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Anti res

  1. 1. CREATE 2012 Inspire Connect a declaration of intention + anti-resume by Terrisa Coobs
  2. 2. Dedicated to friends on the same road
  3. 3. welcome, friend.It’s lovely to meet you!This is an unconventional resume. My answer to an unconventional time inour world. Contents Declaration of IntentionMore than a resume, this document is a declaration of intention for this year of life and beyond. i. a note to you 3It is a document I feel comfortable and eager for you to use to get to know me and even assess ii. why an anti-resume 4my suitableness for collaboration with you and your brand. iii. lessons + intentions 5 create 7My life has changed rather drastically in the past year and I am anxious to begin anew, with a connect 8team and a brand that embody the spirit of global connection through personal connection. inspire 9Writing is, for me, both a method of exploration and of sharing. It is my “work.” What I know I Anti-Resumemust do almost daily without fail or I can no longer call myself an artist. This fact has influenced i. personality + style 12this more engaging form of introduction. If you would like to skip to any particular part of the ii. skilz +strengths 13-14document, please feel free. iii. personal projects 15 iv. personal goals 16While writing is my preferred medium of expression and work, this year especially has brought, v. why me, why now 17through self-teaching, many new skill sets to my repertoire, as well as a clear understanding of vi. cover letter to you 18my own goals in life. vii.digits 19Thank you for letting me share with you! 3
  4. 4. Why an anti-resume ? ContentsBecause a resume is not enough. Declaration of IntentionI am more than my resume. I trust that you are more than yours. One of the pillars of my being is unconventionalism. i. a note to you 3Another is being personal. This document is testament to the truth of those central aims in my life. A modern professional ii. why an anti-resume 4resume is impersonal and backward thinking. I seek to be engaged and forward thinking. Today’s criteria for professional iii. lessons + intentions 5(and often personal) evaluation is mortally lop-sided in an increasingly social and collaborative environment online and off. create 7I want to be remembered. You meet tens of peoples daily. You pass by hundreds. You read from or about probably a similar connect 8number. Our attention is directed, wholly or in part, at far more people daily than we can possibly engage with. I want to inspire 9stand out as someone you want to seek out and engage with. I do not take your attention lightly. It is precious currency in asocially competitive culture. I think that is exciting! Anti-ResumeThe purpose of this anti-resume is to instigate and accelerate the personal and professional growth I intend to experience i. personality + style 12this year. It is the manifestation of significant evolutions that have occurred in me over the past year regarding work,relationships and my mission in the world. And it is my answer to the social climate change that is unfolding daily in personal ii. skilz +strengths 13-14and professional environments. iii. personal projects 15 iv. personal goals 16It is with a clear declaration of intentions that I seek to proceed in 2012. Nothing will be out of reach and nothing too big. Iwill not limit myself, my neighbor or the possibilities of humanity. Accept in that I will embrace the truth of elusive satisfaction v. why me, why now 17as an invitation to “stay hungry and stay foolish.” vi. cover letter to you 18I fully expect and look forward to connecting with you in one of many forms soon. vii.digits 19Here’s to your dreams and mine in 2012! 4
  5. 5. 2012 I n t e n t i o n s Contents Declaration of IntentionAt the beginning of 201 my soul was ready for a revolution. 