Sentinel Cloud Services for Copernicus users


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Terradue at the Copernicus Big Data Workshop, 14th March 2014 in Brussels.

A discussion about the Sentinel downstream services, viewed from the landscape of opportunities brought by Copernicus for SMEs.
As we are celebrating this week the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, Tim-berners Lee's "This is for everyone" (Olympic Games, London 2012) makes the point.
What will the next 25 years of Copernicus data availability look like ? How to create powerful Webs of users for the earth Sentinels ?
We present our current engineering activities, leveraging Open Web and Cloud Computing opportunities, and aiming at empowering the Copernicus users.

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Sentinel Cloud Services for Copernicus users

  1. 1. Sentinel Cloud Services for Copernicus users Copernicus Big Data Workshop, Brussels, 14th March 2014 Hervé Caumont" Program Manager
  2. 2. The power of sharing
  3. 3. Promoting Earth Observation Services A return of experience… •  Sentinels Synergy Framework •  Cloud Services o  public authorities, downstream industry, researchers… •  Uptake of Copernicus data & information
  4. 4. …addressing Global Change … arctic & alpine areas managers mapping the growing season in northern Europe … farmers and associations controlling the agriculture irrigation processes … in-land reservoirs managers monitoring the water quality and quantity " EC project deploying a cloud framework built for Copernicus data proof checked through seven demonstrative services for…
  5. 5. Key opportunities for earth data availability Open data policies Dissemination infrastructures Processing platforms
  6. 6. Cloud Sandbox Enablers •  Connect web resources into an experiment apparatus using APIs •  Data usage rights globally registered for scientific use •  Exchange and reuse of a developer’s workspace
  7. 7. Users Concept of operation Commodity providers Value adders Terradue DevOps
  8. 8. DevOps process & technology
  9. 9. 25 years of data availability
  10. 10. Distributed infrastructures •  Repeatable environments for reuse of scientific work •  Data as a Service within federated environments, with usage metrics •  Shared resources across Cloud Computing clusters
  11. 11. Matching open science goals Open Source" Open Data" Open Access" Open" Notebook Transparency in experimental approach & collection of observations Public availability & reusability of environmental data Public accessibility of peer-reviewed scientific communications Shared versioning environment to facilitate progress in R&D
  12. 12. Sentinels Catalogs ready (ngEO) 13,000,000 Sentinel-1 browse images 4.5TB 15TB 30TB 30,000,000 Sentinel-3 data products 900,000,000 Sentinel-2 browse images Next Generation User Services for Earth Observation
  13. 13. Hybrid Cloud strategies and costs
  14. 14. New development cycles •  Cloud Appliances Marketplace: a ‘VM Store’ to manage user Sandboxes •  Platform as a Service (PaaS) instances: an algorithms integration environment along with data staging tools Sandbox instance Tools (Python, Libraries, ...) Sandboxes
  15. 15. •  After validation, practitioners deploy their applications to a selected Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Compute deployments
  16. 16. The Web as a Platform Open Web & Cloud Computing technologies Innovate the way Earth Sciences practitioners work & share
  17. 17. CELEBRATING A HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WEB" WITH THANKS Hervé Caumont Program Manager, Terradue