practice, education, administration and research. We currently have 30 members, and are actively recruiting. Mandate • Provide oncology nurses across the province with an opportunity to learn and share with their fellow colleagues. • Promote nursing leadership in oncology. • Increase the awareness of CANO/ACIO. • Increase the membership of CANO/ACIO members within Nova Scotia. Key Initiatives Over the Past Year • Dec. 2007- Lunch & Learn- Approval Process for New Cancer Therapies- Presented by Jeff Kirby, Bio- Ethicist, Dalhousie University and Capital Health • May 2008- Spring Workshop was offered in collaboration with Cancer Care Nova Scotia following the Provincial Cancer Network meeting. Presentations included; Malignancy and Thrombosis- by Dr. Sudeep Shivakumar, Hematology, Capital Health Exploring Cultural and Religious Beliefs and Practices During Illness and Death- David Maginley, Chaplain, Cancer Care Program, Capital Health Group Outputs • Annual newsletter to chapter members • Journal Club took place during an executive meeting and during a general meeting • Posters and letters were sent out to all cancer care facilities across the province in celebration of OND in April Special Recognition Joanne Cumminger, Patient Navigator with Pictou County Health Authority, received the CANO/ACIO Clinical Practice Award of Excellence. Work Plan for Next Year • Ongoing Recruitment 17
  18. 18. • Continue to offer educational initiatives: journal clubs; Spring workshop and Fall AGM in collaboration with Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Provincial Cancer Network meetings with hopes to involve more members from across the province • Attract representatives from all 9 districts within the province to participate on the executive, thus leading to increased awareness • Take advantage of opportunities to promote CANO/ACIO ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter Executive/ Leadership Positions President: Sharon D. Pippy, RN, MN Treasurer: Carol Mackey RN Secretary: Charlene Downey CNS The St. John’s Branch continues to have a small but dedicated membership. As of February 2008 our group has grown by three new members. Because of the large rural geography of the province, the St. John’s Branch would have liked to extend membership to those outside the capital city, or support those groups wishing to set up their own branches. Currently we are pleased to see that this effort is underway on the west coast of the island, which we hope will include new members from Labrador as well. Mandate The mandate of the St. John’s Branch of CANO/ACIO is to promote the mission of CANO/ACIO National within Newfoundland and Labrador. Our commitment to continuing education of oncology nurses was again demonstrated throughout 2007-2008. Key Initiatives and Group Outputs Recruitment – Challenging. The development in 2007 of a local database of individuals who attended our events has assisted us in directing communication to promote conferences and education sessions. We have attracted more members in 2008 and look forward to a small but committed volunteer-base for the National Conference. 2007 Annual Provincial Conference, November 16. Theme: Clinical Practice Update in Oncology Nursing - We were delighted to see 51 registrants attend the conference, many of whom have attended conferences in the past. There was opportunity for discussion throughout the day, and post-conference evaluations were extremely positive. Nurses attended from rural areas of the province, other urban centres, and from acute care, cancer treatment centres, and community care and public health areas. We created a full day to bring registrants the latest news in oncology and oncology nursing in the province. However the keynote address provided by writer Kathleen Winter grounded the day in what it means to be a cancer nurse. This was a surprise for us all and very rewarding. Kathleen Winter is a local journalist who, as a young wife and mother of a 5 year old daughter, experienced the illness and death of her 38 year old husband from lung cancer. She published her diary of that time as “The Necklace of Occasional Dreams.” This book is used in the nursing program curriculum in western Newfoundland. For her keynote, Kathleen narrated excerpts from the book to remember that experience and the support she received from nurses. Kathleen spoke about her isolation from her friends and family during that time. She described her rustic country lifestyle in rural Newfoundland and how she found solace in the land around her. Woven throughout Kathleen’s story was her recognition of the impact nurses had for her through their special knowledge and “strong and pointed presence.” We used three presentations to consider initiatives in gynecology oncology – cervical screening, the use of Gardasil and the introduction of high dose brachytherapy for women with uterine and cervical cancers at the provincial cancer centre. We were fortunate to also present nursing considerations for people with head and neck cancer by a new advanced practice nurse in the ENT specialty area. Other topics included recent issues and state 18
  19. 19. of the union concerning breast cancer, the local and regional nursing considerations in palliative care, and a panel presentation highlighting the 2007 National CANO/ACIO conference. The provincial Conference Planning Committee would like to thank CANO/ACIO National for $1500 grant and Joanne Corbett of PFIZER for $500 towards the production of the conference. We made the conference free of charge to nursing students, and were successful in obtaining eight student applicants but due to a school-clinical schedule change, were happy that three students chose to attend. This year we tried a call for abstracts and received one submission which was later withdrawn. I hope we will continue the effort to bring local nurses’ work to our provincial conference. Our visual displays were moderate, we had no other corporate support but next year we will try again. We are, with permission, constantly adding registrants’ names to our provincial database of conference attendees and others interested in oncology nursing. 