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Söögid comenius


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Söögid comenius

  1. 1. Estonian foodEeva-Maria, Saare, Anne 2012
  2. 2. Christmas dinnerEstonian families celebrateChristmas on ChristmasDay, starting with a propermeal - pork, black-pudding, sauerkraut, boiledpotatoes, pumpkin and steak.It is tradition to preparegingerbreads for dessert.People usually glazegingerbreads. Children enjoydecorating them. Gingerbreadsare so delicious!
  3. 3. Midsummer’s DayMidsummers Day is the mostimportant holiday for theEstonians in the summertime.People dance and sing around thebonfire. Meat and sausages aregrilled and eaten with ketchup.
  4. 4. Valentine’s DayOn this day lovers express theirsympathy to each other. It isusual that on this day everybodyeats heart-shaped sweets andcakes.
  5. 5. Shrove TuesdayThe holiday has longhistory. It is held inFebruary. This is pea soupwith smoked pork. It tastesgood after a long ride oversnow.Those are hot-crossed bunswith whipped creamtopping.Very tasty!
  6. 6. EasterEaster is characterized by warmand bright colors. It is springholiday. The eggs are paintedwith this the onion peels.The bread is homemade. It isoven-baked and very soft.Estonian families bake breadvery often.
  7. 7. Estonian everyday foodFor dinner the Estonians eatpotatoes with meat and somesalad in addition. Black bread isalso important. Bread with seedsis healty.There is always something todrink on the table. Here is anapple juice and milk.
  8. 8. Võru eating places
  9. 9. Cafe MuffinIn a cafe Muffin we canbuy muffins seen in thepicture. This is a comfyplace to sit down andhave a nice dinner orbreakfast.
  10. 10. Peetri PizzeriaIt is the best pizzeria inVõru. You can eat pizza,ice cream and pancakes there.
  11. 11. Cafe KatariinaA small place to havepies with coffee or tea.I strongly believe thatthey have the bestpastry in the city.
  12. 12. ChillinA fast-food place whereFrenchfries, hamburgersand take-away are eaten.
  13. 13. Ränduri pubHere we can seespecial offer. Whenyou want to stayovernight, then youare welcome.
  14. 14. Spring CafeThis cafe is beside thelake. When you are inthe cafe you can have themost beautiful view of thelake in Võru and enjoyyour meal.