1, i. a note to you 3I had spent my life feeling boxed in. Aware of a profound sense of calling and purpose, of leadership and vision, but always ii. why an anti-resume 4with an equal sense of disillusionment surrounding my culture’s view and practice of “work.” The typical view of work is as a iii. lessons + intentions 5means to living and enjoying life outside of it. It is rarely geared toward personal development and in most cases, traditionalviews of work and employment trim and squish an individual to fit a particular mold, often cubical shaped in concept if not in create 7form. connect 8 inspire 9During a time of intense personal reconstruction, I decided to longer wait for others or the world to choose me to do greatthings. I would choose myself. I’ve been choosing myself every day since. I’m a huge proponent of self-teaching, and over thepast year I’ve done a lot of it. I’ve learned to live the uncertain, exhilarating and hard life of a beginning artist and entrepreneur. Anti-ResumeI’ve invested in business courses, skills training, and most every component related to conducting business online. Below aresome of the themes I truly embraced in 201 and will continue to practice moving forward. 1 i. personality + style 12 ii. skilz +strengths 13-14As much as I learned last year, I expect this year to bring even more change, opportunity, indispensable wisdom. And I invite iii. personal projects 15all of these things. In this spirit, I’d like to share a synopsis of my intentions for this year and beyond. It is my hope that in sodoing you will gain a sense of my spirit, skills, potential and approach to whatever task or cause is set before me. And I hope iv. personal goals 16that it intrigues and compels you to participate in a similar declaration and to stop by and say hello to me. v. why me, why now 17 vi. cover letter to you 18 vii.digits 19 be a self-starter II be visionary II think bigger + wider II simplify II lead withoutfollowers II experiment fearlessly II be oriented to action II create the heat of changeII seek discomfort + work under pressure II soul should drive the work II i will not settle for uninspiring work II every history is worth hearing but does not dictate any future II connection is at the heart of the new world 5
  6. 6. create As and artist, I perceive my fundamental work to be in creation. I seek to direct my energies toward creating positive value in life, in work, in relationships. connect I view connection as an essential element to being a leader in thought + action. My aim is to create +maintain meaningful connections along each of life’s many avenues. I believe connection awakens the soul. inspireI’ve come to believe hope + inspiration to be the mana of the human soul. As long as I am inspired, I can live to fight - or cry, or learn or laugh - another day. My personal goal is to ignite the spark of something more, however large or small, through every connection.
  7. 7. CREATE Contents Declaration of IntentionCreate the work. Create change. Create growth. Create challenge. Create collaboration. Create value. Create results. Create dreams. i. a note to you 3Create success. Create momentum. Create clarity. Create daily. Create purpose. Create dialogue. Create experience. Create Content. ii. why an anti-resume 4 Create art. Create Opportunity. Create connection. iii. lessons + intentions 5 create 7 connect 8These are all examples of the kinds of things I purpose to create this year. In my own life and that of others. A question I’ve inspire 9begun to ask myself daily is “What have I created today?” It is a standard of personal assessment and one by which I seek tomeasure the contributions of others. Anti-ResumeWhy do I think creation is so important? Creation keeps us moving forward ; innovating, implementing and inviting new things i. personality + style 12into our space of life and work. When we set out to create, we approach whatever work at hand as an art form. ii. skilz +strengths 13-14When we create we are participating in relevant conversation in the most meaningful of ways. We are compelled to remember iii. personal projects 15our ability to create things like opportunity, change, purpose, rather than leaving them up to chance or the decisions of others. iv. personal goals 16How do I intend to create these things this year? Exhibit A : This anti-resume I hope to be a catalyst for manifesting some of v. why me, why now 17these very opportunities through opening doors with like-minded teams doing intriguing things. vi. cover letter to you 18 vii.digits 19By making a commitment to myself to pursue only the type of work which meets the criteria of being “accomplished with loveand purpose and a part of the search for something believed in and desired.”This year and every one after, I will hold myself rigorously accountable for the creations I bring into and manifest in the world.From creating a connection in a street queue, to creating words on a page daily, to creating strategic business partnerships. I willbe creating.I’d like to invite you to hold me accountable to that commitment. 7
