Stony Creek Brands & Terri Alpert media coverage summary


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Terri Alpert
Founder and CEO of Stony Creek Brands including
Uno Alla Volta
The Artisan Table
Cooking Enthusiast
Professional Cutlery Direct

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Stony Creek Brands & Terri Alpert media coverage summary

  1. 1. Selected Press Coverage ofTerri S Alpert, our founder and CEO, and our family of brands
  2. 2. Select Awards 2007Entrepreneur Moms of The YearTerri was one of three Americanwomen selected for this honor in the first year it was given. 2010: 2002 Cooking Enthusiast wins Inc 5000. The Award of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010: Excellence For Uno Alla Volta wins Inc 5000 award. Entrepreneurship 1999, 2000, 2001: Professional Cutlery Direct 2001 wins Inc 500 award. New Breed Of Innovators Terri was named the “Cutting- Edge Kid” and one of fourteen must watch executives in the catalog industry 2009 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Award Uno Alla Volta is one of only 56 U.S. businesses to win this honor. "Winners of the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award represent the countrys finest business success stories," said Thomas J. Donohue, the U.S. Chambers president and 2009 2000 CEO. "In todays difficult business climate, it is especially Enterprising Woman of the PCD is the important to highlight those companies that continue to Year Runner-Up For excel. It is their dedication to sound business principles that One of 36 Nationally Innovating will enable us to rebuild our nations economy." Customer Service
  3. 3. National Press PCD and CE – Experts in Kitchen Tools 2005: “The Kindest Cut” – Cooking Enthusiast, a source for fine cutlery. 1993: Recommends Professional Cutlery Direct as the place for knives. 1994: Cook’s Illustrated lists Professional Cutlery Direct as the primary source of knives for their first ever test of chef’s knives. Excerpted from “Square Spoons in Round Pots Create a Stir in Excerpted from “Take a Dip Back intoExcerpted from “The Kindest Cut” December 6, 1999 Kitchens” January 31, 2000 the Old Fondue Pot”If the person youre buying the knife for is not likely “With a round spoon, you may as “The reason fondue always comes backto be diligent on maintenance, choose a harder knife, well be using the tip of a is because it’s food as entertainment-says Terri Alpert, CEO of Professional Cutlery Direct screwdriver (to scrape) what’s at and that resonates with a lot of people,”(, 800 859-6994), a catalog and Web the bottom of the pan,” Alpert says Terri Alpert, CEO of Professionalretailer. says. “Round spoons are for Cutlery Direct…” eating. Square spoons are for cooking.”
  4. 4. National Press On Terri, Entrepreneur and Innovator 2000: Terri Alpert named one of its “New Breed of Innovators” by CatalogAge Magazine. 2004: Excerpted from “Connecticut At Its Best - You can Go Home Again” Ms. Alpert doesnt think Connecticut is sufficiently pro-business. It has some of the highest health insurance costs, she claims, as well asExcerpted from “Something to prove: What happens when steep payroll taxes and workmans compensation rates. Wages for callyou tell a woman she can’t.” May/June 2008 centers and distribution centers are higher here and workers are harder to come by.As the only woman physics major at Brown University in 1984,Alpert never felt accepted by her classmates. “They looked atme as if I were from another planet.” After college, Alpertworked at Morgan Stanley. On maternity leave, she decided tostart a company with less than $10,000. “My colleaguesthought I was crazy. The hardest challenge is the most Excerpted from “Serial Entrepreneurs: They Just Can’t Stopappealing. Having others tell me I cant do something only Themselves” March 2005motivates me more." Don’t fall in love with the product. When Terri Alpert started her first company, now the Cooking Enthusiast catalog, she devised her business model before devising the business. When she set about starting Uno Alla Volta, she looked for products that were moreExcerpted from “Class Act: How you went from class difficult to source [staving off competition] and settled on one-of-a-clown, jock or geek to entrepreneur.” November kind artisanal …. She’s excited about her product, but far more so2005 about her refined business model.Terri Alpert describes herself as being social but also Also“very nerdy” in high school. She believes her high “Recruiting Strategies: Motivation” October 1999school traits help her now as an entrepreneur. “Moving Up and Out” December 1999Besides being the photography editor for the school “Estate Planning” December 2000newspaper, Alpert was also captain of the math team.
