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The Privacy Policy agreement

What's the Privacy Policy agreement? It's the agreement where you need to disclose what kind of personal information you collect from users and how you use that information.

A Privacy Policy is required by law in most countries.

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The Privacy Policy agreement

  1. 1. Privacy Policy Agreement
  2. 2. A Privacy Policy (1) is the policy or the legal page where you need to: (1) Link to Specify if you collect personal data from users What kind of personal data you collect from these users And what you do with the data collected from users
  3. 3. This type of legal policy is also known under these names: Privacy Statement Privacy Notice Privacy Information Privacy Page
  4. 4. What is “personal data”
  5. 5. Personal data is any data that could be considered personal (it identifies an individual).
  6. 6. Email address First and last name Billing and shipping address Credit card information And so on...
  7. 7. How a Privacy Policy is created and written may differ from one country to another, depending on the country legislation. But here are 4 critical points to consider that goes in all Privacy Policies: Notice Choice Access Security
  8. 8. Who needs a Privacy Policy
  9. 9. A Privacy Policy is required for any company/entity that collects or uses personal information from users.
  10. 10. (2) Link to (3) Link to Web sites WordPress blogs, or any other platforms: Joomla!, Drupal etc E-commerce stores (2) Mobile apps (3) Facebook apps Desktop apps Digital products
  11. 11. For example, not having a Privacy Policy can be a reason for rejection during the app review process.
  12. 12. Yes, a Privacy Policy is required for all iOS apps. Section 17 of “Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines” and the “iOS Developer Program License”:
  13. 13. Privacy laws
  14. 14. (4) Link to (5) Link to In the US, there isn’t a single federal law that governs Privacy Policies. Privacy legislation may vary from one state to another. There are at least two you need to consider: COPPA law (4) California Online Privacy Protection Act (5) US
  15. 15. US (6) Link to (7) Link to Others include: The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) SOPIPA law (6) Content Eraser law (7)
  16. 16. Canada In Canada, it’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) (8). (8) Link to
  17. 17. Australia In Australia, it’s the Privacy Act (9). (9) Link to
  18. 18. What to include in Privacy Policy
  19. 19. What to include in a Privacy Policy depends on: What personal information you collect How you collect it What you are doing with that collected information ? ? ?
  20. 20. (10) Link to Example of “Information we collect and use” clause in Asana (10) Privacy Policy.
  21. 21. How The Guardian (11) has the same clause in its Privacy Policy: (11) Link to
  22. 22. And many more. Information Collection And Use Log Data Cookies Links To Other Sites Do Not Track Security ...
  23. 23. Where to link to the Privacy Policy
  24. 24. GitHub (12) links to its “Privacy Statement” at the bottom of its web pages: (12) Link to
  25. 25. StackExchange (13) has a similar approach. (13) Link to
  26. 26. Dropbox (14) places the link as “Legal & Privacy” in the Settings menu of the mobile app. (14) Link to
  27. 27. Twitter (15) does the same on its iOS app. (15) Link to
  28. 28. Download Privacy Policy Template Go to and download the template.
  29. 29. Credits Icon from slide 1 created by Hea Poh Lin from Noun Project.