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Visual Literacy


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Presentation for Middle School Science on how to effectively use digital images to promote learning.

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Visual Literacy

  1. Visual Literacy Science 8/13/09
  2. National Students Educational Teachers Technology Standards
  3. ? ? fus ion ? Con ? ? ? cks !!! Ro ? ? ? ? ? ?
  4. 60.000 x faster than text
  5. Guidelines for Best Practice
  6. 1. Images must specifically illustrate the targeted content and match the instructional goal.
  7. 2. Ensure that students have a meaningful interaction with images or video.
  8. Earth at Night The Skill of Picture Reading
  9. Questioning vs Telling
  10. 3. Make sure the images and videos supplement your good instruction, not replace it.
  11. The Meniscus
  12. Science Safety
  13. 4. Model appropriate use and attribution of copyrighted digital images and video.
  14. Creative Commons
  15. Best Practices
  16. E n g a g e
  17. Student Generated Images
  18. Collect Visual Data
  19. • Virtual Collections • Life Cycles • Long-term Events • Before/During/After pictures of experiments
  20. Analysis of Images • Observe • Infer • Questions
  21. Artwork Thanks • Image: 'autism neuroimaging study' by Ian Ruotsala at • Image: 'underneath a star' by jaeWALK at 31874781@N00/3133924813 • Image: 'Daphnies' by ComputerHotline at 36519414@N00/1570948622 • Daphnia pulex Heart Beat by acociles at http:// • Earth at Night Credit: C. Mayhew & R. Simmon (NASA/GSFC), NOAA/NGDC, DMSP Digital Archive at apod/ap081005.html
  22. Artwork Thanks! • Image: 'Future is Bright !' by rAmmoRRison • • Image: 'breakaway' by Sean Wallis at photos/32868342@N00/1467357780 • Image: 'hook' by EssjayNZ at 19387816@N00/2809206955 • plants-grow
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