  8. 8. connect Contents Declaration of Intention A second intention is connection - in all directions. Connection with self, with my surroundings, with opportunities, with ideas, with i. a note to you 3 strangers, with clients, with business partners, with a cause, with interesting people, with intriguing stories, with a tribe. ii. why an anti-resume 4 iii. lessons + intentions 5It is when one soul dips into another, like a plug into a socket, and forms a spark. That is what connection is to me. The spark create 7that must and does take place when value is transacted. connect 8Sometimes, connection is sparked for a moment which leaves an impression. Sometimes, it is nurtured and cultivated over time inspire 9to form a deep bond and trust. Anti-ResumeI believe connection induces positive transformation on many levels, which is what I am seeking for myself and those I come incontact with. It encourages trust and boldness. It opens the mind to new possibilities. It inspires creativity. I endeavor to find and i. personality + style 12create connection in every interaction. ii. skilz +strengths 13-14 iii. personal projects 15In order to invite these kinds of connections I must cultivate transparency and confidence - in fact confidence in transparency, inevery situation. I must be constantly seeking the opportunities in every avenue and exploring the story from every angle. I must iv. personal goals 16be clever, intelligent, savvy, wise. v. why me, why now 17 vi. cover letter to you 18I must be compassionate, perceptive, focussed, aware, open and present. I must ask questions and be in a constant state oflearning. I must be poised to connect if I want to do so successfully. vii.digits 19I’m improving this posture daily. 8
  9. 9. inspire Contents It’s good for the soul. Declaration of Intention i. a note to you 3 ii. why an anti-resume 4I’d like to be good for the soul. Inspiration is an artist’s air. I think it is really everyone’s air. Without it, we humans begin to iii. lessons + intentions 5fade and wither just like the rest of the earth. create 7 connect 8Inspiration ignites hope and dispels fear. It enables us to do things that would be quite truly impossible for us without itspresence. It is a force that pushes the human race forward. inspire 9Inspiration should be one of the top three priorities of every human being. Anti-ResumeIn order to become an authentic source of inspiration, I must see to it that I am doing exactly this. i. personality + style 12 ii. skilz +strengths 13-14 iii. personal projects 15 iv. personal goals 16 v. why me, why now 17 vi. cover letter to you 18 vii.digits 19 9
  10. 10. IntroducingThe Anti-Resume
  11. 11. This is my resume . . .. . . but it’s just not me.
  12. 12. personalit-iThere are tests that can examine my personality and tell you exactly what kind of work + work environment I’m best suited for.I thought I would take the approach of simply telling you about my personality myself. I understand that I lack the objectivity and precision of a carefullycrafted test. But if my self-knowledge is accurate and my attitude straightforward, I think my own synopsis should satisfy quite well.I’m often told that I’m a cheerful person. It’s nice to know this comes through even on my less than positive days. The large majority of the time, however,I’m like a ray of sunshine streaming into your day - with a dash of wit and playful humor for taste.I’ve also been told I’m intense, which I understand to indicate my (clear) bent toward introspection and deep thought. As such, I tend to ask lots ofquestions in order to gain as much clarity around a topic as possible. I think I have a reasonably nice mix of intensity + light-heartedness. Also ofplanning + spontaneity, caution + risk taking.I’m informal unless absolutely necessary - like at a funeral or meeting the president. I’m hospitable and productivity oriented.Organization + speed would rank lower on my test than I would like. ADD (which I have) is both a challenge + an ally. It is a constant effort to improve,and I have learned to employ a range of tools, mental + material, to make sure I’m taking active part in turning my weaknesses into strengths.I’m Pensive. Energetic. Informal, but great at acting professional. Poetic while striving for the power of brevity. Personal. Engaging. Versatile. Clean. Conversational. Direct while aiming for eloquence. Thorough. Flexible.
