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White Sands Towers E Brochure


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Affordable Luxury apartments in Natal,Brazil. All apartments feature 2 bedrooms/ 2 baths

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White Sands Towers E Brochure

  1. 1. BRAZIL SUPERPOWERTHE WORLD’S NEWESTFrom the moment the ‘Conquistadors’ were met with the fascinating and beautiful topographical sights of Bahia,explorers and travellers alike have been captivated by what Brazil has to offer. Bewitched by its natural beauty andvast potential, people never leave - making Brazil the fifth most populous country in the world.The beauty and colour of Brazil as a country is exemplified by the Rio Carnival. Held every year and without doubtthe most exotic party on Earth, it typifies the Brazilian people and their take on life - outdoor pursuits, eating withfriends, an eclectic music scene and the famous samba! The locals live with smiles on their faces and enjoy a can-do attitude, so it’s easy to see why others are so keen to enjoy the ‘Brazil experience.’Countless white beaches - which are the envy of countries around the world - beautiful tropical rainforest crammedwith biodiversity, crystal-clear rivers and a perfect climate have combined to create the country’s majestic naturallandscape. The Amazon Rainforest combines 55,000 different plants and a staggering one tenth of all living specieson earth. From north to south, east to west, Brazil enjoys wildly varying geography and topography, sights andsounds. No city is the same.Although Brazil takes immense pride in the natural beauty it has to offer, the raw facts and statistics about thecountry’s economic and social growth help to explain its rise to the fifth-largest economy in the world. With thefinancial uncertainty that exists globally at the moment, the ascendancy enjoyed by Brazil has people throughoutthe world sitting up and taking notice. 4 5
  2. 2. THE HISTORY OF BRAZIL FROM CONQUERED TO CONQUERORS The history of ‘New World’ countries is filled with intrepid exploration and discovery, and the story of Brazil is no different. Setting out on a voyage to India, Portuguese explorer Pedro Cabral detoured from the route devised by Vasco da Gama and landed on the north-east coast of Brazil on April 22nd, 1500. Cabral encountered an intimidating sight, yet being a true explorer, he persevered and received phenomenal rewards for his efforts. An abundance of natural resources soon gave Portugal an awesome foothold to increase its empire in 16th century Europe and match the wealth enjoyed by Spain in other parts of the New World. One of the natural resources was a tree of reddish-brown hue discovered during initial exploration of the area. Its colour could be extracted and used as a dye. The name for this dye was “Brasil” and a derivation of this would remain as the country’s name to present day. As the Portuguese colonized the nation, the settlers brought with them the traditions of their homeland - and one thing that remains is the Portuguese dialect, spoken throughout the country. A country of such diversity, strength and interest could only stay under colonial rule for so long, and Brazil obtained its independence from Portugal on September 7th 1822. This day of independence is celebrated nationwide and the togetherness of the nation is exemplified by the unity between people throughout the country, expressed through festivals and street parties as well as a traditional military parade by the order of the President. Vibrant music and carnivals, together with the idyllic surroundings, make Brazil the most exciting and enjoyable place to visit.6 7
  3. 3. WHY INVESTIN BRAZILUNRIVALLED GROWTH SEES BRAZIL SOARThe growth of Brazil as a country in recent times has been astronomical and has enjoyed unparalleled success on aworldwide scale. As the world’s supposed ‘SuperPowers’ have battled for supremacy, Brazil has been consistentlycreeping up the rankings and have come to the attention of governments, billionaires and investors alike. It makesa very attractive investment destination with booming property prices, dwindling unemployment, a strong GDP anda proactive government.At the heart of this development has been the stability of the government and the huge growth of the economicsystem in Brazil. The investment market is now second to none and is creating wealth, with particular interestbeing shown by foreign investors. More than ever before, Western governments are taking notice of what Brazil hasto offer, specifically in the production of ethanol and oil.These two commodities, however, are not the only exports that have propelled Brazil into being a key world playerin the world export market. Brazil now exports more food than any other country worldwide, and is also the leadingexporter of sugar, coffee and cocoa. Vital commodities such as timber, cotton and tobacco are also some of Brazil’skey exports.As Brazil has grown in prominence, the government has placed greater emphasis on the development andimplementation of improved infrastructure on a nationwide basis. The major provinces are more closely linked next year, some of the world’s most renowned airlines will be looking to have representation at the new airport.than ever, allowing tourists and businesses from around the world to utilize Brazil and all of its resources, rather Tourism will continue to rocket with the FIFA 2014 World Cup to be hosted by Brazil (Natal is a host city) and Rio dethan depending on the central business hubs of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Janeiro to host the Summer Olympics in 2016, Natal will enjoy huge numbers of visitors.It is important to stress that the growth of Brazil hasn’t been centralized, with states throughout the country Brazil offers investors a real opportunity to make money when more familiar and trusted methods and economiesenjoying immense progress. In Rio Grande do Norte, the Greater Natal International Airport is set to add to the are failing.specific investment potential of that area. The airport will act as a hub for cargo, but also provide a vital touristelement. It will connect Brazil to mainland Europe in under seven hours - and with bidding due to take place early 8 9
