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Confessions of an Internal Auditor: IT Edition


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In-depth technical knowledge and experience isn’t necessary when auditing and accessing risks related to information technology and systems. Learn from a former internal auditor how remove barriers preventing meaningful IT reviews.

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Confessions of an Internal Auditor: IT Edition

  1. 1. 1 TODAY’S OBJECTIVES • Review risks related to information technology facilities, system access, data integrity, and system maintenance. • Describe techniques for the non-technical professional to evaluate controls of information technology and systems. 2
  2. 2. ABOUT VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER • $2.3 Billion Annual Healthcare Operating Expenses (excludes academics and research) • $471.6 Million Annual Sponsored Research Budget • $843.6 Million Annual Charity Care, Community Benefits, and other Unrecovered Costs 3 4
  3. 3. INTEGRATED IT AUDITING FOCUSED IT AUDITS 5 IT AUDIT PLANNING - REQUESTS • HIPAA Security Risk Assessment • External auditor’s report and management letter • Consulting reports • IT policies and procedures 6
  4. 4. SYSTEM/APPLICATION LIST • System or application name • Vendor • System purpose • The business and IT owners • Location(s) where the system is physically housed • Service Criticality (they can’t all be Mission Critical) C S M K T Z A L S M I T E R F M V L N B P P D O O E A E E I E I I N S D I C M C E R T O O A L I E E L C E S R S I N I R C S C L C S T M S N A L H O I E Y O S E R L T R M T S A P R O A H O C S I C M E ALLSCRIPTS AVAILITY CERNER CISCO EMC EPIC IBM ITIL KRONOS MEDASSETS MEDITECH MICROSOFT OMNICELL ORACLE SAP SIEMENS 7 THE CLAW HAS SPOKEN 8
  5. 5. USER SECURITY & ADMINISTRATION • Account administration • User authentication and passwords • Session controls Audit Objectives 9 ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATION • Process to request and approve accounts • How are accounts inactivated or deleted • Documentation of requests • Monitoring for non-use, change in employment status, etc. 10
  6. 6. USER AUTHENTICATION & PASSWORDS • Minimum password length and composition • Periodic password changes • Multi-factor authentication • Lockouts and resets 11 SESSION CONTROLS • Session length • Maximum inactivity • Concurrent logins 12
  7. 7. CHANGE MANAGEMENT • Documented processes and policies (including emergency changes) • Segregated environment and testing • Production access Audit Objectives 13 AN ICQ FOR EACH APPLICATION • Are change requests logged? • Is version control software used? • What logical environments exist? • Are all changes required to be tested? • Who is responsible for migrating changes? • Are back-out procedures required prior to implementation? • How are emergency changes communicated to business owners? 14
  8. 8. TESTING CHANGE • Emergency Change • Tech Approval • Business Approval • CAB Approval • Programmed in Dev • Tested Outside Production • Testing Completed • User Testing Complete • Programmer Deployed Change • Back-out Procedures • Documentation Updated • # of Resulting Issues 15 DATA CENTER PHYSICAL SECURITY • Physical access for both individuals and equipment • Power configurations • Environmental controls and monitoring Audit Objectives 16
  9. 9. ACCESS CONTROLS • Access logs - who, when, and why • Approvals and pre- approvals • Monitoring and oversight 17 POWER • Sources and configurations • Redundancy and back-up • Capacity Planning • Joint Commission 18
  10. 10. ENVIRONMENT • Cooling • Humidity • Fire suppression • Water (and other wet stuff) • Raised floors 19 INTEGRATING IT INTO FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL AUDITS 20
  11. 11. COMMON ISSUES: IT • Storage of PHI on unsecured media • CD/DVD with Medical Images • Department File Servers, Local PCs, Laptops, etc. • Inadequate Password Policy/Enforcement • Unsecured/Sharing of Clinic Workstations • Disaster Recovery • Documented Downtime Procedures • Oversight/Security of Portable Devices (e.g., iPads) 21 ADDITIONAL READING 512 pages 1.8 pounds 696 pages 3.0 pounds 2,000 pages 7.6 pounds 22
  12. 12. QUESTIONS Brad Adams, CPA (615) 875-9554 23