  13. 13. skilz + StrengthsThe Adrenaline JunkyExperimenter :: Risk Taker :: Explorer :: Fun LoverMy analytical mind encourages me to test everything for sustainability, efficiency, beauty, effectiveness, . I’m willing to try anything, always knowing I can abandon theexperiment if necessary.I’ve spent the past year learning how to start + run my own business. I’ve traveled across the world alone. I eagerly engage strangers. I go to most events without knowinganyone.Need to scout a new place, person, system or opportunity? Need me to find ways to make something interesting, engaging and fun? Need someone to lead the way intouncharted territory? Need someone to rally the troops? Need someone to skydive with your company logo on the parachute? I’m ready to jump out of the plane.The Jedi in TrainingMindfulness Practitioner :: Zen Student :: Force Channeler :: Dedicated ApprenticeAs a thoughtful, spiritual person, dedication is a part of my makeup. Because I strive for singularity of mind and presence, getting to the bottom line, the deliverables, comeseasily for me.I am calm under pressure and able to focus on the problem/issue at hand. I’m perceptive of the needs and concerns of others and what strategies could best be employedto meet those needs in business or personal circumstances.Need a level headed liaison to your company’s sponsors, affiliates, shareholders, clients? Someone willing to put in the hours to learn a new platform or tool? I’veprobably already started.The Social NerdCreative Brainstormer :: Research Wiz :: Content Curator :: Networking ArtistMy love for learning - and for writing - encourages a heavy dose of research. All I need is a connection and a browser and I’m in my own personal heaven.I have a strong sense of what types of content may apply to a group of people or organization. As an entrepreneur, I’ve invested countless hours into learning branddevelopment and marketing strategy for small businesses (often small online businesses).I have a strong and growing network of contacts around the globe and am always seeking ways to increase my influence online and off.I’m familiar and comfortable with a large number of social platforms and media creation tools - again, a constant state of learning.Need someone in charge of shooting short films for your business? Someone to curate appropriate web content for your site? Create design or content for your blog orpublication? Need an email or social campaign manager? Tweet me. Plus me. Message me. Pin me.
  14. 14. The BombshellAudacious Entrepreneurial Spirit :: Brazenly Passionate :: Bold Leadership :: Alluringly EnergeticLiving for your dream every day takes serious spirit. I’m still going strong.I believe passion to be the best marketing strategy around (and it cannot be faked). I am known for my passion and intend to continue building on this reputation.A real leader begins by leading without followers. I’m energetically pursuing my call to lead on a daily basis - even when I think no one’s listening.Need a fresh, enthusiastic face to represent your brand online or off? Do you need to infuse your brand and content with more energy, passion, spirit?I’ve got my pom poms out.The Practical TherapistTrusted Friend (favorite title) :: Authentic Approachability :: Listener + Communicator :: Needs PerceiverBeing a good friend is good for business. This is how I approach networking. I am careful to maintain approachable profiles on every social network I use.Communication is a potent tool for growth. I do not take it lightly and am always seeking to better my modes and methods of communicating online and off.I’m a proponent of story-telling as a primary means of sharing information. I guess the internal needs of those I engage with as part of my practice of good communication.Need to figure out how to tell the story of your business or cause in an engaging way? Or maybe even what you’re really passionate about ?Need to craft your content to connect with readers on a more personal level? Need someone to manage or moderate the buzz created around your content? Or helpbrainstorming niche opportunities for your brand? Just call me the niche . . . well, you know.The Quirky RennyThought Leader :: Sub-Culture Scholar :: Diversity Champion :: Rennaissance WomanWhat is different is beautiful. I seek to fill my life with as much diversity as passible. I’m attracted to strangeness. I believe there is power in the rare and the scarce.Harnessing that power is a tenant of the new media.It is clear that the Western world is emerging from post-industrialism with a view to diversify intellectual assets. I believe the more versatile we become in the twenty-first century,the more valuable we become. This believe causes me to not only seek to expand my foundation of knowledge, but also my methods for engagement, influence andincome generation. The power belongs to the individual in this social age and thus, the methods of engagement must be personal as well if our message will be received.Need help reaching into new markets? Creating content that appeals to a wide range of audiences? Need someone to challenge your team to think outside the box? Orto find the best talent in obscure places? Obscure talent is my middle name.
