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Lyddie: Unit3 lesson10


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NYS Common Core Curriculum
Module 2, Unit 3

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Lyddie: Unit3 lesson10

  1. 1. DO NOW Entry Task – Your Brochure • Take out work from yesterday! • Use sticky note to write how you engaged your audience and communicated effectively
  2. 2. Lyddie Learning Objectives I can consider how what I learn in school affects by choices outside of school. I can write a book review that helps my classmates decide whether to read a book.
  3. 3. Lyddie Working Today End of the Module!! • Congratulations • Lyddie essays…look them over • Take out Essay Packets • Add your thoughts to second page!
  4. 4. Lyddie Working Today Working Conditions Reflection Use Anchor Chart categories to complete: Hours Compensation Health, Safety & Environment Treatment of Individuals OR Groups Child Labor/ Forced Labor
  5. 5. Lyddie Working Today A Book Review! • Complete these pages on YOUR book • You should use the book to answer questions • Crossword puzzle…extra credit!!
  6. 6. Lyddie Homework NONE!!!