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Karatbars - Introduction


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We are seeking visionary business-minded networkers to expand our brand in the following countries:

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Karatbars - Introduction

  1. 1. A visionary idea from Stuttgart, Germany • Harald Seiz, CEO, Karatbars International
  2. 2. Bring honest money back to the world • For 5,000 years gold has always been money
  3. 3. Active countries • Active in 112 Countries • Will complete global expansion in 2014 • Seeking affiliates to open countries • Botswana, Africa was most recent to open • Introduce Karatbars and earn commissons
  4. 4. Business Structure & Certifications • Karatbars International GmbH • Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany • Support offices around the world • Support hours: 9am - 10pm CEST • Recommended by Bund der Sparer
  5. 5. • For 5,000 years gold has always been money Gold is the best form of money Gold has maintained its value for 5,000 years. Historically, all paper money devaluates to zero.
  6. 6. Karatbars is the best form of gold! • Best for consumers • Best for merchants • Best for affiliates
  7. 7. Karatbars for consumers • Liquidate gold to currency via Mastercard or via purchases at merchants worldwide • Affordable monthly savings plan
  8. 8. Karatbars for merchants • PROFIT 2% when you accept Karatbars gold for goods and services • Free advertising • Loyal customers will want to spend Karatbars with you.
  9. 9. Karatbars for affiliates • Generous compensation plan • Paid to Mastercard weekly • Build an international sales organization of customers, merchants and affiliates • Residual income