SJSD New Teacher Orientation Day 2 2012


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This is the morning session of the Saint Joseph School District's New Teacher Orientation for 2012. Focus will be on reviewing how the teachers will ensure that the 7 things students want to know are answered, developing and teaching procedures, invitational language, and specific praise to promote a growth mindset.

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SJSD New Teacher Orientation Day 2 2012

  1. 1. Day 2 Find your Path 2012 New Teacher OrientationSaint Joseph School District
  2. 2. 7 Things You May Want to Know This presentation played on a classwebsite prior to the first day of school.If I was doing this again, need a much faster pace movie!
  3. 3. Door Prize Time!!!
  4. 4. T he ar king P L otLine and Tire by Clarjar at
  5. 5. Agenda for Friday, 8/3 Questions Sharetime Inviting/Disinviting Language Procedures
  6. 6. IntroductionsHow will you introduce yourself to the class?
  7. 7. SharetimeTop Seven Things Students Want to Know
  8. 8. ClassroomArrangementThe good, the bad, and the ugly...
  9. 9. r Too lkitTea che Ins tru ctio SJS nal D Str ateg ies
  10. 10. Door Prize Time!!!
  11. 11. Thank you to Sean Nash for Slideset
  12. 12. What has this to do with praise?
  13. 13. Inviting the student to learn.
  14. 14. The basis of being inviting is building relationships.Answers the question, “Will this teacher treat me fairly?”
  15. 15. Four Areas of Invitation• verbal comments• personal behaviors• physical environment• self-talk
  16. 16. Sort the following strips into two categories.• Invitational• Disinvitational
  17. 17. Students can refusewords, but they cannotrefuse an invitational attitude.
  18. 18. Four Levels of Invitational Education
  19. 19. Intentionally Disinviting These teachers deliberately demean,discourage, defeat, and dissuade students.And they never smile.
  20. 20. Unintentionally DisinvitingThese teachers are oblivious to thefact that they are negative people. They feel that they are well-meaning but are seen by others as chauvinistic, condescending, racist, sexist, patronizing, or thoughtless. And they keep their armsfolded when interacting with students.
  21. 21. Unintentionally Inviting These are the “natural-born teachers.” Such teachers are generally well-liked and effective. They are usually affable, and this characteristic often hides the fact that their students may not be learning to their fullest potential.These teachers are sincere, they tryvery hard, and we like to have them as friends. And they bubble with excitement.
  22. 22. Intentionally Inviting These teachers have a professional attitude, work diligently and consistently, and strive to be more effective. They have a sound philosophy of education and can analyze theprocess of student learning. They know what it means to be invitational, and they work at it. And they use the properemotion at the proper time.
  23. 23. • With your table, look at the charts we’ve created.• Which of these actions are intentional?• Which are unintentional?
  24. 24. Effective teachers know how toopen the door and invite their students to learn.
  25. 25. r Too lkitTea che Ins tru ctio SJS nal D Str ateg ies
  26. 26. Restroom Break
  27. 27. Door Prize Time!!!
  28. 28. Just the Facts• Importance of Parent Contact• Just say no• Your instructional coach and you
  29. 29. T he ar king P L otLine and Tire by Clarjar at
  30. 30. Procedures
  31. 31. If you do not structure yourclassroom, the students willstructure the classroom for you. Harry Wong
  32. 32. Highly engaged in meaningful tasks Responsible Motivated
  34. 34. WHAT PROCEDURES DO YOU NEED TO ESTABLISH IN YOUR CLASSROOM? Take a moment to think... and jot them down in your notebooks.(Please draw a line down the middle of your page and write your procedures in the left column.)
  35. 35. Give One-Get One
  36. 36. • Walk around the room during the music and stop when the music stops.• Find your closest neighbor.• “Give” them one of your procedures.• “Get” one of theirs.• Write it in the right column of your notebook.• Repeat.
  37. 37. Independent Reading• Take a few moments to read pages 165-169.• As you’re reading, find the sentence that sticks out in your mind & mark it.• Do the same for a phrase.• Repeat with a word.• When you’re finished reading, add your sentence, phrase, and word to the charts.
  39. 39. Practice• Look through the list compiled from Harry Wong.• Pick 5 procedures from your notebook collection and/or Harry’s list.• Write the “procedure” for each.• Share at your table.
  40. 40. What does it look like to follow a procedure?• Model your expectations!• Got it!• Almost Got It• Not It
  41. 41. THE THREE STEPS TO TEACHING PROCEDURES1. Explain. State, explain, model, and demonstrate the procedure.2. Rehearse. Rehearse and practice the procedure under your supervision.3. Reinforce. Reteach, rehearse, practice, and reinforce the classroom procedure until it becomes a student habit or routine.
  42. 42. Basic Beliefs Classroom organization andprocedures have a huge impact onstudent behavior.How do I teach them to do what Iwant them to do?
  43. 43. Basic Beliefs Focus more timeon positive! Remember,inviting vs.disinvitinglanguage.
  44. 44. r Too lkitTea che Ins tru ctio SJS nal D Str ateg ies
  45. 45. Next Week• Procedures-Write them out• Finalize your Introduction• Rearrange Room, if needed• Finalize your Responses to the Seven Things Students Want to Know.
  46. 46. T he ar king P L otLine and Tire by Clarjar at
  47. 47. Door Prize Time!!!
  48. 48. Media Thanks• “Afraid and Worried by Onur YILDIRIM (Shadov) at 54312197@N00/206380921/• “Attack of The Amancay by amanky at 84213819@N00/351269265/• “181/365 We are not amused” by barrowboy at 48778414@N04/5915202803/• “Composing -67/365” by Andreanna Moya Photography at 13897165@N00/4426570168/• “Jumping Over the 3rd Largest Pyramid in the World” by Anirudh Koul at http://• “One One Out” by c.a. muller at 61963330@N00/618199950/• “Welding Class at Piney Point” by Caption Victor at 21406103@N00/416120083/
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