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Advantages of using high & ultra high pressure pumps!


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The manufacturers use pumps from Kamat Pumpen GmbH and Speck Triplex pumps. High pressure (HP) and ultra high pressure (UHP) pumps are used in industries for multiple applications. These pumps are time efficient and can execute their jobs pretty fast.

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Advantages of using high & ultra high pressure pumps!

  2. 2. ABOUT US  We are the group of professionals with frontline knowledge and expertise on equipments used in Oil & Gas industry as well as Marine sector.  Our factory is located in Sharjah Airport Free Zone, U.A.E. where our trained technicians and engineers works.  We assemble the units, conduct their performance tests and package the products for transportation.
  3. 3. RANGE OF PRODUCTS  High Pressure Pump Units and Accessories  Ultra High Pressure Pump Units and Accessories  Centrifugal Pumps and Systems  Chemical Injection Packages  Hydraulic Power Packs and Flushing Units  Submersible Pumps
  4. 4. WATER JETTING TECHNOLOGY  Provide best engineering and technical design as per customer requirements.  Compliance with electrical & mechanical international standards like ATEX, API 674
  5. 5. FLUID TRANSFER  Centrifugal and Submersible Pumps  Gear Pumps  Rotary Piston Pumps  Dosing Pumps
  6. 6. FLUID PURIFICATION  Filtration Units.  Waste Water Treatment Plants – Marine.  Waste Water Treatment Plants – Civil.
  7. 7. POWER TRANSFER & FLUSHING  Typical applications include plant trailers, scissor lifts, tipping trucks, access control and security equipment as well as a variety of industrial machinery.  A modular hydraulic power unit forms the basis for a wide range of mobile and industrial systems..
  8. 8. CONTACT US  Address: P.O. Box: 52828; Hamriyah Phase II, Plot 4P-03,Sharjah, United Arab Emirates  Tel : +971 6 552 9570  Fax: +971 6 552 9571  E-Mail:  Website: