Plugged-In Management for Quixey


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Extension of Plugged-In Management idea to a development environment - to 2020 Engagement

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  • It’s about how we mix together people, technology, and organizational process 3 Dimensions - PTO3 Practices3 Levels
  • Organizational transparency, personal responsibility, and self-managed career growth are required skills for the modern/social era. Human, organizational process, and technology are the building blocks we must use -- a focus on just one of these dimensions is likely to end in failure or less success than a thoughtful mixing of all three.You’re lucky; you work at a start-up.You have more transparency and personal responsibility than many of your peers. But are you certain you are making your best human, technical, & organizational choices with this freedom?
  • My contention is that if you have 2020 Engagement as your goal, and use these 3 dimensions in mind, increase your use of the 3 practices, and expand to at least 3 levels of your organization… Your…
  • But let’s get warmed up.
  • Pebble watch – greatest funding event to date on Kickstarter – over 10M and two of the 85Korders are minePeople – want a Dick Tracy Watch, they want analytics
  • TSA
  • Intuit
  • You’re already doing the first one – you’ve stopped and shown up here.
  • You’re already doing the first one – you’ve stopped and shown up here. Stop-look-listen = recognitionLooking and Listening – think After Action Review – plan to stop and consider your options across each of the three dimensions. Make it a standard practice rather than a “post mortem”
  • Think of mixing as negotiating and you’ll get most of the idea. You have stakeholders, you have issues, and you have outcomes – if you put a product or service together in a way that would get agreement in a negotiation I expect you’ll have success.… or think about it like a chocolate chip cookie
  • Just like these ingredients on their own don’t make a chocolate chip cookie
  • Sharing is basically about getting other people on board, playing by the same rules, helping
  • At the highest level they have a call for innovation. This was a shift that happened after a doldrums period where they new products and features had slowed down.The question became to inspire innovation across this global company.10% unstructured time was part of it.Adding technology tools like Brainstorm was another.Innovation Catalysts as a job role was yet another. They are thoughtfulThey mixThey share…and they have supporting structures and connect points at all levels.
  • More traction from the resources you have, better change design & management, more success overall
  • Call to action: I'd love you to read the book, I'd love you to review the book, I'd love you to subscribe to the blog, but more importantly I hope you will use and share these ideas to leverage your business.The research behind the book continues. If you have an organization that you think could benefit from these ideas and would like to participate in the on-going research…. Please… let me know. We are at the stage of doing another round of validation.
  • Plugged-In Management for Quixey

    1. 1. 2020Engagement:Bringing People, Process, & Technology Together #PIMQuixey #PIMQuixey
    2. 2. #PIMQuixey #2020Engagement TerriGriffith The Plugged-In #PIMQuixey
    3. 3. #PIMQuixey
    4. 4. TransparencyResponsibilityProfessional Growth #2020Engagement #PIMQuixey
    5. 5. 2020 Engagement #2020Engagement #PIMQuixey
    6. 6. Plugged-In Management #2020Engagement #PIMQuixey
    7. 7. 2020 Engagement #PIMQuixey#2020Engagement
    8. 8. Your Ideas WillGet More Traction #PIMQuixey
    9. 9. Your Change Efforts Will Succeed More Often #PIMQuixey
    10. 10. Success: You’ll Stay at the Front of the Pack with the Resources You Have #PIMQuixey
    11. 11. Dimensions Practices Levels #PIMQuixey
    12. 12. Plugged-In orDisconnected #PIMQuixey
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Jon Evans: Pairwise Coding #PIMQuixey
    15. 15. #PIMQuixeyAP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
    16. 16. #PIMQuixey
    17. 17. Dimensions Practices Levels #PIMQuixey
    18. 18. Stop LookListen #PIMQuixey
    19. 19. #PIMQuixey
    20. 20. #PIMQuixeyAP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
    21. 21. #PIMQuixey
    22. 22. Stop & Think About Your Resources Look at Your AnalyticsListen to Your Results (Agile, Lean) #PIMQuixey
    23. 23. Mixing #PIMQuixey
    24. 24. #PIMQuixeySome rights reserved by advencap
    25. 25. Think about your day…..Given what you know about Quixey’s needs (transparency)…. #PIMQuixey
    26. 26. People: When should I do this task?Technology: What’s the best algorithmfor this task?Organizational: Should this task bedone with pairwise?Outsourced?Do we need a meeting? #PIMQuixey
    27. 27. #PIMQuixey
    28. 28. Jon Evans: Pairwise Coding“Working alone is good for creativity — but beingpaired with someone who thinks differently from youcan lead to more creativity yet. So should yourtakeaway here be that pairing is the answer after all?No, no, hell no. The true answer is that there is noone answer; that what works best is a dynamiccombination of solitary, pair, and group work,depending on the context, using your bestjudgement. Paired programming definitely has itsplace.” #PIMQuixey
    29. 29. Sharing #PIMQuixey
    30. 30. #PIMQuixey
    31. 31. #PIMQuixey
    32. 32. Dimensions Practices Levels #PIMQuixey
    33. 33. #PIMQuixey
    34. 34. TractionChangeSuccess #PIMQuixey
    35. 35. TerriGriffith #PIMQuixey
    36. 36. #PIMQuixey