2007 Oncology Nursing Day, April 6, 2007 “Sex, Talk and Chocolate” What fun! The evening attracted about 40 guests: nurses, patients and family members. Registered Sexologist Nina Sandoval provided an exceptional talk on intimacy and sexuality and a local gift shop provided an educational and hands-on display. Guests were well filled with a variety of chocolate and other deserts. Nina reinforced the links between sexuality and intimacy that oncology nurses have learned. She and members of the audience implored nurses to not ignore discussions about sex and relationships when in coaching or teaching or supporting roles with patients and families. 2008 Oncology Nursing Day, April 2, 2008 Well, you may know that our entire local chapter is involved with producing the best CANO/ACIO National Conference ever! So in true Newfoundland and Labrador fashion, on April 2, we took ourselves out to dinner at one of St. John’s many popular eateries (but not on the CANO/ACIO St. John’s budget), and talked CANO/ACIO and Conference, and fundraising, and the most spectacular scientific program, and of course, the most inspiring keynotes of all time! We wondered, should we organize a pub crawl? Or should we let registrants create their own? That is a bit risky – we might lose some to the excitement and the music and they will forget they are at a conference! Should we harness some of the massive icebergs that are floating off shore from St. John’s Harbour right now, and hope they’ll keep outside until September? Should we corral a few whales and keep them in the fountain at the Newfoundland Fairmont Hotel? I mean we are thinking BIG! All this is to say that we are completely focused on CANO/ACIO and oncology nursing and on giving our members the very best of our province, ourselves and our conference in September. Don’t forget to check out the website, for sightseeing, accommodations, and cultural events. We can’t wait to see you! Local planning for the 2008 National Conference The LPC comprises the core members of the St. John’s Branch. Since April 2008 all St. John’s Chapter meetings are devoted exclusively to National Conference planning. The Branch cannot produce a provincial conference in the same year as the national conference. One challenge now is how to support the Branch financially if there is no revenue from producing a provincial conference for 2008, and limited revenue from hosting the National Conference. Local chapter membership is represented in all aspects of conference planning: local planning committee, conference planning steering committee, scientific program committee, and the National CANO/ACIO Board. Review of Branch Terms of Reference – Ongoing. One issue is how to justify a quorum when a minimum of members attend regular business meetings versus the larger number of members who only attend educational events. Grant Application. Many thanks to CANO/ACIO National for $1500 towards the 2007 Annual Provincial Conference. The support will help defray the financial crunch we expect to experience in 2008. Due to arrangements made for hosting the 2008 National conference, the St. John’s chapter is ineligible to apply for chapter grants for the next five years. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Ontario - London Chapter Executive: Susan Collins: President Gloria Murdoch : Past President Patricia Stalker: Treasurer Wendy Gillis: Secretary 19
  20. 20. Current membership: Has been fluctuating, only 6 members, which is a significant drop since 5 years ago. Previous members report not receiving notification about renewal as in the past. We also have a small group of oncology nurses who participate in planning our conferences but who have also resisted joining CANO/ACIO. I have no real explanation for this from these individuals but they are instrumental to our conference planning. Mandate: To provide educational programs and events to local and regional oncology nurses to promote oncology nursing and enhance exposure to latest developments; to encourage engagement of oncology nurses at the national level. Key Initiatives: With the help of Roche, LONIG sponsored an educational dinner in June of 2008, featuring talks from both a physician and a patient with lymphoma. Our conference (held every 18 months) was held in November 2008. Entitled “Step by Step: The Evolution of Cancer Care”, it was a great success. With about 80 attendees on hand (some from Toronto, Hamilton, Wingham and Owen Sound), we were fortunate enough to have Terry Hoddinott as our keynote speaker. Terry, if you recall, was a keynote speaker at the International Conference in Toronto. Other topics, including Sexuality In Cancer, Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine and other presentations were also very well received. Oncology Nursing Day 2008 was celebrated with luncheons in both the in-patient and ambulatory settings sponsored by LONIG while we watched the CANO/ACIO video “Live the Passion: Oncology Nursing”. Announcements were sent out locally. Plans for next year: Two of our executive will be presenting at the CANO/ACIO conference in St. John’s in September. I am pleased to be bringing along a young nurse from the in-patient unit who will be a co-author. Conference planning for the Spring of 2009 will begin in the fall. Other educational events and meeting are currently in limbo as three of our executive are focused on writing the Adult NP examination this summer. An ongoing priority remains recruitment; this has always been an issue and we hope to gain ideas through Council of Chapters meetings from others with similar dilemmas. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Ontario - Northeastern Chapter Jane Keown- President Terry Mackenzie- Past President Janice Romanko- President Elect Margaux Lachance -Fundraising Nicole McDonald - Fundraising Suzanne Levesque- Secretary Sandy Gervais -Treasurer Current membership 30 Mandate: To promote oncology nursing through meetings and educational sessions To promote the national organization Key Initiatives: • We have hosted 3 educational sessions. Dr. Debra Bakker spoke on the recruitment and retention of Oncology nurses. Terry Mackenzie spoke on the Advanced Practice Nursing PEPPA project and Dr. Debra Bakker reviewed the research on Oncology Nursing Telephone Practice. • We participated in our local Oncology Conference held in October 2007. Oncologic Emergencies was presented by the nurse clinicians from Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie • We received a grant from CANO/ACIO for Oncology Nurses Day. We had a very successful dinner presentation by Dr. Anne Katz from Winnipeg who spoke on “Sexuality and the Cancer Patient”. 20
