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PHP Access Control: TERMINALFOUR t44u


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TERMINALFOUR's Barry Flannery discusses PHP access control a means of providing authentication for one or more areas of website or intranet.

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PHP Access Control: TERMINALFOUR t44u

  1. 1. PHP Access Control Barry Flannery The Aviva Stadium Dublin, 21-22 November 2013 Sponsored by
  2. 2. t44u - PHP Access Control What is it? • A means of providing authentication for one or more areas of website or intranet • Users may be given access to the entire branch, or just to specific pages when logged in • Uses existing Site Manger users and groups to determine access rights t44u 2
  3. 3. t44u - PHP Access Control How it works • At publish time, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager will add PHP code to each Access Controlled page, and any links within those pages. • This code is then used to determine if a user is logged in, and if so, what pages they may access t44u 3
  4. 4. t44u - PHP Access Control Setup • Create & configure a new Access Control profile in TERMINALFOUR Site Manager • Set this profile on the relevant channel(s) • Choose what sections are Access Controlled, as-well-as the groups which have access t44u 4
  5. 5. t44u - PHP Access Control Configurable options • Location of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager • Username & Password for an admin user • The URLs for: – The root of each restricted site or area – Each login page – Each ‘no access’ page t44u 5
  6. 6. t44u - PHP Access Control t44u 2013 t44u 6
  7. 7. t44u - PHP Access Control Quick usage demo • Creating, configuring & setting a profile • Restricting access to a section & subsections • Demonstration of login and access protection functions t44u 7
  8. 8. t44u - PHP Access Control Questions, Suggestions or Comments? t44u 8