201013 job's trials chinese- rev joyce william


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201013 job's trials chinese- rev joyce william

  1. 1. 约伯的考验 Job's trials 约伯记 Job 19 : 1-26
  2. 2. Oxen and donkeys carried away by Sabeans Sheep burned up by fire of God Camels stolen by Chaldeans Mighty wind killed 10 of his children celebrating in eldest brother's house
  3. 3. Bildad Eliphaz Zohar
  4. 4. 我因委屈呼叫, 却不蒙应允 摘去我头上的冠冕 I cry Violence, no response Remove the crown from my head 我呼求, 却不得公断 Cry for help, no justice 拦住我 的道路 四围攻击我, 我便归于死亡 Tears me down on every side, so that I am ruined. Block my ways 使我的 路径黑暗 Veiled my part with darkness 剥去我的荣光 Stripped Me of my honor 愤怒向我发作 Anger burns against me 以我为敌人 Regard me as one of his enemies 将我的指望 如树拔出来 Uproots my hope like a tree
  5. 5. 弟兄隔在远处,所认 识的全然与我生疏 My brothers and acquaintances have abandoned me 亲戚与我断绝, 我的密友都忘记我 My relative and close friends have abandoned 我家寄居的和我的 and stop coming by 我口的气味,我 妻子厌恶,我的 恳求,我同胞也憎嫌 My breath is offensive to my wife and my family find me repulsive 小孩子也藐视我,我 若起来,他们都嘲笑我 Even young boys scorn me, when'd I stand up they mock me 使女都以我为外人 My house guest and female servants regard me as a stranger 我的密友都憎恶我, 我平日所爱的人向 我翻脸。 All my best friends despise, and those I love have turn against me
  6. 6. 我的皮肉紧贴骨头, 我只剩牙皮逃脱了 My skin and my flesh cling to my bones. I have escape by the skin of my teeth 神的手攻击我, 仿佛神逼迫我 God's hand have struck me, and persecute me 唯愿我的言语现在写上,都记录 在书上, 用铁笔镌刻,用铅灌 在磐石上,直存到永远 I wish my words were Written down Recorded on a scroll Inscribed in stone forever By iron stylus and lead
  7. 7. 25 我知道我的救赎主活着,末了必站立在地上 。 26 我这皮肉灭绝之后,我必在肉体之外得见 神。 27 我自己要见他,亲眼要看他,并不像外 人。我的心肠在我里面消灭了(伯 19:25-27) As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and that as the last he will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God, whom I will see for myself, and whom my own eyes will behold, and not another. My heart grows faint within me. (Job 19:25-27 NET)
  8. 8. Redeemer 救赎主 定义 Definition: 成为近亲 (如买回亲人的产业, 娶他的寡妇等) to be the next of kin (and as such to buy back a relative's property, marry his widow, etc.) 报仇 avenge 购买 purchase, 赎回 ransom, 还击 revenge
  9. 9. Redeemer 付代价去重获产业 To regain a possession by paying a price