Lead by Letting Go: CSCMP Innovation Breakfast


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Keynote for San Francisco Roundtable Supply Chain Management Innovation Breakfast

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  • In the next 25 minutes I want to give you the flavor for my next book, and share some key insights from my last one. When I wrote The Plugged-In Manager, I was focused on helping people lead with all their resources: Their people, their technology tools, and their organizational practices. Over three years of workshops and talks, I’ve had opportunity to see these dimensions at work in many industries and settings… but one thing I’ve learned about plugged-in managers, team members, and executives --- those who are most plugged-in, are also the most hands off.Let’s see how
  • Sam Snead was known as having a “perfect swing.” He said the best grip for a long golf shot as the same as holding a baby bird in your hand.
  • Our future, I’m seeing with education and I bet you’re seeing it in your settings.
  • In the new book I draw from 10 companies, including: Atlyassian, Badgeville, Coffee and Power, Elance, Intuit, Industrial Mold, Polycom and Salesforce.com (looking for more)
  • For now we will go with the basics:Plugged-In is about how we mix together people, technology, and organizational process 3 Dimensions – PTO 3Practices
  • You’re already doing the first one – you’ve stopped and shown up here.
  • You’re already doing the first one – you’ve stopped and shown up here. Stop-look-listen = recognitionLooking and Listening – think After Action Review – plan to stop and consider your options across each of the three dimensions. Make it a standard practice rather than a “post mortem”
  • How engaging is this?
  • Think of mixing as negotiating and you’ll get most of the idea. You have stakeholders, you have issues, and you have outcomes – if you put a product or service together in a way that would get agreement in a negotiation I expect you’ll have success.… or think about it like a chocolate chip cookie
  • Just like these ingredients on their own don’t make a chocolate chip cookiehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/14657061@N00/5606687561/sizes/m/in/photostream/
  • Telecommuting
  • Sharing is what we’re doing right now. Sharing a work in progress and hoping for your support. Your sharing of your own insightsSharing is basically about getting other people on board, playing by the same rules, helping
  • Rather than simply sharing the ideas of today’s presentations back in your organization, try facilitating a meeting where your team takes an idea and puts it to work via a change across your human, technical, and organizational resources – build a system. Greater engagement with your employees and partners, greater flexibility will result.
  • Please be in touch. I would love to hear more examples of how your organizations lead by letting go
  • Lead by Letting Go: CSCMP Innovation Breakfast

    1. 1. Lead By Letting Go: A Prequel #CSCMP
    2. 2. #CSCMP
    3. 3. Given Complexity…More or Less Control? #CSCMP
    4. 4. #CSCMP
    5. 5. “It is a complex movement of the whole body…” Br J Sports Med 2005;39:799-804 doi:10.1136/bjsm.2005.020271 #CSCMP
    6. 6. #CSCMP
    7. 7. Lead By Letting Go #CSCMP
    8. 8. Less Interpersonal Control #CSCMP
    9. 9. More Use of Flexible Systems People Technology Organizational Practice #CSCMP
    10. 10. A shift from discrete jobs and organizations to engaged people, jobs, and fluid organizations wherenew methods and products are everyones responsibility #CSCMP
    11. 11. How Do We Get There? #CSCMP
    12. 12. #CSCMP
    13. 13. #CSCMP
    14. 14. Dimensions Practices #CSCMP
    15. 15. FlexibilityEngagement InnovationLower Costs #CSCMP
    16. 16. Stop LookListen #CSCMP
    17. 17. #CSCMP
    18. 18. #CSCMPAP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
    19. 19. #CSCMP
    20. 20. Mixing #CSCMP
    21. 21. #CSCMPSome rights reserved by advencap
    22. 22. #CSCMP
    23. 23. #CSCMP
    24. 24. “Instead of operating their own systems and proprietary data, Pfizerand its external providers now use the same platform to manage the supply chain network using performance monitoring, network analysis and other tools” http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/1608e5d6-fc59-11e1-ac0f-00144feabdc0.html #CSCMP
    25. 25. Sharing #CSCMP
    26. 26. #CSCMP
    27. 27. Lead By Letting GoBuild a flexible & fluid system Greater engagement, lower costs, more innovation #CSCMP
    28. 28. TerriGriffith.comThePluggedInManager.com TerriGriffith #CSCMP
    29. 29. #CSCMP