Negotiation Day 2: Teams


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Half-day session reviewing negotiation basics, then, building out to team management

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  • Plugged-In is about how we mix together people, technology, and organizational process 3 Dimensions – PTO – some of you may know this as sociotechnical systems design3 Practices3 Levels
  • You’re already doing the first one – you’ve stopped and shown up here.
  • You’re already doing the first one – you’ve stopped and shown up here. Stop-look-listen = recognitionLooking and Listening – think After Action Review – plan to stop and consider your options across each of the three dimensions. Make it a standard practice rather than a “post mortem”
  • Think of mixing as negotiating and you’ll get most of the idea. You have stakeholders, you have issues, and you have outcomes – if you put a product or service together in a way that would get agreement in a negotiation I expect you’ll have success.… or think about it like a chocolate chip cookie
  • Just like these ingredients on their own don’t make a chocolate chip cookie
  • I suspect that most of the people in this room understand that no single technology tool can be a success, no single organizational practice change can be a success. We need to design our work as a system.We’ve known this since the 1950s if not before. That said, the term sociotechnical systems -- that’s what we call this mixing in academic jargon -- is not itself very plugged in. My colleagues and I are trying to provide an accessible way for all of us, individuals, teams, organizations, To mix human, technical, and organizational dimensions naturally
  • Transactive Memory: Moreland, R. L. & Myaskovsky, L. 2000. Explaining the Performance Benefits of Group Training: Transactive Memory or Improved Communication? Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 82(1): 117-133.
  • Sharing is basically about getting other people on board, playing by the same rules, helping
  • More traction from the resources you have, better change design & management, more success overall
  • Call to action: I'd love you to read the book, I'd love you to review the book, I'd love you to subscribe to the blog, but more importantly I hope you will use and share these ideas to leverage what we do here.
  • Negotiation Day 2: Teams

    1. 1. Negotiation inPractice: Teams TerriGriffith #PIM The Plugged-In
    2. 2. Teams, Workflow, & Production
    3. 3. Categories of Issues Practices
    4. 4. High Level: People, Tech, Org Detailed: BUILDER
    5. 5. Categories of Issues Practices
    6. 6. Stop LookListen
    7. 7. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
    8. 8. High Level: People, Tech, Org Details: BUILDER
    9. 9. Mixing
    10. 10. Some rights reserved by advencap
    11. 11. Negotiation is Your Recipe
    12. 12.
    13. 13. Team Training Trained On Trained on Different Task Same Task Trained ApartTrained Together
    14. 14. Sharing
    15. 15.
    16. 16. See/Find “Negotiation” Opportunities 49ers PROpportunities to Make BATNAs Better Ask
    17. 17. TractionChangeDo More
    18. 18. TerriGriffith