  21. 21. • Fundraising was successful again this year. We had a Thanksgiving bake sale, gourmet basket for Christmas and an Easter bake sale. Revenue is used to support NEOCON members to attend the annual conference. Three awards of $1000.00 were awarded this year. • 3 Abstracts were submitted to the 2008 CANO/ACIO conference. PLANS FOR 2007-8 • Membership to CANO/ACIO will be promoted to include other programs such as surgery and medicine • Educational meetings • Promote the revised CANO/ACIO Practice Standards and Competencies _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Ontario - Ottawa Chapter Executive: D Gravelle- J. Robertson K.A Baines P. McCarthy C. Degrasse Membership- 62 The Ottawa chapter is working hard at revitalizing the group. We have agreed to change our name to the Champlain Chapter of CANO/ACIO; health care in Ottawa is undergoing regionalization and is now referred to as the Champlain Local Health Integration Network. In order to ensure that nurses working with cancer patients in the network feel part of the group we would like the name to be changed. As many other groups we struggle with finding members interested in taking on an executive role in the group, we have decided to offer a mentorship program which will allow nurses to work alongside someone with some experience in the role in hopes of taking on the role. We have a mentee for the secretary and treasurer positions and are recruiting for the chair and co chair roles. We are in the process of developing a strategic plan for the group for the next year to assist in planning, workload and sustainability of the chapter. We are planning a gathering of Oncology nurse leaders in our area to increase membership and participation in the local chapter. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Ontario – Simcoe County Chapter The chapter was founded in 2001 and is co-chaired by Lynne Penton and Carole Beals. Our goal is to support the advancement of oncology nurses in Simcoe / Muskoka by promoting and developing excellence in oncology nursing practice, education, and research by providing a forum for members, and other oncology nurses in the area, to communicate and share knowledge and expertise. Our region encompasses multi facilities and levels of oncology nursing practice and the greatest challenge our chapter constantly faces is increasing and sustaining membership. Our goal to increase the membership is by strengthening and integrating relationships between all levels of oncology nursing practice across the continuum of care so we can better meet the needs of our patient population. Our chapter provides a linkage between different health care providers and organizations where we can create solutions to local cancer issues. The events we host as a chapter serve to promote membership. In 2007 Lynne Penton and Carole Beals were honored to be the recipients of the Schering Lectureship award at the annual CANO/ACIO conference in Vancouver. The topic was on the development of a palliative care order set. This initiative occurred as a result of the open panel discussion on practice issues that is held at the annual breakfast meeting. Our goals for next year include breakfast meetings, and encouraging members to submit abstracts. ________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 21
  22. 22. Ontario – Waterloo-Wellington Chapter Submitted by Donna Holmes RN, BHScN, CON ( C), MN (c ) Chair of the chapter When our group first began our discussions around starting a chapter in our area focused on education. We still hold onto that focus. Over the past year we have had many various small educational events that were not specifically put on by our CANO/ACIO chapter, but met the needs of the nurses in our LHIN. Our community oncology program is growing and with it also the need for nurses to become informed as well as given opportunities for education both locally and internationally. Our CANO/ACIO executive is changing as a few members have resigned their positions over the last year. We need to reconvene the membership to look at future goals and strategies for leadership of our local chapter. For Oncology nurse’s day this year we held an open house of our newly renovated Inpatient Oncology Unit and Dr. Basrur spoke and brought greetings and congratulations to Oncology Nurses and the care they provide. We have had a focus on education events with our nurses in the LHIN. Both oncology nurses as well as Nurse Practitioners who work in the area have requested more information/education around cancer and the oncology patient’s experiences. We are looking at working with them on some survivorship issues. Our plans for the next year are a work in progress. We hope to engage some members in joining our executive and look at new education initiatives with a dissemination of Oncology nursing Standards for the upcoming year. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Prince Edward Island Chapter Susan MacKay RN CON(c) ...President Elaine Smith RN ...treasurer Last fall we were able to send three of our members to the CANO/ACIO Conference. Our local chapter was able to provide some financial assistance. Last September we hosted our annual PEI CANO conference entitled: "Transitioning to Palliative Care." It was a wonderful conference with speakers from our local palliative care program presenting. Many of our speakers presented through story telling and the day was a huge success. We discussed their principles of palliative care, referral process, challenges of introducing the palliative program, pain and symptom management, accessibility, working with families, spirituality, and communication. In January we held our annual Valentine Basket draw. monies go toward assisting our members attend the National Conference each year. We celebrated Oncology Nurses day with a potluck followed by a meeting. Lots of good food was enjoyed by all. In June, many of us will attend the annual ACOG Conference at the Delta Prince Edward Hotel. This year’s focus is on GI Cancers. Presently, we are planning our annual provincial conference for Sept. We look forward to having Dr. Kim Miller, a psycho- oncologist from the Princess Margaret share her expertise with us. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Quebec Chapter Executive: President – Sylvie Bélanger Vice President – Linda Hershon Treasurer – Jacinthe Brodeur Secretary – Sonia Joannette Board Members: Onco-Nursing: Sylvie Croteau (Editor), Louise Villeneuve, Maryse Carignan, Linda Hershon Translation Committee: Marie de Serres Communication and Website: Lucie Laporte, Marie-Eve Michaud AQIO Representative to CANO/ACIO: Marika Swidzinski Education Committee: Nicole Tremblay AQIO Annual Conference: Jacinthe Brodeur 22
