DATIA Conference 2010 - Social Media


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Presentation from the 2010 DATIA Conference on the basics of Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, Vlogs, YouTube) for the drug testing industry.

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DATIA Conference 2010 - Social Media

  1. 1. What Is “Social Media”? Why Is Social Media Useful In Business? Overview ◦ Twitter ◦ Facebook ◦ LinkedIn ◦ Blogs and Vlogs ◦ Other Forms of Social Media ◦ M Management T l Tools Time Management – How It All Works Together www.expertox.com
  2. 2. Definition by “Duct Tape Marketing” “Th use of technology combined with social The f h l bi d i h i l interaction to create or co-create value.” www.expertox.com
  3. 3. www.expertox.com
  4. 4. A medium for in-your-face advertising Another method to “spam” prospective customers All about you, all the time A replacement for your current strategic marketing practices An alternative to personal visits or telephone conversations www.expertox.com
  5. 5. Generate and Grow Recognition Strengthen Your Brand Search Engine S hE i Optimization (SEO) Client Acquisition Customer Retention Other Unexpected Opportunities Generate Referrals www.expertox.com
  6. 6. Microblog Converse in 140 characters or less 24 hhours a d day, 7 days a week international “cocktail party” www.expertox.com
  7. 7. Demographics ◦ As of Oct 2009, 250 m users, of which 120 m log in daily g y ◦ Largest demographic age group: 35 – 40 ◦ 53% female ◦ 63% college and post- graduates www.expertox.com
  8. 8. Twitter is a place to be yourself so others get to Know you Like you T Trust you www.expertox.com
  9. 9. Use the 80/20 Rule Forum for: Conversation Funny Stories and Pictures Share Links Share Educational Sh d l Information Quotations Q&A www.expertox.com
  10. 10. How to Get Started ◦ Set up a Profile at www.twitter.com ◦ Choose a Name, called a “Handle” Recognizable Searchable ◦ Create a Background for Your Profile Standard in Twitter Custom/Branded www.twitbacks.com or www.twitterbackgrounds.com ◦ Be Transparent and Authentic Complete Bio Think about Searchable Keywords www.expertox.com
  11. 11. www.expertox.com
  12. 12. #Parents think of drugs as the only form of substance abuse. Be wary of inhalants http://ow.ly/1gnys htt // l /1 Example of an @ p @expertox tweet that directs to its blog www.expertox.com
  13. 13. Must Follow “Rules” ◦ Be A Person, Be Yourself ◦ Be Transparent and Authentic ◦ Be Conversational ◦ Educate ◦ Connect ◦ No Foul Language ◦ No Direct, In-Your-Face Advertising ◦ No “Spam” ◦ Be Consistent and Frequent www.expertox.com
  14. 14. How To Create A Following of Potential Customers ◦ Follow Local “Peeps” using www.twellow.com www twellow com or www.search.twitter.com ◦ Who Are Your Clients? ◦ Who Are Your Prospective Customers? ◦ Who Are Your WOM Advocates? ◦ Connect With Members of Your Networking Groups ◦ Connect With Each Other – Power in Numbers f Viral Marketing N b for Vi l M k ti www.expertox.com
  15. 15. Twitter Basics ◦ “RT” = Retweet, Helping Your Followers to Spread The Word Virally ◦ “DM” = Direct Message – Can Only Be Seen Between DM You and Follower ◦ Hashtag = Tracking and Trending #drugtest #DATIA #d t t Follow @hashtag ◦ Try to Keep Tweets to 120 Characters – Better Retweeting www.expertox.com
  16. 16. Started as a social communication mechanism for college/university students 2008 – surpassed MySpace as the most popular social network Fastest-growing demographic on Facebook – over age 35 crowd 250m+ active members Fan Page Content is fully indexed by Google It’s all about relationships! www.expertox.com
  17. 17. Why use Facebook for Business? ◦ Individual Profile Page Required ◦ Company Fan Page ◦ Gift Certificate Application f f l ◦ Advertising Strong d St demographic t hi target capabilities t biliti Reasonable cost ◦ Did I say “Search Engine Optimization”? www.expertox.com
