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In Search of Deeper Understanding: Reading for details in science online


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This Session is geared toward middle school science teachers in the Saint Joseph School District. Our focus is focusing on deeper understanding of science concepts through reading online text.

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In Search of Deeper Understanding: Reading for details in science online

  1. 1. Reading for Details in Science A Prerequisite for Deep Reading in any SubjectCarla Johnson Terri Johnson
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Today’s Meet
  4. 4. Teaching reading and writingstrategies in science provides students with... improved comprehension better note-taking skills greater recall of information independence in coping with confusing words and passages deeper understanding of new words and concepts development of strong study skills
  5. 5. So n ow w hat?
  6. 6. ProtocolHighlight Unfamiliar words or confusingsentences in pink.Highlight key details to the understanding ofthe text in yellow.Use Sticky Notes to jot down your thoughts,questions, and connections.
  7. 7. As you read the article, be asking yourself...“What are the implications for conceptualunderstanding of science?” “What are some strategies we can implementto focus student learning when students readonline?”
  8. 8. Reading for Details
  9. 9. Time to Process
  10. 10. Discussion: How canannotating text help us to a deeper understanding of the reading?
  11. 11. Diigo
  12. 12. Diigo
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Taggingattach a label to (verb)
  15. 15. How to tagWhen we find a great article for ourstudents over Force and Motion LearningTarget 1, we should tag it, “Force1”.We could also include tags such as,“forceandmotion, speed, distance/time,science8”.
  16. 16. Practice time!1. Sign-up for Diigo2.Share your username on Today’s Meet3.Click to Join the SJSDMiddleScience Diigo Group.4.Play around for 30 minutes--add extensions, bookmark some articles, practice annotation tools.
  17. 17. Deeper reading using online annotationReading the Reader
  18. 18. TomorrowDuring our work day tomorrow, you maywish to continue practicing using Diigo--saving bookmarks and adding useful articlesto the Diigo Library--for our students to usenext year.
  19. 19. Artwork ThanksDream after Read by nadia_the_witch at other images belong to me.