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.NET Standard - Under the Hood


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Slides for my video on how .NET Standard works under the covers.

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.NET Standard - Under the Hood

  1. 1. .NET Standard Under the Hood
  2. 2. .NET Standard is represented by • The NuGet package NetStandard.Library which contains • The reference assembly netstandard.dll At build time • .NET Standard bridges references to existing .NET Framework and PCL assemblies via type forwarding At runtime • Each platform provides an implementation for netstandard.dll that type forwards to its implementation How does .NET Standard work?
  3. 3. What can you reference from .NET Standard? My Standard Library 2.x .NET Standard Library .NET Framework LibraryPortable Class Library .NET FRAMEWORK .NET CORE XAMARIN Via Portability Via Compatibility Shim Legend Application Type Is able to reference
  4. 4. .NET Standard under the hood TYPE FORWARDING netstandard!Object mscorlib!Object This happens when you build a .NET Standard-based Library
  5. 5. .NET Standard under the hood TYPE FORWARDING This happens when you load .NET Standard-based library