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TERMINALFOUR t44u 2011 - Extending your reach - A SageCRM Case Study


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TERMINALFOUR t44u 2011 - Extending your reach - A SageCRM Case Study

  1. 1. Accelerating Business Growth Introducing the new Ciarán Regan Online Community and Website Manager, Sage CRM
  2. 2. Index • Sage CRM Product & Website Overview • Sage CRM Website Re-development Objectives • Legacy Systems and Existing Sites • Domain Names & URL Structure • Location based and multilingual content with Channels in Site Manager • Content Management and Workflows with Site Manager • External Resource Feeds • Publishing to Mobile Devices
  3. 3. Sage CRM Product & Website OverviewThe Product: SAGE CRM 7.1• The recently launched Sage CRM Cloud Platform is running Sage CRM (v7.1) supports two new versions of Sage CRM.• Sage CRM Essentials delivers contact management and helps you manage your sales function• Sage CRM Professional automates marketing, sales and customer service operations• Sage CRM Cloud enables us to bring a host of new features to the product at an affordable price.
  4. 4. Sage CRM Product & Website OverviewThe website :• The website provides a single sign in destination to the Sage CRM Cloud product for our global customers.• A strong focus on lead generation in the form of Free Trial Registrations.• Showcase the features and benefits of Sage CRM.• Provide relevant, localised, location based, optimised content to a global audience.• Provide access to a large active user and partner community.
  5. 5. Website Re-development Objectives• To deliver a best in class customer acquisition website with a priority on free trial registrations.• A centrally managed global website that ensures brand consistency across all markets.• A single destination, website delivering relevant content based on a users location and region.• Delivery of content in multiple languages to enable us to attract customers across all targeted regions.• Publishing of content to multiple mobile and tablet devices.• Establish a system for content editors to manage, edit and publish content from multiple locations.
  6. 6. Legacy Systems and Existing Sites• Inconsistent Look and Feel across the various regional websites.• Poor site architecture, lack of structured content management.• Conflicting Brand messaging, out of date content, incorrect pricing.• No strong calls to action. Poor visibility and focus on trail registrations.• Multiple URLS that compete with each other on Search results.
  7. 7. Domain Names & URL Structure ( Current ) User finds and clicks to access their localised | | | | |
  8. 8. Domain Names & URL Structure ( New ) Automatic redirect using country IP address lookup ( localised version) maintain relevancy, importance and power of the main domain
  9. 9. Location based and multilingual content France Ireland
  10. 10. Offering multiple currencies across regions $£AU$
  11. 11. Using Channel Creation in T4 Site MangerUtilising the Channel Feature to create additional country specific sites in Site Manger Sites currently managed Sites coming online in 2012 as we expand through the CMS into these markets
  12. 12. Content Management System and Workflows Content will centrally managed through secure browser based access to the new website CMS. All pages on www.Sage CRM.comAbility to provide local Sales offices access tothe CMS to edit and manage pages on a local level
  13. 13. Global User and Partner Community Integration• With Terminal Four’s ability to easily communicate with 3rd party systems and api’s we seamlessly integrated feeds from both our partner and user community sites.• Pushing content in four languages from our community server to various sections of the new website.• In 2012 we plan to integrate Business Partner databases with Site Manager to provide user’s with local business partner listings.
  14. 14. Publishing to Mobile Devices• With the ability of Site Manager to publish once across multiple devices, our new mobile website will enable use to provide the best possible user experience across all devices.• Content can remain centrally managed by the Terminal Four CMS, and only publish content we feel is relevant to the mobile user.• As our Cloud based product is now accessible through Android and iPhone smartphones. Our mobile website can now fully compliment the product itself
  15. 15. Thank You