  15. 15. personal Projects + Publications St a r v i n g A r t M a g a z i n e : L i ve t h e L e g e n d o f Yo u r A r t An online magazine devoted to aspiring artists. Articles and interviews center on the creative journey and considerations of the modern artist’s role and craft. Publishing February 2012C r u nch T ime : A S u r v ival M emo ir f r o m a F ir s t Year St ar v ing Ar t is t + E nt r epr eneu r A collection of 50 life lessons from my first year pursuing my dreams. Publishing February 2012 Urban SeagullsPersonal blog with writings and essays on topics of art, travel, interesting people, human nature, life with Attention Deficit Disorder, spirituality, photography Kickstarter Project for Starving Art Magazine + My Personal Legend I’m raising money to build the magazine + my writing career
  16. 16. legend (My goals)After years of feeling like a caged animal in traditional jobs, and realizing I had a pretty unimpressive resume because of it, I decided to search deep for my talent - mycreativity - my art, and find a way to make a living from it. I didn’t have to look far. I know what feels like euphoria for me, and most times it’s in putting thoughts on apage.I spent the rest of this past year learning how to build and run a location independent business. One in which I am creating, connecting and inspiring. One that allows me togather others around topics we are both passionate about and offer them products + services of value. And one which requires me to scour the earth in search of wondersof all forms and figures and tell the stories of these marvels, from my perspective.Over the year I’ve been challenged in more ways than in any of my 30 years. Spiritually, emotionally, professionally, mentally and relationally. It’s been great! It’s beenhard. I’ve expected more of myself than ever before and more importantly, have believed I’m capable of more than I was settling for.This journey has largely influenced my writing and topics of interest, as often happens with artists, and is now a foundation for the types of offerings I seek to produce.It is a crucial time in my entrepreneurial journey. I want to accelerate my education + experience by working with a talented, ambitious team of like-minded people. Lastyear was about learning the basics and my own personal direction + approach. This year is about extending my reach, building an audience, being aggressive with my goals,and building strong professional partnerships.I have not been on this ride for long - the one of total self-abandon in order to find total self-fulfilment. The journey will continue to teach, to mold, to refine, to impress, togrow me. I look forward to what the coming year has in store and to the people I will meet who will change my life. And maybe whose lives I will be able to change.
  17. 17. why me? why now?It’s a sure thing that there are individuals more technically qualified to do many of the tasks I cando. ContentsWhat I am counting on is not only my skills, but the entirety of who I am and what I offer. Passion, Declaration of Intentionpersonality, visionary perspective, creative leadership, profound thoughtfulness, genuine dedication, i. a note to you 3a soul to serve and influence others. ii. why an anti-resume 4 iii. lessons + intentions 5Writing and communicating is my favorite way of using my creative energy and of offering value to create 7others. I believe I am talented in this medium - and my soul is fulfilled in it. Therefore, I pursue it as connect 8my primary mode of creation and seek to employ it full time to support myself. inspire 9Today, I am excited to be pursuing the kind of work which inspires possibility and collaboration on Anti-Resumemeaningful topics and issues. I look forward to partnering with like-minded friends and colleagues i. personality + style 12in this new endeavor which will teach and assist me in achieving my dreams, and also allow me to ii. skilz +strengths 13-14contribute to your business and the world in valuable ways. iii. personal projects 15 iv. personal goals 16I’d like to work with a company (/startup/small business) that has a strong sense of purpose, v. why me, why now 17identity, and empowerment. Ideally, we will be like-minded on many things! I’d like to write for a vi. cover letter to you 18company/blog that considers topics of interest to thinking people and inspires action and change. vii.digits 19I’d like to guest post often in order to increase my publishing base and reach a wider audience.I’d like to know if you think we could work well together. What do you think? 17
  18. 18. A cover letter to YOU ContentsI want to bring my gifts for creativity + connection + inspiration to your startup, your publication,your business. Declaration of Intention i. a note to you 3I have a vision for this position. It involves trust, partnership, collaboration, engagement, freedom, ii. why an anti-resume 4growth. iii. lessons + intentions 5 create 7I believe, after reading even part of this anti-resume, that you will have a thorough and well- connect 8rounded foundation for who I am. And I think that is important when considering team members for inspire 9any endeavor. It is my hope that you have found this approach provocative, intriguing, captivating. Anti-ResumeIf you believe I might be a good fit for your business or to write for you, please see the last page of i. personality + style 12this document for my contact information. ii. skilz +strengths 13-14 iii. personal projects 15If you believe I am in need of a reality check + and conventional employment, please forward this iv. personal goals 16document on to someone living in the twenty-first century. And give the past my regards. v. why me, why now 17 vi. cover letter to you 18I look forward to meeting you. vii.digits 19Terrisa Lynn Coobs 18
  19. 19. The DigitsPhone 404.432.7422Email tlcoobs@gmail.comFollow Google+Web Home Projects