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Privacy Policy for Google Analytics


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If you use Google Analytics tools, such as for advertising or measuring website metrics, you're required to have a Privacy Policy.

Both Google and global privacy laws require this because Google Analytics uses cookies to function and cookies collect personal information about users.

Learn more about this requirement and how to satisfy it.

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Privacy Policy for Google Analytics

  1. 1. Privacy Policy for Google Analytics
  2. 2. (1) Link to If your website or mobile app uses Google Analytics, you are required to have a Privacy Policy (1). Google’s Terms of Service explicitly requires this.
  3. 3. In your Privacy Policy, Google requires that you: Disclose the use of Google Analytics, Disclose how Google Analytics collects and processes data, and Disclose your use of cookies
  4. 4. How to Comply
  5. 5. Privacy Policy Content Checklist Include the following information in your Privacy Policy:
  6. 6. That you use remarketing features to advertise your business across other websites Specifically list what Google services you use.
  7. 7. (2) Link to (3) Link to That you and third parties will be using cookies Consider doing this through a separate Cookies Policy (2), especially if you do business in the EU. This will keep you compliant with the EU Cookies Directive (3).
  8. 8. That Google (and other third parties) will show your ads on other websites that a user visits after visiting yours, and That your ads will be shown because the user has visited your website in the past
  9. 9. That users can opt out of your remarketing campaign through the Google Ad Settings page (4) (4) Link to
  10. 10. Optional, but helpful: A prominent link to “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps (5).” (5) Link to
  11. 11. If you already have a thorough Privacy Policy that includes sections about cookies usage and remarketing with third parties, you may only have to add a section to your current agreement that includes Google-specific information.
  12. 12. This will make it clear to users what information Google Analytics collects, who uses it and how it is used, which is the ultimate goal here.
  13. 13. Privacy Policy Placement on Websites
  14. 14. Include a prominent link to your Privacy Policy, such as in the footer of your website.
  15. 15. You can also provide a pop-up or banner message letting users know you use cookies and linking to your Cookies Policy and/or Privacy Policy. This will keep you compliant with the EU Cookies Directive (6). (6) Link to
  16. 16. Privacy Policy Placement on Mobile Apps
  17. 17. Put a link to your Privacy Policy somewhere intuitive and easily accessible by your users, such as in an About section, or a Legal & Privacy section.
  18. 18. If you use Google Analytics: In your Privacy Policy, let your users know that you use Google Analytics, what this means for them, and how they can opt out. Provide links to your Privacy Policy.