  23. 23. Group Characteristics: The Quebec Chapter has a membership of 200 nurses. Mandate: AQIO recognizes the responsibilities and the role of nurses in Quebec in promoting and assuring quality care to individuals diagnosed with cancer or those at risk of developing cancer and their family. A cancer diagnosis is an event, which changes the life not only of individuals who are diagnosed with cancer but also their loved ones. In this life experience, nurses consider families or significant others as partners in care and also as individuals who are in need of support, information and counseling towards the resolution of problems. Oncology Care encompasses prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, long-term survival, palliative care and end-of-life care. Nurses recognize the knowledge and skills required to assure competence in the complex needs of individuals diagnosed with cancer. In order to accomplish this, AQIO is implicated in the consolidation and development of quality evidence-based oncology nursing practice. Objectives: • Establish a communication network among nurses in Quebec with an interest in Oncology. • Promote the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas in order to enrich the quality oncology care in Quebec. • To support the development of specialized oncology nursing education. • Promote oncology-nursing research in Quebec. • Assure that oncology nurses are represented in organizations implicated in the fight against cancer at the provincial and national levels. • Work collaboratively with the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology. Key Initiatives: Over the past year AQIO has sponsored two Educational Evening Dinner Conferences. In order to promote the advantages of becoming a CANO/ACIO member, once again this year, members were able to attend the educational evenings without a registration fee. Both conferences focused on sharing the highlights of numerous presentations from the 19th annual CANO/ACIO conference which was held in Vancouver on the 28 – 31st of October. Over 120 nurses attended the two Post CANO/ACIO Conferences in Montreal and Quebec City. AQIO would like to express their sincere gratitude to Ortho Biotec for supporting these educational sessions. Presentations in Montreal were comprised of the following themes: What Circumstances Support Individuals Diagnosed with Cancer to Discuss Alternative and Complementary Therapies with Health Care Professionals? (Antoinette Ehrler, Jewish General Hospital); Les infirmières en oncologie au service des soins aux personnes atteintes d’un cancer : le pouvoir collectif et individuel (Maryse Carignan, CSSS Laval); Moral Distress in the Workplace (Eileen Curran, McGill University health Center); Nutrition and Exercise (Sylvie Croteau, Centre hospitalier universitaire de Montréal). Presentations in Quebec City included: A Study on Advanced Practice in Canada and the United States (Nicole Allard, Université du Québec à Rimouski, Levis) The Management of Central Venous Catheter Occlusions (Diane Bisson, Hôtel Dieu, Lévis); Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathies (Sylvie Bélanger, Hôpital du Sacré Cœur de Montréal); Intervenir auprès d’un enfant dont l’un des parents est mourant (Véronique Lebel, Hôtel Dieu, Lévis) AQIO was able to organize two educational days with the collaboration of the clinical team from l’Hôpital du Sacré Cœur in Montreal during the Fall 2007 and in Quebec City in Spring 2008 through an educational grant from Amgen Canada Inc. The theme of these conference days was The Individual Diagnosed with Lung Cancer: The Nurse at the Heart of the Continuum of Care. A total of 185 nurses participated in these two conferences. Once again, prior to this years’ Annual Provincial Conference, AQIO, in collaboration with Ortho Biotech and la Direction de la lutte contre le cancer, organized a pre-conference seminar for the infirmières pivots en oncologie (IPO). This was the 3rd annual seminar for the 123 participants. This year the presentation focused on La pratique téléphonique and L’intervention auprès des familles. 23
  24. 24. April 25, 2007 was the date of AQIO’s Annual Provincial Conference entitled La passion des soignants: l’espoir des patients. Over 300 nurses attended the conference. The conference provided oncology nurses with an occasion to network with other health care professionals, and colleagues at eight different workshops. AQIO would like to take the opportunity to thank the conference committee for their commitment in once again developing an Annual Provincial Conference which continues to be a great success: Jacinthe Brodeur, Jacqueline Chaput, Caroline Mathieu, Nathalie Moreau, Lise Deslandes, Murielle Tremblay-Leblanc, Rita Lagredelle, Antoinette Ehrler, Chantal Cloutier. In March, the Board of Directors (BOD) of AQIO were given the opportunity to have a special meeting with three representatives from the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ), Gyslaine Desrosiers (President), Suzanne Durand (Director of Professional Development) and Johanne Lapointe (Director of Strategic Planning). The goal of the meeting was to discuss the document published by the OIIQ in November 2007 entitled: Une nouvelle approche de planification des effectifs infirmiers: des choix à faire de toute urgence. The BOD shared their concerns regarding the document: oncology nursing was not described as a priority even though the incidence of cancer is increasing; the absence of specialized oncology education and the recognition of nurses without a baccalaureate degree as nurse clinician after two years of experience in a speciality described as priority (critical care, mental health, community). The OIIQ representatives proposed to create a joint committee (Fall 2008), AQIO-OIIQ with a mandate to develop a strategic plan for oncology nursing in Quebec. Group Outputs: AQIO has become an associate member of the Secrétariat international des infirmières et infirmiers de l’espace francophone (SIDIIEF). The mission of this organization is to contribute to collaborative nursing practise amongst Francophone nurses worldwide. AQIO has been asked to develop a workshop related to the standards of care in oncology nursing for the 4th Annual International Conference in Morocco to be held in June 2009. Representing AQIO will be Sylvie Bélanger, Andréanne Saucier and Anne Plante. Sylvie Bélanger will also participate in a joint presentation with l’Association française des infirmières en cancérologie (l’AFIC) with the theme of emerging roles in oncology nursing. The AQIO web site ( continues to provide oncology nurses in Quebec and beyond with information and a venue to promote networking with colleagues. We would like to extend an invitation to everyone to visit our web site. Special Recognition: This year, AQIO honoured Mme Doreen Lalonde from Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte Justine with the AQIO prix d’excellence for her dedication in oncology nursing in Quebec. Doreen has played a key role in developing the infrastructure of clinical research in paediatrics in Saskatchewan and Montreal. Work Plan for Next Year: AQIO’s goals for the upcoming year include the following objectives: • Continue to increase the membership in Quebec. • Encourage nurses to submit articles, conference summaries, educational articles for publishing in our journal Onco-Nursing. • Continue to offer educational opportunities for oncology nurses minimally twice a year as well as our Annual Provincial Conference. • Develop a strategic plan for oncology nursing in Quebec in conjunction with the OIIQ • Promote nursing research in oncology in Quebec. • Assure that oncology nurses are represented in provincial and national committees, which are implicated in the fight against cancer. • Continue planning for the Annual CANO/ACIO Conference, which will be in Montreal in 2009. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Saskatchewan Chapter Submitted by: Natasha Hubbard Murdoch RN BSN CON(C) Co-Chair Executive: Co-Chair: Natasha Hubbard Murdoch 24
  25. 25. Co-Chair: Cheryl Whiting Treasurer: Penny Henderson Education Coordinator: Heather Doell Education Coordinator: Sheri Briggs E-letter Editor: Tina King Secretary: Sherry McDonald Following our rebuilding activities last year, we continue to work toward strengthening our local chapter and creating a sustainable group. Our membership has remained consistent; however we were able to increase the number of nurses on our contact list. We provide ongoing updates to all our nurses regarding CANO/ACIO communiqués, national and local education, information conferences, and evidence-based practice initiatives worldwide. We hosted a social for our Saskatoon members and shared some great oncology experiences as well as brainstormed potential future directions. Our chapter meetings have resulted in a solid Terms of Reference reflecting the aspirations of Saskatchewan oncology nurses with a mandate to provide networking and learning opportunities for our members provincially. As we move forward, we would like to congratulate oncology nurses in Saskatchewan who have attained their Certification, Post-RN, or Masters degree. As well, thank you to those who represented Saskatchewan at CANO/ACIO last year and success to those who submitted abstracts this year! In recognition of these personal efforts to advance oncology nursing, the Saskatchewan Chapter will continue to strive to be more visible and supportive of our membership. Our plans for 2008/09 include hosting an educational event, defining and planning a group research project, and fundraising. We extend a warm welcome to oncology nurses who are new or returning to the ‘Land of Living Skies,’ especially to the significant number of New Grads who have joined the profession of oncology nursing. 25
  26. 26. COMMITTEE AND SIG REPORTS _________________________________________________________________________ Website Committee Barbara Willson, Chair Group characteristics / Members: Patricia Marchand, (Clinical Nurse Specialist/Educator) Cynthia Villella (Palliative care community) Leela Kesavan (Ambulatory care clinical practice) Manon Lemonde (Professor, university nursing program) Jeanne Robertson, Director-at-Large, Internal Relations (provides liaison with the CANO Board) Mandate The purpose of the CANO/ACIO Web Site Committee is to promote and support the CANO/ACIO strategic plan, vision and activities. The Committee seeks through the web site to: • Promote an understanding of CANO/ACIO and profile its activities. • Facilitate communication between CANO/ACIO members. • Provide links to other sites associated with oncology nursing and cancer care. • Promote a positive image of the CANO/ACIO through the communication medium of the internet. Key initiatives Web Site Development 2007-2008 The Web Site Committee has continued to update and add content to the web site. The Committee has reviewed “traffic reports” to determine web site usage and conducted a survey of CANO/ACIO members to obtain feedback on their perspective re usage and future development. Web Site Strategic Planning for 2008-2011 The Web Site Committee conducted a strategic planning meeting to review its progress and set goals for the next 3 years. A revised vision statement was developed: “The CANO/ACIO Web will be the vehicle for knowledge dissemination and exchange in the domains of education, practice, research, leadership for Canadian oncology nurses and our colleagues around the world”. A plan of action which outlines action items and plans for 2008-2011 was developed focusing on