Mac Me.


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This is how you submit a business case to go from a PC to a Macbook.

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Mac Me.

  1. 1. MAC ME. One LifeLearner’s quest to be awesome at what she does.
  2. 2. I know what you’re thinking…
  3. 3. No Mac for you!
  4. 4. But what you should be thinking is…
  5. 5. Sure we’ll Mac you…it’s better for business!
  6. 6. How exactly? I’ll be more productive You’ll save money Compatibility advantages with i4C We’ll not only play the part, we’ll look the part
  7. 7. This is what I run into with Lenovo…
  8. 8. #slowloadtimes.
  9. 9. #errormessages.
  10. 10. #lowbattery.
  11. 11. #errormessages.
  12. 12. #didImentionerrormessages?
  13. 13. What does this translate into?
  14. 14. #lessproductivity.
  15. 15. #awasteofDavidF’stime.
  16. 16. #frustratedLifeLearner.
  17. 17. #alotofswearing…sorryDale.
  18. 18. Hmmm, now you’re probably thinking…
  19. 19. You don’t really need one - you’re a writer!
  20. 20. But what you should be thinking is…
  21. 21. You’re a writer, designer and social pro who would be even more awesome with a Mac!
  22. 22. Advantages for me: 1 Device compatibility! I use an iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple TV, and I’m more comfortable (effective) in a Mac environment. Plus, our office is already set up for Macs!
  23. 23. Advantages for me: 2 File sharing With Instashare, I can airdrop files from my iPhone or iPad to a Macbook in seconds, rather than minutes. Check it out at
  24. 24. Advantages for me: 3 Design capabilities Infographics, whitepapers, banner images, picture editing, you name it - I’m not just a writer/editor. When it comes to design, Macs just work better and complement creativity.
  25. 25. Advantages for LifeLearn: 1 More productivity Macs are known to have fewer issues than PCs. In fact, one case study found Macs had 1/3 fewer problems that are solved 30% faster. Less down time = more productivity.
  26. 26. Advantages for LifeLearn: 2 It’s actually cheaper than you might think Macs tend to last longer (less frequent need for upgrades) and require less support (less IT cost). And with refurbished options, you can acquire a Macbook Pro at a significant discount.
  27. 27. Advantages for LifeLearn: 3 iChat with i4C Rather than picking up the phone to chat, there may be an opportunity to use iChat to connect with our partners via audio or video messaging which may also decrease our long distance fees.
  28. 28. Advantages for LifeLearn: 4 The cool factor When you think of tech, you think of Macs - at least our clients do. Let’s not only play the part, let’s look the part. We’re doing cool things with content, why not look cool while we’re at it?
  29. 29. MAC ME. Help me be awesome at what I do.
  30. 30. Still need more proof? How about 13 case studies? Read all about it here: Mac Improves Your Business. Want Proof?
  31. 31. Created on a Mac. I started with my Lenovo, but my Thinkpad was too busy thinking instead of doing. [Insert Stewart sigh]