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  • Video can be clicked to begin
  • Microphone can be double clicked- example of poem: Wonder as Wander by Sharon Olds—Poetry Foundation: Poem of the Day January 20th 2014
  • This graphic organizer was designed on Kidspiration. Students can use this to organize their thoughts about a certain topic to help them create their own individual poems on various topics.
  • can use this acrostic poem generator to brainstorm key words that relate to their topic or poem title. They will then use those key words to create their acrostic poem which they can save and print. Students will have to use a computer or ipad to complete this activity.
  • Ex: Can you haiku? Lesson plan: students to read haikus, learn what makes a haiku unique, and create their own haikus
  • Technology ppt poetry

    1. 1. Poetry: 4th Grade Unit Tara Rice Spring 2014
    2. 2. Technology Integration  Poetry can be a meaningful and vital experience for helping students learn to express their emotions and ideas through writing. Studying poetry allows students to critically think and analyze various forms of figurative language.  By integrating technology into a poetry unit, students will be provided with the opportunity to use online blogs, podcasts, videos, and other interactive technological experiences to enhance their understanding and become engaged in learning.
    3. 3. Internet Content  The internet provides many sources of relevant and helpful information related to poetry that can easily be used within a 4th grade unit  This presentation will include various reliable online sources related to the topic of poetry
    4. 4. Blog  Mrs. Warner provides a website and blog for her 4th grade classroom. She offers a great post on poetry which includes tons of resources of various types of poems which can be implemented in a 4th grade poetry unit!
    5. 5. Podcast  Poem of the Day is a Podcast available for free on iTunes which provide classic and contemporary poems each day read aloud by poets and actors.  Teachers can use this Podcast in the classroom to allow students to hear different poems from day to day! This can also lead into a group discussion or a quick group activity. Teachers can pick and choose numerous poems which are appropriate for the classroom.
    6. 6. YouTube   YouTube can provide students with videos of poems read aloud with pictures and background music to help display a poem in an engaging way
    7. 7. Internet Resources  Poetry Foundation:  Provides various poems, poetry news, videos, articles etc. which can be used throughout a poetry unit   provides teachers with unit ideas, lessons, reading passages, and worksheets that are all aligned to the CCSS.   provides teachers with tons of resources regarding an entire month long poetry unit! Lesson plans, classroom activities, and other technological resources are available
    8. 8. Kidspiration
    9. 9. Teaching Materials  Scholastic provides over 400 various printable poetry worksheets!  Here is an example of a poetry worksheet which students can complete to strengthen their descriptive writing among poems.
    10. 10. Teaching Materials  iFridge Poet is an app which can be used on iPads or iPod touches to allow students to create their own magnetic fridge poetry!  Students will be able to compose their own creative phrases and poems through this engaging technological resource
    11. 11. Teaching Materials  Pinterest provides teachers with various resources and links to numerous websites for enriching activities, lesson plans, and other creative classroom possibilities.
    12. 12. Teaching Materials  provides a lesson plan and activity to help students create their own acrostic poems
    13. 13. Subject-specific Internet-based Resources  Edsitement:  Provides many lesson plans and activities for various subjects which can be implemented in classrooms K-12  Example: Can You Haiku? Lesson Plan and Activities
    14. 14. Uses of the Internet: Online Archives  The Children’s Poetry Archive:  Allows students to search various topics and read many corresponding poems!  PBS:  provides a collection of poems written by kids. Students are also able to write and publish their own poems through the website
    15. 15. Uses of the Internet: Interactive Sources  Scholastic Poetry Idea Engine:  Scholastic provides an online poem generator (which is also compatible for Smartboards) for an engaging opportunity for students to produce all types of poems!
    16. 16. Web 2.0  Game classroom provides different language arts and math games, lessons, and worksheets for collaboration in the classroom!  The thesaurus game can help 4th graders strengthen their vocabulary and produce more descriptive poems!
    17. 17. Slideshare