  18. 18. www.expertox.com
  19. 19. Facebook Reminders: ◦ First impressions are everything ◦ Brand Consistency ◦ What you write and post is there for history ◦ What you write and post affects your credibility and value ◦ Be selective when choosing or approving friends, fans, groups to join and applications ◦ Ask questions – participative v directorial v. www.expertox.com
  20. 20. As with any social media post, you must be: ◦ Transparent ◦ Authentic ◦ Conversational ◦ Educational ◦ Interesting ◦ Consistent and Persistent www.expertox.com
  21. 21. ◦ Professional and business- oriented i d ◦ Average Age: 41 ◦ Good way to stay connected with business clients, vendors and advocates ◦S t System to find and get t fi d d t introduced to people you need to know ◦ Forum for getting answers, feedback and recommendations www.expertox.com
  22. 22. How You’re Connected to Noor Maher Matt Daoudi Terri Stromatt-McCulloch www.expertox.com
  23. 23. www.expertox.com
  24. 24. It’s All About Relationships Keep up with what is going on with your connections www.expertox.com
  25. 25. g Blog ◦ “Weblog” ◦ Type of Website WordPress most common W dP t Blogger Vlog ◦ Video Blog YouTube ◦ 100m+ viewers ◦ Video way of the future www.expertox.com
  26. 26. Purpose ◦ Educates ◦ Creates Conversation and Participation ◦ Creates Interest ◦ Creates a Following g ◦ Creates Viral Marketing Effect ◦BBecomes a part of th t f the “Chorus” www.expertox.com
  27. 27. Best Practices ◦ Short Content ◦ Encourages Interaction Through Posts and Viral Sharing ◦ Update Weekly ◦ Approve Posts to Protect Image pp g ◦ Do Not Use as a direct, in-your-face Advertising Campaign ◦ Add A Appropriate H i t Humor and P d Personall Opinions www.expertox.com
  28. 28. Best Practices ◦ Be Interesting! ◦ Write Important Keywords into Title and Blog Intro Paragraph ◦ Link Generously ◦ Invite Guest Bloggers gg ◦ Ask Questions ◦ Post on Others’ Blogs Wh Y What You Gi Give, Y You G Get www.expertox.com
  29. 29. Viral Video Tips ◦ Be uncommon ◦ Use great characters ◦ Be B comical i l ◦ Integrate your community ◦ Be compelling ◦ Be creative ◦ Limit to 1 ½ - 3 minutes in l length h www.expertox.com
  30. 30. Blog Talk Radio Podcasts Digg StumbleUpon RSS Feeds Wikis Wiki BizNik New Things Coming Out All The Time! www.expertox.com
  31. 31. People End Up At Your Website www.expertox.com
  32. 32. Advertise and Spam Messages From @MariSmith Do Not Target Their “Genuine, Authentic, , , Audience/Followers A di /F ll Passionate, Caring = Profitable Relationships” Lack of a Viable Strategy Lack f Quality Content L k of Q lit C t t Fail to be Consistent and Frequent Lack of Patience www.expertox.com
  33. 33. ◦ Use tools such as HootSuite TweetDeck TweetLater ◦ Build a “Chorus” ◦ Use Google Alerts for latest news related to your i d l d industry ◦ Devote 15 – 45 minutes per day to social media activities ◦ Better to interact less and more frequently, than more with sporadic activity www.expertox.com
  34. 34. Do ◦ Focus on authenticity and transparency ◦ Be yourself ◦ Build d B ild and grow relationships l ti hi ◦ Use the 80/20 rule ◦ Become viewed as a credible expert ◦ Be consistent and patient ◦ Share and connect ◦ Participate www.expertox.com
  35. 35. Don’t ◦ Advertise Profusely ◦ Spam ◦ Post P i P t Prices ◦ Follow Everybody ◦ Follow Nobody ◦ Forget Your Image and Brand in the Community www.expertox.com
  36. 36. Twitter Power by Joel Comm Inbound M k i I b d Marketing b by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah The Social Media Bible by Lon Safko and David K. Brake www.expertox.com
  37. 37. Question and Answer Terri McCulloch Director of Sales & Marketing tmcculloch@expertox.com www.expertox.com www.facebook.com/expertox @terrimcculloch and @expertox www.expertox.com