greater attention to the needs of CANO/ACIO, Chapter, and Special Interest Group members as well as the development of e- learning and e-connecting strategies. Group outputs • Update of policies, procedures and terms of reference associated with the web site committee. • Revenue generation from job postings has increased over last year. • Continue to update web site information and respond to web enquiries. • Section titled Job Postings has been expanded and changed to DISCOVER ONCOLOGY NURSING and includes streamed video of oncology nurses sharing their perspective along with other personal testimonials. • New section addressing Patient Information developed in partnership with Merck Frosst has been launched. • Providing CONJ with short content piece on “What’s New on the Website” for each edition. • Abstract submission for the annual CANO/ACIO fall conference is now available on-line. Special recognition Each member of the web site has contributed of their time, expertise, and ongoing support to further develop the website. Members are thanked for their individual and corporate contributions. Focus for the next year • Working with Chapters and SIGs to develop web sections that better meet their members’ learning and communication needs. 26
  27. 27. • Launching Discussion Forums. • Developing e-learning opportunities for CANO/ACIO members. • Increasing the amount of French content posted on the web site. Recruitment Information The Web Site Committee offers CANO/ACIO members the opportunity to learn more about web site operation and share their oncology nursing perspective in the development of the CANO/ACIO web site. Anyone interested in joining, contact Barb Willson at _________________________________________________________________________ Patient Education Committee Vanessa Grieve Director at Large Education CANO/ACIO co-chair Cynthia Villella Web site committee member CANO/ACIO co-chair J. Symes Patient representative Taunya Van Allen CNSA [Canadian Nursing Schools Association] Vice president An exciting focus this year was developing terms of reference and the formation of The Patient Education committee. The goal of this committee is to grow the patient education component of the web site, making it a nationally recognizable educational site, easily navigated by patients and their families / support systems, utilized by all oncology professionals for the benefit of all parties. The initial meeting was held in March 2007. The patient educational web site was reviewed, identifying items for discussion and prioritizing. Please refer to Vanessa Grieve’s report for full details. It was decided to meet on a monthly basis via teleconference. Ad hoc members will be invited to participate as required by the committee. The minutes from these meetings will be posted on CANO /ACIO web site for viewing. The committee members would truly welcome your thoughts /suggestions / great ideas you may have including offers to participate on this committee, adding your expertise to this very motivated group of individuals to develop the educational site as the need arises. Please direct your inquiries to: Vanessa Grieve or Cynthia Villella The Patient Education Committee CANO /ACIO _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Recognition of Excellence Committee Stephanie Burlein-Hall, (Chair) Ontario Joy Bunsko, BC Erin Elphee, Manitoba Carolyn Ingram, Ontario Dail Jacob, Quebec Bernadine O’Leary, Nfld. Currently, the committee has representatives from all regions of Canada and is at the full complement of six members including the chair. The mandate of the Recognition of Excellence Committee is to oversee the process of awards for CANO/ACIO members and to participate in the selection of award recipients based on criteria established for each award. Specifically the committee selects the Schering and Helene Hudson Lectureships for the annual conference, awards of excellence, the mentorship award and the nursing scholarship awards. 27
  28. 28. Over the past year, the committee has been challenged with the lack of participation of members in nominating peers for many of the available awards. In the future we may need to review and simplify the nomination process to increase potential candidates. In 2007, we were very disappointed when one of our sponsors withdrew a large amount of funding for nursing scholarships and travel grants, citing changes in industry regulations as impacting their participation in these areas. However, the CANO/ACIO Board has recognized the importance of funds for education and have this year reinstituted the nursing scholarship grants and made funds available for travel to the annual conference. Over the next year, the Recognition of Excellence Committee hopes to evaluate funding for some of the awards, and dialogue with sponsors regarding their renewed participation for the Mentorship Award. A special thank you is extended to Mary McCullum for her years of service on this committee as a member and chair over an 8 year period. Thanks Mary! _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Advanced Practice Nurses SIG J. Colleen Johnson, RN, MN/ACNP, CON(C) Advanced Practice Nurse, Oncology Trillium Health Centre, Mississauga, Ontario The initiation of the Advanced Practice Nurses Special Interest Group is in its infancy stages. A call to CANO/ACIO members who would be interested in joining a special interest group of oncology advanced practice nurses (APNs) was sent out in the spring of 2007. An impressive 41 APNs responded to this first notice. A draft of the terms of reference will be emailed out to individuals in the spring of 2008 for review and comment. The goal for this group is to finalize the terms of reference and plan our next steps as a SIG at a face to face meeting at the CANO/ACIO conference in Newfoundland. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Surgical Oncology SIG Submitted by: Shari Moura, RN, MN, CON(C), CHPCN(C) Advanced Practice Nurse Odette Cancer Centre – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4N 3M5 Tel: 416-480-4388 Room: H337 Our membership represents on a national level nurses working and/or having an interest in surgical oncology. To date we are 44 members strong. We have set no limit on membership to date. Our mandate and purpose is to promote the development of the specialty of Surgical Oncology nursing in order to enhance the care of patients and their families requiring surgical intervention for their cancer. Key initiatives to date include the following: Our Surgical Oncology SIG was officially approved at CANO/ACIO 2006 by the Board of Directors meeting. In 2007 our key initiative was to advertise our SIG to CANO/ACIO membership and build our SIG membership. At CANO/ACIO 2007 we had our first official meeting and set out two priority goals for the coming year. Our two goals are to: 28
