Bringing People, Process, & Technology Together


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Extension of the ideas from The Plugged-In Manager: Get in Tune with Your People, Technology, & Organization to Thrive.

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  • This is an alumni event, so first thanks to some alumni:And thank you for your support – Interviews, internal SCU grants, help with surveys – and I could still use some of that
  • Looking at all these connection options you’d think this talk is about how and which technologies we should be using to connect – it could be if those are the kinds of questions you ask, but really
  • It’s about how we mix together people, technology, and organizational process 3 Dimensions - PTO3 Practices3 Levels
  • My contention is that if you keep these 3 dimensions in mind, increase your use of the 3 practices, and expand to at least 3 levels of your organization… Your…
  • But let’s get warmed up.
  • Pebble watch – greatest funding event to date on Kickstarter – over 10M and two of the 85Korders are mine
  • Crowdfunding
  • How about the experience you have with Zappos, the #1 rated on-line retailerMoved away from drop shipping as they realized that their entire strategy should be built around Wow! Customer service.Eventually this led to them running their own fulfillment center right next to UPS in Kentucky – It’s all about reliability and speed.Random storage of items on human-sized racks – random so people can quickly differentiate the product they are looking for as they reach the location.Each item is individually marked with a license plate number so it can be tracked as it goes and and if it comes back.Employee excursions from HQ to the Fulfillment center are vice versa
  • TSA
  • Design company
  • Intuit
  • People – want a Dick Tracy watchTechnology – e ink connection to an iphoneThe organization power of crowdfunding
  • Look for the people, tech, & organization that make Zappos a top place to work a top internet retailer
  • You’re already doing the first one – you’ve stopped and shown up here.
  • You’re already doing the first one – you’ve stopped and shown up here. Stop-look-listen = recognitionLooking and Listening – think After Action Review – plan to stop and consider your options across each of the three dimensions. Make it a standard practice rather than a “post mortem”
  • “IDEO was engaged to design a solution that calmed the environment of the checkpoint, thus making potential threats stand out.” BWI was the test case
  •“Kickstarter now requires "additional information from design and technology projects so backers can make informed decisions about the projects they support. These requirements include detailed information about the creator's background and experience, a manufacturing plan (for hardware projects), and a functional prototype.”
  • Think of mixing as negotiating and you’ll get most of the idea. You have stakeholders, you have issues, and you have outcomes – if you put a product or service together in a way that would get agreement in a negotiation I expect you’ll have success.… or think about it like a chocolate chip cookie
  • Just like these ingredients on their own don’t make a chocolate chip cookie
  • What do you know about how Pixar works?
  • …and I can also go back to Zappos and the fulfillment center
  • Sharing is basically about getting other people on board, playing by the same rules, helping
  • Sharing with us and with vendors
  • At the highest level they have a call for innovation. This was a shift that happened after a doldrums period where they new products and features had slowed down.The question became to inspire innovation across this global company.10% unstructured time was part of it.Adding technology tools like Brainstorm was another.Innovation Catalysts as a job role was yet another. They are thoughtfulThey mixThey share…and they have supporting structures and connect points at all levels.
  • More traction from the resources you have, better change design & management, faster pace overall
  • Call to action: I'd love you to read the book, I'd love you to review the book, I'd love you to subscribe to the blog, but more importantly I hope you will use and share these ideas to leverage your business.The research behind the book continues. If you have an organization that you think could benefit from these ideas and would like to participate in the on-going research…. Please… let me know. We are at the stage of doing another round of validation.
  • Bringing People, Process, & Technology Together

    1. 1. Bringing People, Process, & Technology Together
    2. 2. TerriGriffith #PIM The Plugged-In
    3. 3. Hoa Quach ’10Seth Tator ‘08
    4. 4. TerriGriffith #PIM The Plugged-In
    5. 5. Your Ideas WillGet More Traction
    6. 6. Your Change Efforts Will Succeed More Often
    7. 7. You’ll Stay at the Front of the Pack with theResources You Have
    8. 8. Plugged-In orDisconnected
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Zappos Warehouse
    11. 11. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
    12. 12. ©Pixar
    13. 13. Dimensions Practices Levels
    14. 14.
    15. 15. Dimensions Practices Levels
    16. 16. Stop LookListen
    17. 17. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
    18. 18. 1.Observe2.Brainstorming3.Rapid Prototyping4.Refining5.Implementation
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Mixing
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    22. 22. ©Pixar
    23. 23. Sharing
    24. 24.
    25. 25. Dimensions Practices Levels
    26. 26.
    27. 27.
    28. 28. TractionChange Pace
    29. 29. TerriGriffith