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Tele Connexions Company Profile And Voice Services

  1. 1. “Making Global Communication a Reality” Tele-Connexions Company Profile And Voice over IP Services This is an unpublished work the copyright in which vests Tele-Connexions Communication All rights Reserved. The information contained herein is the property of Tele-Connexions Communication, and is supplied without liability for errors or omissions. No part may be reproduced or used except as authorised by contract or other written permission. The Copyright and foregoing restriction on reproduction and use extend to all media in which information may be embodied. Tele-Connexions Communication, a division of Connexions Holding LLC.,USA. 60 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013 Tel: + (718)-395-2312 Fax: + (270) 573-5051 Web Site: E-mail:
  2. 2. Tele-connexions Company Profile and Voip services Table of Contents 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ................................................................................................................................................3 2. OVERVIEW OF TELE-CONNEXIONS COMMUNICATION . .................................................................................5 3. MISSION STATEMENT AND COMPETITIVE EDGE ..............................................................................................6 4. OUR COMPETITIVE STRENGTHS & ADVANTAGES ............................................................................................7 5. TELE-CONNEXIONS INTELLIGENT NETWORK ...................................................................................................9 Page 2
  3. 3. Tele-connexions Company Profile and Voip services 1. Executive Summary Packet Switching and VoIP is the Key The debate over the future of telephony is long over – It will be packet switching Internet-based; the only unanswered question now is… Why is n o t everyone becoming a Next-generation Telco? Many people think that making a voice call using Internet protocol (IP) is complicated. Yet, many international callers have already made IP calls and do n o t even realize it. Tele-Connexions Communications (“Tele-Connexions” or the “Company”) was formed to provide state of the art voice and data communications at affordable prices compared to local telephony and Internet service providers. The Company’s is a global leader in the provision of Internet and Telephony services, as we believe that the Internet and a global telephony network are two of the biggest and most valued technologies in the world. Central to the Company’s strategy is the targeting of markets for calls Terminating/Origination with value added services outside of the US and UK, and the outside marketplace that are in the process of telecom and media deregulation. The Company will focus on providing the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and the Caribbean marketplace with a fully-fledged Voice and Data network infrastructure. Tele-Connexions has established a Global Internet Telephony Provider and local points of presence within the EMEA and the Caribbean marketplace by signing bilateral Agreements to provide Internet, Telephony, broadband and satellite services. By opening up new business opportunities in the EMEA and the Caribbean sector that has been able to offer an array of low-cost Internet and telephony services that will connect PTT, carriers and ITSP together with business and residential communities. This was achieved through bilateral agreements, joint ventures and private equity funding with locally appointed affiliates in every respective country. Telephony is much more than simply making a voice connection. It is the wide range of applications and services that we have all come to rely on for everyday communication. Some of the advanced retail services available are as follows: Wholesale minutes Exchange. Traditional and Minutes Refilled. VoIP Clearinghouse Services. Worldwide VSAT Design, Engineering, Implementation of Solutions for voice, and Data Network. Prepaid disposable calling card services. Prepaid rechargeable calling card services Prepaid residential and business services. Residential and business account services. Residential and business call back services. Global calling card and account services via intelligent network. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) fully customized. Billing Systems for Fixed lines and Wireless lines. In Country ISP Services. In Country Satellite Services. In Country Back Bone and Back haul. In Country Broad band Service in providing Voice and data to the End User. Page 3
  4. 4. Tele-connexions Company Profile and Voip services Call Shops Solutions for providers and resellers. Virtual Private Networks and Intranets. Fax and Voice over IP (FoIP and VoIP). Thin Client / Server Based Computing Solutions. E-Commerce and M-Commerce Solutions. Live Internet TV (Audio and Video Broadcasting). Video on Demand (VOD). Spectrum of broadband enhanced services (full screen video broadcasts). Personalized Internet broadcasting services targeted to regional users. VoIP web based Retail Services. Wireless Back Bone and Backhaul WIMAX 802.16 Prepaid Disposables and Rechargeable GSM Mobile with free incoming and Roaming Services in 63 (Sixty-three) Countries with WAP and SMS, MMS services. Mobile Computing Solutions for PDA (Using Wireless IP over GSM) Page 4
  5. 5. Tele-connexions Company Profile and Voip services 2. Overview of Tele-Connexions Communication Tele-Connexions Communications was created to focus on becoming a Global Internet Telephone provider and providing Internet and Telecommunications Services to the third world marketplace [EMEA] and the Caribbean to improve the competitive advantage of businesses within their market sector through improvements in information communications. The third world marketplace has a real need for low cost, reliable and resilient communication networks. This will be achieved by developing for businesses a complete Internet and telecommunications solution; one that supports existing business processes and those services which will be required in the future. Today, Information represents the most highly demanded commodity in the business environment. Rapid advances in computer technology, most significantly in personal computers, has revolutionised the way in which every business operates by providing cost-effective access to information of all forms. Until now however, telecommunications has not kept pace with information technology, restricting business's ability to share information between different sites. During the early 1980’s the UK and US Government’s attempted to introduce competition to business sectors previously occupied by monopoly suppliers; the late 80’s saw the entry of new carriers into the telecommunication marketplace followed by the break up of the monopolies such as AT & T , Verizon ( previously known as Bell Atlantic), and British Telecom. Since then other carriers have entered the market providing switched network services. For larger business users, these carriers provided an alternative long haul telecommunications service. The net effect on the market was that the cost of long haul calls was driven down. Following the break-up of these monopolistic carriers in the US and UK, a number of recommendations were made to promote further deregulation of the telecommunications market to create more competition and to accelerate the introduction of advanced services. As a response to the above, Tele-Connexions began to investigate the opportunities created by the changes in government policy and deregulation of the US and UK telecommunications market. The objective was to gauge the market's responsiveness to a new force in telecommunications. More specifically, one that is continentally- based and focused on serving the needs of business particularly in regions where there are regulated markets such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia [EMEA] and the Caribbean. An effective telecommunications service is essential to any business today; it is a critical aspect of many business operations. Therefore, it is vital that whoever supplies telecommunications services must be a long term, credible partner. Tele-Connexions Communications is technically credible and committed to long-term involvement with telecommunications. Page 5