  29. 29. 1) Raise the profile of Surgical Oncology Nursing @ CANO/ACIO 2) Sharing of tools/documents for patient/family education and education materials relevant to generalist and specialized oncology nurse related to our specialty Oncology Nurse education Group interest and ideas have been shared at our annual SIG meeting at CANO/ACIO 2007 and via email communication. Our work plan for the coming year includes: 1. Develop our symbol/Image for the Surgical Oncology SIG 2. Utilize CANO/ACIO public website to highlight surgical oncology (e.g. poster/images) and share patient/family/nurse education materials (members’ access) 3. Possible article in Canadian Nurse, RNAO or other provincial registration/professional organizations profiling the specialty practice of surgical oncology nurses. 4. Advocate for at future CANO/ACIO conferences – section highlighting Surgical Oncology for Podium & Poster presentations If you are interested in joining our Surgical Oncology SIG, please contact: Shari Moura, RN, MN, CON(C), CHPCN(C) Advanced Practice Nurse Odette Cancer Centre – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5 Tel: 416-480-4388 Room: H337 _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Palliative Care SIG Co-chairs: Vicki Lejambe RN, BScN, MN(c), CON(C), CHPC(C) Advanced Practice Consultant, Saint Elizabeth Health Care Chris Emery, RN, MSN, CON(C), CHPCN(C) Clinical Nurse Specialist - Hospice Palliative Care Fraser Health The PC SIG has over 100 members from a wide variety of positions and settings. Its purpose it to support the knowledge and practice of the palliative care oncology and advance the mission of CANO/ACIO by: - Providing a national networking opportunity for oncology palliative care nurses; - Promoting the integration and visibility of oncology palliative care nursing at a national; - Continually striving to enhance patient care with the advancement of knowledge through the sharing and dissemination of research and education in palliative oncology nursing. The PC SIG activities include: - Providing a forum for nurses to exchange ideas, knowledge and skills. - Promoting basic palliative care as part of oncology nursing - Promoting the advancement of palliative care as a specialty. - Promoting the standards of palliative care nursing Over the past year we have focused on recruiting members and working with the membership to create a work plan for this upcoming year. Some of the things we are looking at are the development of knowledge and practice resources to advance palliative care knowledge, education activities, continuation of our newsletter and other strategies to connect this network of palliative care nurses. If you are interested in joining or in learning more about the PC SIG please contact Vicki at or Chris at 29
  30. 30. _________________________________________________________ EXTERNAL REPRESENTATIVES REPORTS _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Submitted by: Andréanne Saucier, Associate Director of Nursing Cancer Care Mission & Respiratory Services McGill University Health Centre, Montreal Membership of Associates, Affiliates and Emerging Groups (AAEs)  40 national nursing associations  2 CNA board members  2 CNA liaison members Mandate: To maintain a strong collaboration between CNA and AAEs. AAEs will be invited to represent CNA on national committees, advisory or working groups or at national meetings where their expertise would be beneficial. Support on CNA policy development and advocacy of CNA. Key Initiatives in 2007- 2008 AAE Initiatives:  AAE Environmental Scan: Identification of common issues such as staff shortage, need for a better understanding of the role of specialties and timely access to quality care.  Collaboration on position statements such as workplace violence, overcapacity-hallway nursing, advanced nursing practice models, leadership CNA Initiatives  Position statements on workplace violence and breast feeding  “NurseONE” was revised  CPSI Canadian Disclosure Guidelines  Certification of medical and surgical nurses  A bylaw amendment for student membership  Revised publication Advanced Nursing Practice: A National Framework Outputs:  Certificate to CANO/ACIO for the biennial  Donalda McDonald recipient of the Centennial Award  Carolyn Taylor recipient of the 2008 CNA Award of Merit – Administration Work Plan for Next Year: AAE  Undertake a strategic planning process for the AAE network  Enhance communication between CNA, CNA Board, AAE Board and AAEs  Increase collaboration among AAEs CNA  “NurseONE”  Advocacy within a federated model  Nurses as solution providers  CNA as the voice of nurses across Canada 30
  31. 31. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ CNA Oncology Exam Committee On behalf of the Canadian Nurses Association Oncology Certification Examination Committee, the following report is submitted to CANO/ACIO for distribution to their Annual Conference in September in St. John’s Newfoundland. The 2007 Oncology Exam Committee members were: Marika Swidzinski (2000-2006) Manager at the McGill University Health Centre, Montréal, QC Lori Kotuza (2007-2013) First line caregiver at the Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, AB Heather Perkins (2007-2013) Nurse Case manager at the CHEO/Oncology clinic, Ottawa, Ont. Mary McCullum (1999-2007) Nurse Educator at the BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC Agnès Rémillard (2007-2013) Unit Manager at the Cancer Care Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB Kim Chapman (2007-2013) CNS Oncology in River Valley Health, Fredericton, NB Andrea Miller (2007-2013) Education