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Lyddie: Unit2 lesson8


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NYS Common Core
7th Grade ELA Module 2, Unit 2

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Lyddie: Unit2 lesson8

  1. 1. DO NOW Entry Task – new speech! • New speech for you to try on your own! • “Wrath of Grapes” speech • Read and circle words you don’t know
  2. 2. Lyddie Agents of Change Tricky words • concur: agree • critical: very important • DDT, DDE, Dieldrin: pesticides and chemicals used by growers • reckless: not considering risk
  3. 3. Lyddie Agents of Change Tricky words • enacted: passed • blatant: easy to see • indiscriminate: without considering the harm this might cause • residues: remaining chemicals
  4. 4. Lyddie Agents of Change • insecticides: chemicals that kill insects • nerve gas: poisonous gas that affects the brain • carcinogens: causes cancer • wakes: funerals • plague: disease that causes death and spreads rapidly
  5. 5. Lyddie Learning Objectives I can analyze the development of a central idea in César Chávez’s speech. I can analyze interactions between individuals, events and ideas in the speech. I can analyze how paragraphs of the speech contribute to the development of a central claim.
  6. 6. Lyddie Agents of Change End-Unit TEST • Use the “Wrath of Grapes” speech • Can ask for definitions again • If finished, work on Independent Reading book!
  7. 7. Lyddie Agents of Change Turn and Talk! • How does Chavez’s “Wrath of Grapes” speech relate to the question of working conditions? • Who is he saying should be an agent of change? HOW?
  8. 8. Lyddie Homework Homework! • Independent Reading Book (15-20 min)