  5. 5. Direct-to-Consumer Industry Terri is a leader in her industry. She is actively involved in educating her colleagues and shaping public policy.Excerpted from “A Cut Above” August 2008 Cover Story6 Tips From Terri1. Never Rest On Your Laurels. Change can happen in an instant.2. Use Your Financial Statements As a Rearview Mirror. Focus on the road ahead so you prepare yourself for the first tip.3. Don’t Skimp On Inventory Management.4. Treat Your Vendors As You Wish To Be Treated. Always pay on time or early without ever having to be asked. If you do this, they’ll be there foryou when you need a favor or when you want to negotiate extended payment terms.5. Always Treat Your Customers As You Wish To Be Treated. The value of your business is based mainly on the value of your customer base, which isnothing more than the sum of the quality of all of the most recent experiences of your customers. Leverage every contact point.6. Always Treat Your Employees As You Wish To Be Treated. They’re the ones who’ll accomplish tips No. 4 and No. 5.
  6. 6. Direct-to-Consumer Industry Terri is a reliable source sought out by the • 7 Merchants Sound Off About USPS 5 Day trade press to provide clarity to the issues Delivery, February 2012 • Which Way Will the PRC Rule?, September 2010 facing multichannel merchants in today’s • Branding From the Inside Out, July 2010 world. • Postal - Don’t Get Mad - Get Involved, Op-Ed by Terri Alpert, October 2009 • Live From ACMA Forum, May 2009 • Carving A Broader Niche, December 2003 • Weak Dollar Packs a Strong Punch, January 2004 • Improving Your Receiving Line, January 2001 • Getting the Goods in Faster, February 2002 • New Breed of Innovators, June 2001• Catalogers Say USPS Cutbacks May be Good for Mailing Industry, February,2012• Mailers React to USPS Fiscal Crisis, September 2011• Catalogers Applaud PMG’s Views on Exigent Rates, July 2011• Attendance Up at National Cataloger Forum but Should be More, June 2010• Thoughts From Nashville, April 2010• People in the News, May 2010 • 50 Best Tips of 2008, December• Mail Stream, December 2002 2008 • Building a Catalog From the Ground Up, August 2007 Terri serves on the board of directors of ACMA, a recently formed industry association.
  7. 7. Books Our company is a role model for many. Terri is often asked to give advice to other entrepreneurs. Terri is featured in the opening chapter. A CEO can’t take care of her business if she doesn’t take care of herself first! Noelle Nelson features the Terri provides advice to new culture of Terri’smanagers on how to get the most company out of an executive coach. Terri’s early days in 1993 serve extensively. as a case study.
  8. 8. Radio Terri has made numerous Terri was a guest discussing holiday gifts radio appearances over the for cooks on several occassions on “Dining last two decades. Whether Around” with Gene Burns, a San Francisco talk show.talking about cooking tools, entrepreneurship. leadership, artisanship, or public policy, Terri communicates. Terri was a frequent guest discussing the latest in cooking tools on WNPR’s “Food Schmooze” with Faith Middleton.Terri was a frequent guest on “Food Talk” withArthur Schwartz, on this New York area stationthroughout the 1990s.In 2009, she was a featured entrepreneur on Terri was the resident cutlery expert on“Launchpad” with hosts Liz and Joan Hamburg the syndicated FM show “Let’s Eat!” with Prudence Sloane
  9. 9. Mentorship Terri has played an active role nurturing other entrepreneurs and their ventures.ZEO – Taking Control of Your SleepThis revolutionary technology is making big waves in the consumer andmedical space. The company began as the dream of three BrownUniversity undergraduates whom Terri took under her wing. Serving asa founding board member, first investor, interim management andchair of the CEO search committee, Terri helped steer the companyduring its early years. The company has raised more than $20 million inVenture Capital. Brown University’s Entrepreneurship Program Bringing Sustainable Nutrition to Africa Terri served on the board for ten years and guided Terri provides on-going guidance to the young the $50K business plan competition each year. entrepreneurs behind this dynamic non-profit startup which is making tremendous impact.
  10. 10. To Learn About Terri’s Entrepreneurial Story, you may listen to her recent interview at: Provided by The Women’s Advantage Project