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Westwood Unitarian And The Net Part 1


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Slides from Part 1 of net and web 2.0 literacy educational event at Westwood Unitarian Congregation, Edmonton

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Westwood Unitarian And The Net Part 1

  1. 1. Westwood The Net and U Terry Anderson
  2. 2. • May 13 – What can our youth teach us about Net use – Web affordances - Demos, and Questions • May 20 – Taxonomy of the Soul in Cyberspace • Enhancing place bound churches • Substituting Net for face-to-face activities • Net Native Religious activities
  3. 3. Net is a Disruptive Technology! Low, High End, Non-consumer Disruptions
  4. 4. Five technological capabilities Awareness Recognise the new technologies, their products and applications. User Use the new technological tools to support learning, work and life. Maker Apply the new technologies to produce new ‘products’ and services. Evaluator Make critical judgments about the new technologies, their products and their impacts. Holistic Recognise the impact of the new technologies on how we think. Prof. David Layton
  5. 5. Introductions • Tell us about an instance when you used effectively (or ineffectively) web resources, or their use added confusion. • Do you have something you want to learn or share about the net in these sessions?
  6. 6. Affordances of the Net 1. Access to Information – anything, anytime, any format 2. Access to Others – friends, families, networks, communities 3. Collaborative/Individual Production and sharing
  7. 7. Access to Anything • Searching Beyond Google – Yelp reviews – DogPile • Photos on Flickr • Bookmarks on Diigo • Sites for Book Lovers • Google Maps and Google Earth • And of course Wikipedia • And thousands of web 2.0 sites –
  8. 8. Social Software for Networks and Groups • Profiles • Photos • Blogs • Calendars • File management • See ning and tarians&page=1
  9. 9. Access to People: Social Networks • Facebook: – Profiles – finding others – Sharing photos, comments on the wall, – Email and discussion groups – Applications – Keeping in touch with distant friends/relatives • Demo: My Facebook
  10. 10.
  11. 11. A closed Social Network NING • Ning – – Free with ads – Easy to set as public or private – Unitarians on Tap • Elgg – Sets permissions for all content – (accessible only by Athabasca students and staff – sorry)
  12. 12. Collaborative/Individual Production and sharing • Google Apps • Blogs – see the Virtual Canuck • Group sharing/discussing – Voice Threads • Wikis – collaborative documents creation/editing for example PBWiki • Project Management Scrumy
  13. 13. Your turn • Is there a net site or application you would like to share with us?? • Do you have a burning question • See you next week we look specifically at applications for groups, networks and collectives at Westwood.