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Privacy Policy for Ecommerce Stores


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Your ecommerce store needs a Privacy Policy to be legally compliant, as well as earn the trust of your customers.

Learn about how to create a solid Privacy Policy for your online business in this presentation, and read the related blog post here:

Published in: Law
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Privacy Policy for Ecommerce Stores

  2. 2. A Privacy Policy (1) for your e-commerce store is important for two main reasons: It’s required by law It builds trust with your customers 1 2 (1) Link to
  3. 3. Required by Law
  4. 4. Privacy laws around the world require a Privacy Policy (2) when personal information is collected or used. (2) Link to
  5. 5. A few of these laws include: CalOPPA (3) in the US Privacy Act of 1988 (4) in Australia Data Protection Act (5) in the UK PIPEDA (6) in Canada PDPA (7) in Singapore and Malaysia (3) Link to (4) Link to (5) Link to (6) Link to (7) Link to
  6. 6. Personal information includes anything that can be used to identify an individual, including: Email addresses Mailing/billing addresses First/last names IP addresses Financial information
  7. 7. BUY REFUND POLICY SHIPPING ADDRESS I AGREE PURCHASE ORDER Ecommerce stores collect a lot of personal information, such as: Email addresses for sending tracking and order information Financial information for processing payments Mailing addresses for where to send orders
  8. 8. Because of this, e-commerce stores are legally required to have a Privacy Policy.
  9. 9. Building Customer Trust
  10. 10. Online shoppers take their privacy very seriously, and rightfully so. They’re used to seeing a Privacy Policy where they can learn about an e-commerce store’s privacy practices.
  11. 11. A Privacy Policy must include the following information: What types of information you collect, and how What you use the information for Who you share the information with How you store and protect the information How the customer can review and change the information
  12. 12. You can see how this would be important information for someone to know who’s about to share financial, home address and other personal information.
  13. 13. If you don’t have a Privacy Policy, you may lose customers who see your lack of a Privacy Policy as untrustworthy.
  14. 14. Displaying Your Privacy Policy
  15. 15. BUY I AGREE PURCHASE ORDER After you have your Privacy Policy, it’s important how you display it.
  16. 16. Include a link to your Privacy Policy in your website footer along with your other agreements. This makes your policy accessible at any time to users both before and after they share personal information with you.
  17. 17. Add a link to it in your mobile app Legal/About or other relevant section.
  18. 18. When users sign up for an account with you or are entering in their billing and shipping information, include a link to your policy as well as a checkbox that makes users “Agree to” your policy (8). (8) Link to
  19. 19. BUY I AGREE PURCHASE ORDER Having a Privacy Policy for your e-commerce store will keep you in compliance with privacy laws and make your customers feel more confident shopping with you.