Slavery Module: LessonOne


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7th Grade
NYS Common Core ELA
Module 3, Unit 1

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Slavery Module: LessonOne

  1. 1. DO NOW In purple Literature book, turn to page # 823 Look at the picture • What do you think this story is about? • Why?
  2. 2. Slavery Learning Objectives I can analyze how the content, theme, images and language in “The People Could Fly” give the story its enduring power.
  3. 3. Slavery “The People Could Fly” “The People Could Fly” • • • • • Stories and words have power! Power = compelling content Some stories are tools for change Echo over time Read along as I read aloud
  4. 4. Slavery “The People Could Fly” VOCABULARY Write in your notebook glossary • Folktales – stories told in the oral tradition, passed down by word-of-mouth for generations **What about the story let you know this was a folktale?**
  5. 5. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Back to Back/ Face to Face! • • • • • Find a partner Stand back-to-back Listen to question & think Turn & share Share out what your partner thought!!
  6. 6. Slavery “The People Could Fly” #1 • Who is Sarah? • Why is her situation so hard? • Think of ONE WORD to describe her situation.
  7. 7. Slavery “The People Could Fly” #2 • How did Toby help the slaves? • Do you think this is real? Why/ Why not?
  8. 8. Slavery “The People Could Fly” #3 • What happened to the slaves who could fly? • What happened to the others? • Why is Toby not laughing or crying?
  9. 9. Slavery “The People Could Fly” #4 • Why would the slave who couldn’t fly tell this story? • Why might the author tell it to YOU now?
  10. 10. Slavery “The People Could Fly” #5 • What makes this story beautiful? • What makes it difficult?
  11. 11. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Folktales • Can you think of other stories like this one that have enduring power ? • Powerful Stories Anchor Chart
  12. 12. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Summarize! • What was the content of this story? What was it REALLY about? (anchor chart) • Let’s use the Note-catcher to record your thoughts as we re-read with a picture
  13. 13. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Page in Picture Book 5 7 Powerful phrase/sentence What it makes you understand/ feel… Why is image powerful? What it makes you understand/ feel…
  14. 14. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Page in Picture Book 9 10 Powerful phrase/sentence What it makes you understand/ feel… Why is image powerful? What it makes you understand/ feel…
  15. 15. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Theme! • What was the theme (message) of this story? • Put this on your Anchor Chart
  16. 16. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Language & Images • With your partner, complete the row based on the text and images created by the storyteller • Put this on your Anchor Chart
  17. 17. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Connections! • Why is the theme of the story empowering? • Why did slaves tell and retell this story?
  18. 18. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Powerful Story Note-Catcher • Complete the back with your partner • Be sure to read the “Remember” box before you complete it
  19. 19. Slavery “The People Could Fly” Homework None!