Development Clinician at the Hamilton Health Sciences Centre, Ont. Linda Varner (2003-2008) Breast Cancer Navigator at the Dr-Léon-Richard Oncology Centre, Moncton, NB The committee is composed of a maximum of eight members with regional representation, 80% of whom are CNA members and at least one whose first language is French. Selection of the members by CNA in consultation with CANO is determined on representation of the various areas of nursing including management, education, practice and research. Members must be certified in oncology, have at least 4 years of experience in oncology and be practicing nursing at the time of appointment. Membership is for at least 6 years and may be renewed for one additional term. The responsibilities include participation in the development of the blueprint of the oncology exam, approval of the exam, establishment of the standards of the exam, revision of questions that will appear in future exams, approbation of experimental items in future exams, writing of new questions to ensure the exam meets the established guidelines and the current issues in oncology nursing. In December of 2006, the committee revised the Oncology Nursing Exam Blueprint for 2008-2013. In January of 2007, the committee revised the list of Assumptions and Nursing Competencies. In May of 2007, the committee met in Ottawa for 5 days to review the Oncology Nursing Certification Exam questions and establish the passing mark based on the Angoff Method of Standard Setting for Criterion-Referenced Certification Examinations. This exam was used in September of 2007 for the certification of Oncology Nurses across the country. There haves been no meetings since and CNA may hold one five-day meeting tri-annually as required for the maintenance cycle of the exam. Personally, I have been involved with the exam committee since 1997 and have found it tremendously rewarding. Time commitment is intense during the review and translation but you learn so much about all aspects of oncology nursing and it’s only every 2 to 3 years. And as a bonus, you get to meet colleagues from coast to coast who share their passion about their profession. I’ve always left the meetings feeling uplifted. This is my last year, and I encourage CANO/ACIO members to contact the Head Office and volunteer for this exciting committee. Respectfully submitted by Linda Varner _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO) Submitted by: Deborah McLeod R.N., Ph.D., Clinician Scientist, Psychosocial Oncology Team NSCC QEII Health Sciences Centre / Dalhousie University and Member, Board of Directors CAPO (2003-2008) 2008-2009 Executive Members CAPO: Mary Jane Esplen, R.N., PhD (President) Tom Hack, Ph.D. (Vice-President) Maureen Parkinson, M.Ed, C.C.R.C. (Secretary/Treasurer) Esther Green, RN, M.Sc. (T.) (Past – President) 31
  32. 32. Membership: Regular members of CAPO include anyone with a university degree or registration, certification or other accreditation in a recognized profession who is involved in or interested in psychosocial oncology. CAPO also offers student memberships . Mandate: The purpose of CAPO is to foster and encourage interdisciplinary excellence in psychosocial research, education and clinical practice in oncology. The objectives are: To educate and disseminate information on all aspects of psychosocial oncology including to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of registered charities as recognized by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regarding psychosocial oncology, by: (a) conducting conferences and workshops educating professionals, health personnel and the public in clinical skills and theoretical concepts in psychosocial oncology; (b) preparing and disseminating educational material to the public and health care professionals across Canada on all aspects of psychosocial oncology; (c) providing a national network for the exchange of ideas; and (d) establishing a library of educational materials concerning all aspects of psychosocial oncology. Key Initiatives: CAPO has been involved in a number of key initiatives over the past year including: 1. The IPODE (Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology Distance Education) Project: In 2006, CAPO launched the IPODE project in partnership with Capital Health, Halifax and 8 Canadian Universities. The project was funded by Health Canada and in 2008 additional funding was received by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership). The purpose of the project is to expand interprofessional education opportunities for graduate students and practising professional in psychosocial oncology, using web-based technologies. The first course was launched in January 2008 with 26 students from 8 universities with the continuing education version launched in March 2008 with 48 students. Both the university credit course and the CE option will be offered in 2008/2009 and a second course about families in oncology and palliative care will be launched in 2009 (see for more information). 2. CAPO was successful in having two additional projects funded by the Partnership, including a school based project designed to provide educators with just in time information about helping children and families manage the experience of cancer (submitted by the CAPO Education Committee) and a project designed in partnership with a coalition of community based organizations, to develop a web-site to link organizations an resources. 3. Standards revision project: In 1999 CAPO published the first standards of practice in psychosocial oncology in the world. Recently the Board mandated the formation of a working group to revise this document. We expect to submit the revised standards for approval at the 2009 annual general meeting. Recruitment Information: CAPO is actively seeking new members from all disciplines and would welcome contributions to the Education, Research, Awards and Fund Raising Committees. Please visit CAPO at _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ CPAC Rebalance Focus Action Group The Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership) The Cancer Journey Action Group (Formerly ReBalance Focus): Lead for Guidelines and Standards Submitted by Doris Howell, RN, PhD 32