  4. 4. Natal is blessed with many famous spots along its lengthy Atlantic coastline, including some of the most sought- after beaches in Brazil; the names Ponta Negra, Genipabu and Muriu spring to mind straight away. Such is the rise of Natal that now more than ever before, foreign investors are looking to Natal as one of the world’s best kept investment secrets. The creation of the Greater Natal International Airport – the fourth-largest in the world – reflects the rise of Natal as a holiday destination. In the last five years alone figures released by the Brazilian Department for Tourism showed that visitors had increased by 400%. Tourists from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK have shown particular interest. The White Sands Towers will be based in a popular beachside neighbourhood in Natal. The region of Ponta Negra (literally translated as ‘Black Tip’) is at the extreme south of the beach, which has iconic status throughout the country for its huge sand dune - where you can see beach buggies bombing over the peak of the dune, keeping adrenalin junkies entertained! The long stretch of unspoilt beach gives people the opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed environment. The sense of community that is so important to Brazilians is in evidence in Ponta Negra with the vibrantly coloured jangadas - simple fishing boats, which add a real sense of the essence of Brazil and typify the cities around north- eastern Brazil.NATAL SUN’‘THE CITY OF THEMany cities are given nicknames that don’t really suit them, but ‘the City of the Sun’ could not be a more apt namefor Natal. The year-round sunshine is envied throughout the world. Its colonial past is evident with some beautifulhistoric buildings, and these are complemented by the development and modernisation of the city in the form ofthe Newton Navarro Bridge, which has helped Natal to expand beyond its original boundaries. 10 11
  5. 5. WHITE SANDSTOWERSOWN A PIECE OF PARADISEIN PONTA NEGRA, NATALWhite Sands Towers enjoy a prime location in Natal, situated in the idyllic natural surrounds of the Ponta Negrashoreline. The modern and contemporary design will make it the envy of the surrounding area. The Towers containa total of 180 freehold apartments each offering 65m2 of accommodation spread over two towers of 30 levels.Each apartment will feature two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a terrace area. An underground garageparking space is also included with each apartment and guest spaces will be available to rent. All apartments willbe finished to a high European finish.Residents and guests at White Sands Towers will benefit from a host of world-class facilities to complement thestunning apartments and communal areas of the development. The top floor of the towers is dedicated to first classsocial facilities that include the White Sands Spa and Gymnasium, an a la carte restaurant and the Sky Loungecocktail bar and outdoor hot tubs.The two towers are linked by a bridge offering easy access between the top floors of the towers. Stunning anduninterrupted views of the City of Natal, the beach and sea can also be enjoyed from this viewpoint. The groundfloor will offer a large contemporary reception area that will be filled with both old and modern Brazilian art andsculptures. The Business Centre, for use by residents and guests only, will also be located here. Access to thecommunal outdoor swimming pool and sunbathing area will also be from the reception.It’s usually a given that luxurious living won’t be cheap, but these bespoke apartments combine modernity with anaffordable opportunity. 13
  6. 6. THE TOWERSSPECIFICATIONSLocation:- Ponta Negra, Natal in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in north-east Brazil- 0.75 kms / 10 minutes walk from the beach- Nearest aiport, Greater Natal International - 5 miles- Sea, beach and city viewsApartment Accommodation and Details:- 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Apartments- Total of 180 Apartments- Internal area of 56.28 m2- Terrace area of 8.72 m2- 30 Storey Towers- 5 Penthouse Levels- 3 Apartments per floor each in Tower- Garage parking space for each apartment included in purchase- Full European finish to apartmentsFacilities:- Rooftop Cocktail Bar (Sky Lounge)- Rooftop a la carte Restaurant- Rooftop fitness and spa- Communal pool- Business Centre- 3 High Speed Elevators in each TowerConstruction:- Construction underway- Scheduled completion Q4 2012 15
  7. 7. 1816 19
  9. 9. Flight times in hours (approx.) GETTING TO BRAZIL NATAL, BRAZIL’S CLOSEST CITY Getting to Brazil is easy and is now more accessible than ever with many tour operators and airlines flying directly to Brazil. Natal is one of the closest Brazilian cities to Europe with flight times of seven hours and from North America in around eight hours. Many more flights are scheduled this year to cater for the tourism boom. Some of the current airlines include TAM, TAP, British Airways and American Airlines is shortly due to open a direct route from Miami. The new Greater Natal International Airport will also be one of the biggest cargo airports in the world and serve as a HUB for international air travel to and from Brazil. With more and more direct flights to Brazil, this will result in the property market continuing to boom. Population in millions (approx.) 22 23
  10. 10. CONTACTGREEN PLANET INVESTMENTWith many land and property companies based abroad, GPI takes great pride in the fact that we have been basedin two of London’s most prestigious areas.Firstly, we were in the City of London at the ‘world-famous’ Gherkin Building. However, due to the impressivegrowth of the company, just one floor was not enough. With the company’s burgeoning potential, the Directorsmade the decision to move to London’s renowned West End. We are now based at 14 Soho Square, though wehave maintained an office in The Gherkin and still enjoy the benefits that come with it, including up-to-the-secondfinancial information.With our own five-storey townhouse building at 14 Soho Square, we take great delight in hosting clients, both pastand present, and should you desire the opportunity to discuss one of our projects with us, then it would be great tosee you.We are very proud of our projects and would be delighted to host you at our London HQ to discuss the investmentpotential of White Sands Towers, Natal.Call us on +44 (0) 203 411 7501 or visit our exclusive website for full information about the apartments at For further information regarding our projects and company as a whole,visit us at www.greenplanetinvestment.comGreen Planet Investment Ltd is part of the Green Planet PLC group of companies. Green Planet PLC is the trading name of Green PlanetInvestment International Holdings PLC Company Registration Number 4294682 24 25
  11. 11. +44 (0) 203 411 7501 Green Planet Investment 14 Soho Square London W1D 3QG