  6. 6. Tele-connexions Company Profile and Voip services 3. Mission Statement and Competitive Edge: The Company’s mission is to improve the competitive advantage of businesses within their market sector through improvements in information communications. This will be achieved by developing a complete telecommunications solution for businesses; one that supports existing business processes and those services, which will be required in the future. The Edge in Business Telecommunications With AT & T and BT dominating telecommunications in the US and UK respectively, any new network operator must represent a real alternative. In comparison with AT & T, BT, or any other local telecoms operators (PTTs), Tele-Connexions Communications offers very real and often unique telecoms solutions for our clients. Our commitment to providing state of the art communications services within a framework of a personalised, highly flexible approach is designed to meet the very specific needs of PTT, carriers, or business and residential customers. Flexibility The Company has a wealth of experience in telecommunications and we know how this can be used to deliver benefits to our clients. But we also understand that each business is different. Only by understanding, in depth, the issues, challenges and business processes in an organisation, can we offer a telecommunications solution that adds real benefit to that company. Not only to meet their present needs but as they grow, one that can grow with them. Responsiveness A key feature in the design of every feature of the Company is responsiveness. This not only includes network design and technologies, but the whole organisation and the way it operates. Value for Money Cost, of course, is fundamental to any business decision. The telecoms solutions that we develop are cost-effective because they can help improve a business's performance. Quality and standards, however, are never compromised; instead the Company provides levels of quality and service which exceed those of any telecom network operator. Innovation We have invested in a network that enables communications with anyone, anywhere! The Company offers every service that your business is ever likely to need; from simple telephone calls to advanced corporate networks using flexible bandwidth and broadband applications. Our network has the capacity to carry any form of communication, including voice, data fax and video. Personal Touch Through Account Managers, our customers will have access to the expertise and resources of the company complemented by a progressive approach to customer care; we will develop long term relationships, with the aim of being their sole Telecoms Partner. Page 6
  7. 7. Tele-connexions Company Profile and Voip services 4. Our Competitive Strengths & Advantages Tele-Connexions Communications believes it benefits from the following competitive strengths: Technologies / Special Know-How: The Company and its partners’ diverse technology portfolio includes a unique combination of skills, qualities and experience which enables the Company to offer superior quality services to its world-wide partners and customers. Technological Staff. The Company’s current employee base has extensive design, development and integration knowledge and experience. The Company’s professional team currently offers end-to- end productivity enhancing Voice and Telephony solutions including strategic consulting, security technologies, applications development, customised Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions, project management, implementation and maintenance services. Experienced Management Team. The Company’s executive team represents a uniquely qualified and experienced team with business experience and contacts across the United States, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Senior management has extensive Internet operations and market experience. The Company’s management have access to policy planners and decision makers in both the private and public sectors in the U.S.A, U.K and EMEA regions. First Mover Advantage. The Company was the first mover to incorporate a business plan since 1998 that focused on creating a global Internet and Telephony provider localised Internet services (in form of PTT, Carriers and ISP’s bilateral agreements) and telecommunications services operating in the targeted markets. The Company was the first organisation to simultaneously rollout selected regional points of presence with US and UK connections consolidate other platforms, technologies and applications into our switching backbone. The Company was among the first company to organically develop, partner with, and acquire selected business focused and value added local partners – accelerate their revenue stream and integrate their operations into the Company’s voice and data backbone infrastructure. Worldwide Brand Name Recognition and Flexibility. Tele-Connexions is a globally recognised and respected brand. Tele-Connexions Communications has several important advantages that help bring quality Voice and Data services to the consumer, carrier and corporate user. The ability to scale services and interoperate with top telecommunications networks in other countries. Unparalleled expertise in network/ in country management. Reliability and performance guarantees through dedicated networks. An extensive network of regional contacts. An unparalleled growth driven by proprietary networks with methods of delivering high bandwidth into the target markets. An impressive list of Tier 1 and Tier 2 US, ITSP and European based carrier clients that are either connected to our Hubs at 60 Hudson Street or our London Hub at 80 Clifton Street. Holding stakes in strategic operating licenses in heavily regulated markets through a series of joint ventures and partnership agreements. Dynamically operating on an open communications platform and providing the best possible price to performance conditions. Identifying, understanding and acting on our client’s needs and requirements. Supporting our business partner’s development and success through our market strength, expertise, experience and innovation. Page 7
  8. 8. Tele-connexions Company Profile and Voip services Tele-Connexions Staffing Chart. Share Holders CEO Chief Technical Officer Marketing & Web Development Vice President Network Technicians Switch Engineers Accountant Sales Executive Office Administrator Assistant Sales Executive Page 8
  9. 9. Tele-connexions Company Profile and Voip services 5. Tele-Connexions Intelligent Network: Page 9
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